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nonsensenyc: 5.13 to 5.19

May 13th 2016

Friday, May 13 * The New Breed Documentary, Manhattan * We Know Edie La Minx Had a Gun, Williamsburg * Truth Assassin, Brooklyn * The Art of Post 2016: Creativity After Delivery, Manhattan * Friday Night Live Art, Manhattan Saturday, May 14 * Tune In. Turn On. Brooklyn * UrbExpo: Over, Under, and Within, Manhattan * Madmade, Brooklyn * Emergent Ecologies Art Exhibition, Brooklyn * The Last Days of 1008 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn * A Fools Wedding, Manhattan * Brooklyn Bike Jumble, Brooklyn * Second Annual C ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 5.6 to 5.11 (complete)

May 6th 2016

NOTE: It seems the edition that went out earlier was missing all of the events. Sorry about the mistake. Friday, May 6 * Tunnel Odyssey, Brooklyn * Hardcore Architecture, Manhattan * Natasha Wears Clothes: A Variety Show for People Who Like Fashion, Brooklyn * Psychedelic Immersion Theater, Brooklyn * Intergalactic Circus Cabaret, Brooklyn * CocoaDios, Brooklyn * Literati: A Comedy Show About the Greatest American Novels Never Written, Brooklyn * One Reading, One Story, Manhattan Saturday, May 7 *Fluxathon, Lo ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 5.6 to 5.11

May 6th 2016

Friday, May 6 * Tunnel Odyssey, Brooklyn * Hardcore Architecture, Manhattan * Natasha Wears Clothes: A Variety Show for People Who Like Fashion, Brooklyn * Psychedelic Immersion Theater, Brooklyn * Intergalactic Circus Cabaret, Brooklyn * CocoaDios, Brooklyn * Literati: A Comedy Show About the Greatest American Novels Never Written, Brooklyn * One Reading, One Story, Manhattan Saturday, May 7 *Fluxathon, Long Island City * Fridge Art Fair NYC, Manhattan * Home Audio, Brooklyn * Pete’s 118th Annual Derby Day ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 4.29 to 5.4

April 29th 2016

Friday, April 29 * The Secret Loft Show: A Free Comedy Dance Party, Brooklyn * Mind by Fold, Brooklyn * Howl! Happening, Brooklyn * The Zombie Survival Adventure Game, Brooklyn * Nerd Nite, Brooklyn * Bad Film Fest, Williamsburg * Rule of 7x7: April Edition, Manhattan Saturday, April 30 * Cadence 23: A Harmonic Intervention, Long Island City * Cheryl Presents Penis Straws, Brooklyn * The Multispecies Salon presents: Emergent Ecologies Art Exhibition, Brooklyn * MayTane, Brooklyn * Bushwick Beach Party, Broo ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 4.22 to 4.28

April 22nd 2016

Friday, April 22 * Cunnilingus Curated: The Second Coming, Manhattan * Live Dubbed Sitcoms: Seinfield and That's So Raven, Williamsburg * #Fomoparty, Brooklyn * Friday Night Live Art, Manhattan * The Party by Ostbahnhof, Brooklyn * Underside: A Choose Your Own Adventure Comedy Show, Brooklyn * Dick D. Zigun's Killing Republicans: A Rock Opera, Brooklyn * Ptyxolopies 2:  Posthuman Poetics Nighght, Brooklyn Saturday, April 23 * Rubulad and JunXion Present Mural, Mural, Long Island City * Faint Obsessions, ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 4.15 to 4.21

April 15th 2016

Friday, April 15 * 3001: Odyssey Pop-Up, Brooklyn * No Sleep Til Bernie, Brooklyn * Kinks and Smiths cover band house party, Manhattan * Backstage on the Big Screen, Jersey City * Head On, Brooklyn Saturday, April 16 * Swingin' Jazz, Bronx * Fourth Annual Pride of Brooklyn Homebrew Festival, Brooklyn * The Over Share Cabaret, Manhattan * Dark Disco, Manhattan * Dancing on My Own 80s-00s Prom Party, Brooklyn * Popup-Co-Op Zine Shop, Manhattan * The Secret Sense, Manhattan * Show/Tell Show, Brooklyn * Feeli ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 4.8 to 4.14

April 8th 2016

Friday, April 8 * Wacky of Wallabazoo: A Yo-yo Boy's Adventure, Brooklyn * Sweetness and Mischief, Brooklyn * Cartoon Carnival no. 42: Birds of a Feather, Brooklyn * Brooklyn Folk Festival, Brooklyn Saturday, April 9 * Midnight Monuments: Grand Central Terminal, Manhattan * Goddess Party V, Brooklyn * Harry Potter All-Movies All-Night Marathon: Part 1, Brooklyn * Catch 72, Manhattan * Anti-Establishment Hubaloo, Brooklyn Sunday, April 10 * Banjo Toss, Brooklyn * Speed Metal Dating, Brooklyn * Blindfolded in ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: nonsense 4.1 to 4.6

April 1st 2016

Friday, April 1 * 30th Annual April Fools’ Day Parade, Manhattan * Natasha Wears Clothes: A Variety Show for People Who Like Fashion, Brooklyn * Congress of Curious Peoples, Brooklyn * The Village, Brooklyn * Ghostship Ball, Brooklyn * Collapsable Hole! Manhattan * A Dysfunctional Variety Hour: A Treasure Trove of Transmitted Theater, Manhattan Saturday, April 2 * Razor 5000 Latina Edition, Brooklyn * Incredible Witness: Experiment No. 3, Brooklyn * Glamdammit: The Wild Ones Tribute, Brooklyn * Elevation 001 ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 3.25 to 3.30

March 25th 2016

Friday, March 25 * Identify Performance Series, Brooklyn * The Secret Loft Show: A Free Comedy Dance Party, Brooklyn * The Party by Ostbahnof, Brooklyn * #Fomoparty, Brooklyn * A Dysfunctional Variety Hour: A Treasure Trove of Transmitted Theater, Manhattan * Junxion and the Chocolate Factory, Brooklyn * The Slide Show: A PowerPoint Improv Competition, Brooklyn * Piss Elegant 2, Manhattan * Zodiack Pt. XI: Piscean Pandemonium, Brooklyn * Title: Point Salon, Brooklyn * Source, Manhattan Saturday, March 26 * ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 3.18 to 3.24

March 18th 2016

Friday, March 18 * Unter x the Bunker, Brooklyn * What I Live By, Manhattan * Uglyrhino’s Junior Prom, Brooklyn * Bring a Weasel and a Pint of Your Own Blood Festival, Brooklyn * Puppet Playlist No. 20: Billy Joel, Brooklyn Saturday, March 19 * It's in the Water: A Porous Purim, Brooklyn * 40th Anniversary World Famous Spring Equinox Celebration and Egg Balancing Ceremony, Brooklyn * Swing House Eighth Anniversary, Brooklyn * Kate Bush Is My Favorite Bush, Williamsburg * Thank You for Everything, Brooklyn * ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 3.11 to 3.17

March 11th 2016

Friday, March 11 * An Evening of Performances by an International Collective of Theater and Butoh Artists, Brooklyn * Death By Audio Arcade, Brooklyn * Puppet Parlor, Manhattan * Loftopera Presents: Puccini's Tosca, Brooklyn * Next System Project NYC, Manhattan * Landmark Loew's Movie Palace, Jersey City Saturday, March 12 * Pass the Salt. And the Pepper. And While You're at it, the Ketchup, Long Island City * Doodz, Brooklyn * Winter Shack, Brooklyn * Storykraft Storytelling and Music, Williamsburg * Show/T ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 3.4 to 3.10

March 4th 2016

Friday, March 4 * Panorama Challenge 2016, Queens * A Very Florida Birthday, Brooklyn * The Umbrella, Brooklyn * The Collaborators: Art in the Moment, Manhattan * I Know You Got Soul, Brooklyn * The Place Where He Is Meant to Be Lost, Manhattan * The Incredible Game Show Showcase, Manhattan Saturday, March 5 * Fung Wah Biennial, Manhattan * Game Show, Brooklyn * Michael Alan's Human Puppet Theory, Brooklyn * Cosmic Night Bazaar, Queens * Big Irv's Gallery, Williamsburg * L Dopa, Manhattan Sunday, March 6 ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 2.26 to 3.3

February 26th 2016

Friday, February 26 * Massivemuse, Brooklyn * Sig Socials Contra Dance, Manhattan * Boysnoize Takeover Remote (After Hours), Brooklyn * Preparing for Outer Space: Astronaut Training and Menus for Mars, Brooklyn * Cool Shit/ Weird Shit, Manhattan Saturday, February 27 * Psychic Snow: Queer Warehouse Party, Brooklyn * Can't Stop Won't Stop: The Definitely Final Exquisite Contraption Party, Queens * Ptyxolopies: A Nighght of Image-Textonics, Brooklyn * Schtick a Pole in It, Manhattan * Wasabassco's House of Deve ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 2.19 to 2.25

February 19th 2016

Friday, February 19 * The Robot Battle Rises From the Snow Storm, Williamsburg * An Hour Abroad: 60 Minutes to See the World, Manhattan * Banger for Bernie 2016, Manhattan * Loew's Movie Place: Classic Film Weekends, Jersey City * Spaceworks Showcase, Manhattan * Nerd Nite, Brooklyn Saturday, February 20 * Rockaway Wind Parade, Queens * Blazing Whity, Manhattan * Pure Imagination Live: Adam and Eve and Dave and Trish, Brooklyn * Bushwick A/V Saturday Afters, Brooklyn * Midnight Disco Society, Brooklyn Sunday ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 2.12 to 2.18

February 12th 2016

Friday, February 12 * Soul Kontrol, Williamsburg * Now You See Us, Now We're Drunk, Brooklyn * Wasabassco’s Tunnel of Love, Brooklyn * #Bushwickloveparty, Brooklyn * F*ck That Movie, Williamsburg Saturday, February 13 * Rubulad Presents Scrumptious Sweethearts of the Stratosphere, Brooklyn * The Lovers Ball, Brooklyn * Meet Me in Paris: A Clandestine Cabaret, Brooklyn * Love Bites Power Ballads Sing-Along, Brooklyn * ECC's BlackBox: Eat Y'er Heart Out, Brooklyn * Digital Love, Brooklyn * V-Day Party at the ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 2.5 to 2.10

February 5th 2016

Friday, February 5 * Big Ass Party for Bernie, Brooklyn * February Fires, Brooklyn * Alone Together No. 7, Queens * Bitches Brew, Brooklyn Saturday, February 6 * Thunder Gumbo XXXI: Freezing Man Episode 3: Return of the Yeti, Brooklyn * Ronnie Stone and the Lonely Riders: The Diamond in the Rough, Brooklyn * Army of Lovers Crafting Party, Manhattan * Game Show, Williamsburg * Glamdammit : A Bowie Odyssey, Brooklyn * Show/Tell Show, Brooklyn Sunday, February 7 * The Big-Ass Variety Show, Williamsburg * The O ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 1.29 to 2.4

January 29th 2016

Friday, January 29 * Meal of Fortune, Manhattan * Loew's Movie Palace: The Medium Is the Message, Jersey City * Caesar Caesar Presents, Brooklyn * Samantha, Manhattan * Kali Ma: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom, Queens * Bowie Movie Night 2: The Hunger, Brooklyn * You Do You: A Gay Revue, Williamsburg * Green-Wood Cemetery Walk, Brooklyn * The Millay Sisters, Brooklyn Saturday, January 30 * Sloodge XI: Talk Show, Brooklyn * Slingshot's Antik Roadshow: Be the Show, Brooklyn * Idiotarod NYC XII * Circo D ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 1.22 to 1.28

January 22nd 2016

Friday, January 22 * The Quiet American Release Party, Williamsburg * The Secret Loft Show: A Free Comedy Dance Party * Oh Such a Good Show Oh, Brooklyn * Nerd Nite, Manhattan * Live Dubbed Sitcoms: Mad About You and Mulaney, Williamsburg * The First Body Fusion of 2016, Brooklyn * The Millay Sisters, Brooklyn * #ShoutYourAbortion Event, Brooklyn * Bitches Are Brewing, Brooklyn Saturday, January 23 * STK’s Cardboard Robot Battle, Episode V, Williamsburg * A Wild Winter’s Weekend With Psychic TV, Queens * Bl ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 1.15 to 1.21

January 15th 2016

Friday, January 15 * House of Ladosha This Is Ur Brain, Brooklyn * Plays of Domesticity, Brooklyn * Golden Festival, Brooklyn * The Exponential Festival, Brooklyn * What Cheer Brigade, Brooklyn * Dyno Pidgin's Psychedelic Comedy Experience, Williamsburg * Yippee Ki Yay: Die Hard, Queens * The Chinatown Throwdown Comedy Show, Manhattan * Joakim and Lloydski, Brooklyn Saturday, January 16 * Cheryl: Superstar Funhouse, Brooklyn * Golden Festival, Brooklyn * Holy Mountain: Journey XVI, Manhattan * Sixth Annual ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 1.8 to 1.14

January 8th 2016

Friday, January 8 * The Dance Hall of Vivid Splendor, Manhattan * Broken Bone Bathtub * Ana Fabrega: Go, Baby, Go! Manhattan * Dyno Pidgin's Psychedelic Comedy Experience, Williamsburg * Wave Farm Artists-in-Residence Present and Perform, Williamsburg * Industry Night, Manhattan Saturday, January 9 * Suspended Forest, Queens * Geemail Zine 5 Release Party, Williamsburg * Story Hour, Williamsburg * Bushwick A/V Saturday Afters, Brooklyn * Show/Tell Show, Brooklyn Sunday, January 10 * The Official No Pants Su ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: new year's day to 1.7

January 1st 2016

NOTE: Thank you all for your donations last week. Your dollars are hugely appreciated. We also love all your little notes. Some of you say that Nonsense helped you find your people. Others say you still use it every week. And a few say you don't get out much these days, but you really like being reminded that Do-It-Yourself culture is still thriving in New York City. We're right there with all of you. So thanks again. And here's one more chance for those of you who still want to make a small donation to support Nonsens ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: new year's eve special

December 29th 2015

NOTE: We've sent out the Nonsense list every Friday for 15 years. It doesn't take much: a few hours during the week; a few more on Friday. At this point it's something we make the time for without even thinking about it. You probably know this already, but we put out Nonsense every week for free. We don't sell ads, and we're not selling our subscriber lists to big data. We put together Nonsense because we believe in Do It Yourself culture. Because sometimes the only way to make sense of this city is to find your people ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: christmas day to 12.30

December 25th 2015

NOTE: We've been sending out Nonsense for 15 years. It means a lot to us. It means so much that we put aside a little time to do it every week. Even on Christmas. So today, after we opened our gifts, and with the mushroom gravy simmering away, we turned to our computer to post this week's edition. It's a slight week because so many of you are somewhere else with the people you love. But some of you are still headed out dancing, or putting together a new comedy show later in the week, or organizing a huge spaghetti dinn ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 12.18 to 12.22

December 18th 2015

Friday, December 18 * A Very JunXion Xmas, Brooklyn * Annoyance Christmas Show, Williamsburg * The Nightmare Before Christmas, Manhattan * Four on the Floor, Brooklyn * Xmas Pop Sing-Along, Brooklyn * Loew's Movie Palace: Christmas in Connecticut, Jersey City * Artilliers Residency Extravaganza, Manhattan * Rule of 7x7: Holiday Edition, Brooklyn Saturday, December 19 * Midnight Monuments: Port Authority Bus Terminal Edition, Manhattan * Ubu-Rex Closing Weekend, Brooklyn * Thought Party, Brooklyn * Test Patt ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 12.11 to 12.17

December 11th 2015

Friday, December 11 * Warehouse of Wigs, Brooklyn * I've Got A Bad Feeling About This: Star Wars A New Hope, Long Island City * Puppet Playlist No. 19, Brooklyn * Puppets and Poets Fifth Annual Festival, Brooklyn * Winter Wonderlandia, Williamsburg * HP5000, Manhattan Saturday, December 12 * Diverse Universe 2015 Multimedia Art Festival, Brooklyn * Ugly Sweater Holiday Party, Brooklyn * Barter Town, Brooklyn * Unsilent Night * Homage, Brooklyn * PitchBlak Distilled: Five Years of Fire, Brooklyn * The Overt ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 12.4 to 12.10

December 4th 2015

Friday, December 4 * Ataraxia: Nexxxt, Manhattan * Pleasure Chest Comedy, Manhattan * Mono No Aware, Brooklyn * Comedy and Tragedy, Brooklyn * Drinking Wine With Angry People, Brooklyn * Serial Killer VII and Killer Clowns of Coney Island, Brooklyn * The Incredible Game Show Showcase, Manhattan * Liquid Sound Lounge, Brooklyn * The Collaborators: Art in the Moment, Manhattan Saturday, December 5 * Art Party, Manhattan * Test Patterns, Queens * The Backroom Theater, Williamsburg * Show and Tell Show, Brookl ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 11.27 to 12.2

November 27th 2015

Friday, November 27 * Bitches Brew, Brooklyn * Post-Thanksgiving Movie Marathon and Leftovers Potluck. Brooklyn Saturday, November 28 * Schtick a Pole: Hair Rock Edition, Manhattan * Fruit Salad: Treetops 4, Brooklyn * Psychic Fall, Brooklyn * Slingshot's Antik Roadshow, Brooklyn * Starvue: Chicago Meets New York Meets Chicago Meets New York, Brooklyn Tuesday, December 1 * Punderdome, Brooklyn * Baby Animal Video Festival by Ignite Gotham, Manhatttan * JoAnn Elam's Rape and Jennifer Montgomery's Home Avenue, ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 11.20 to 11.25

November 20th 2015

Friday, November 20 * Interference Archive Fever, Brooklyn * Steampunk Murder Mystery Art Show, Manhattan * FED: Design for Life, Manhattan * Zodiack Pt. VII: Scorpio Boxxx, Brooklyn * Three Turkeys, Jersey City * Secret Loft Show, Brooklyn * Live Dubbed Sitcoms: The Brady Bunch and Friends, Williamsburg Saturday, November 21 * Cunnilingus Curated, Manhattan * Oceans Breathe Salty, Manhattan * Hot Toddies with TERP, Manhattan * Second Annual East Meets West Medicine Fest, Manhattan * Sauced Up, Manhattan * ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 11.13 to 11.19

November 13th 2015

Friday, November 13 * Galerie Project: Domesticated Space Travelers Fall Exhibition, Brooklyn * Revolting Grace and Execution, Brooklyn * Home Audio, Brooklyn * Rocking Dead: Bedlam, Manhattan * MIX Festival, Brooklyn * Industry Night, Manhattan * Soul Kontrol, Williamsburg * Hackers 20th Anniversary Party, Williamsburg * New York No Limits Film Series' annual Summit, Manhattan * Flux Dance Party 1, Long Island City * Cinema Under the Influence, Manhattan Saturday, November 14 * Firestone Fest, Williamsburg ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 11.6 to 11.11

November 6th 2015

Friday, November 6 * Prints Gone Wild 2015, Brooklyn * Book Riot Live, Brooklyn * Mercury 101, Manhattan * The Eighth Annual Druid Underground Film Festival, Brooklyn * Great Gig: A Corporate Training for Business, Williamsburg * House Up Reunion and Farewell to Cameo, Williamsburg * Bitches Brew Fall Special, Brooklyn * The Collaborators: Art in the Moment, Manhattan * Sleepy Hollow, Brooklyn * The Incredible Gameshow Showcase, Manhattan * Untamable, Brooklyn Saturday, November 7 * On the Sea of Tranquilit ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 10.30 to 11.4

October 30th 2015

Friday, October 30 * The Secret Loft Show: The Werewolf Bar Mitzvah Edition, Brooklyn * Maybe I'm Amazed, Queens * Rule of 7x7: All Hallow's Eve-dition, Manhattan * I Know You Got Soul Funky Halloween Edition, Brooklyn * TAK Ensemble, Manhattan * Ravenact, Brooklyn * Cartoon Carnival No. 37: Halloween Hijinks, Brooklyn * Halloween Eve, Brooklyn * Toilet Fire: Rectums in the Rectory, Manhattan * Gravesend Inn Haunted Hotel, Brooklyn Saturday, October 31 * Pee-Wee’s Playhouse of Horrors, Brooklyn * Bike Kill, ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 10.23 to 10.29

October 23rd 2015

Friday, October 23 * Visions of the Future, Manhattan * Confetti: The Dance Party Halloween Costume Edition, Brooklyn * The Secret Loft Show: The Werewolf Bar Mitzvah Edition, Brooklyn * Home of the Collaborators, Manhattan * Hoff's Horrorfest, Manhattan * Willy Wonka and The Search for the Next Chocolate Factory Owner, Manhattan * Werewolf-athon at the Landmark Loew's Movie Palace Saturday, October 24 * Slingshot's Antik Roadshow, Brooklyn * Kaleidoscope 7, Manhattan * Another Hero: A Choose Your Own Adventu ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 10.16 to 10.22

October 16th 2015

Friday, October 16 * afroFUTUREqu##r, Brooklyn * Is That Danny DeVito? Jersey City * The Ride Inspector's Nightmare, Brooklyn Saturday, October 17 * Rubulad and Honk NYC Proudly Present Brass-Tastic Blowout, Brooklyn * Ladder Party, Brooklyn * Machine Music: Acoustic and Robotic Instruments, Brooklyn * Hallowzine, Williamsburg * Anti-Capitalist Concert Series, Manhattan * Machines in Music, Brooklyn * Rocky Horror...Because Why Not? Brooklyn Sunday, October 18 * Thrift On! Brooklyn * Tarot Techno, Brooklyn ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 10.9 to 10.15

October 9th 2015

Friday, October 9 * Versailles 2015 * Psychedelic Social, Brooklyn * Midnight Monuments October Edition: The Wall Street Slave Market, Manhattan * Filastine, Brooklyn * Doodz, Williamsburg * Is That Danny DeVito? Jersey City, NJ * The Ride Inspector's Nightmare, Brooklyn Saturday, October 10 * Home Audio, Brooklyn * Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics Conference, Manhattan * Boomstick Ballet, Manhattan * I Hope to Find You at the End of This, Manhattan * Daybreak Silent Dance Party/Afterparty, Long Islan ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 10.2 to 10.7

October 2nd 2015

Friday, October 2 * High Flying Disc, Brooklyn * Wasabassco 3000: The Wasabassco Show of the Future, Brooklyn * The Incredible Game Show Showcase, Manhattan * Makbet, Brooklyn * Vintage, Brooklyn * The Birds and the Bees: Unabridged, Manhattan Saturday, October 3 * Bushwick A/V Saturday Rooftop Afters, Brooklyn * Glamdammit: Eleven-Year Anniversary, Williamsburg * Game Show, Williamsburg * Ridgewood Social Night Bazaar, Queens * Torus Porta, Brooklyn * Show/Tell Show, Brooklyn * Disco Knights * Detroit Rh ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 9.25 to 9.30

September 25th 2015

Friday, September 25 * Maiden in the Moon, Manhattan * Eulogy for the Dyke Bar, Brooklyn * East First and First: Dance Party Vol. 2, Manhattan * The Secret Loft Show, Brooklyn * Dyno Pidgin's Psychedelic Comedy Experience, Williamsburg * Abreaction 3: Muscle Memory in the Consumption of Food, Long Island City, Queens * Bitches’ Brew, Brooklyn * House Techno Disco Boogie Dance, Brooklyn Saturday, September 26 * Sloodge VI, Brooklyn * Ask a Sex Abuse Survivor, Brooklyn * TERP, Manhattan * Home Audio, Brooklyn ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 9.18 to 9.24

September 18th 2015

Friday, September 18 * Do No More Than Look, Manhattan * Quintron Weather Warlock and Ice Balloons, Brooklyn * Senses Bureau, Brooklyn * Peephole Cinema Brooklyn, Williamsburg * Vestment, Brooklyn * Mp3 Experiment 12, Brooklyn * Game Show, Williamsburg * Body Fusion, Manhattan * Coney Island Film Festival, Brooklyn * Reson8, Brooklyn * Doodz, Williasmburg * Three Stars at 100, Jersey City * Moda: NY Fashion Week Afterparty, Brooklyn Saturday, September 19 * The Happening III, Brooklyn * The Sphinx Return ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 9.11 to 9.17

September 11th 2015

Friday, September 11 * Storm, Still, Brooklyn * The City Reliquary Remembers, Brooklyn * Never Odd or Even, Williamsburg * HP5000, Manhattan * Nick McManus Polaroid Show, Brooklyn * Bushwig Ball, Brooklyn * Industry Night, Manhattan * F*ck That Movie, Williamsburg Saturday, September 12 * Alternative Pleasure Pop Up Gesture Store, Brooklyn * Consumata's Barbecue Party, Brooklyn * Eco Age, Brooklyn * WarholCon, Manhattan * Harvest Fair, Manhattan * Rimetfest, Brooklyn * Harvest Fair, Manhattan * Light He ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 9.4 to 9.10

September 4th 2015

Friday, September 4 * Tarot Show, Manhattan * Beaver Street Relived, Manhattan * Dollypalooza, Brooklyn * Fireface, Williamsburg * The Incredible Gameshow Showcase, Manhattan * Justin's Basement Party, Manhattan Saturday, September 5 * Poe House * A Misfit Burn, Brooklyn * D&D Brunch: Shackles of Blood, Manhattan * A Walking Tour to Explore the Movement and Hues of an Urban Plant Community, Brooklyn * Alternative Pleasure Pop Up Gesture Store, Brooklyn * Oh, Such a Good Show, Oh, Brooklyn * Show and Tell S ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 8.28 to 9.3

August 28th 2015

Friday, August 28 * Dinner Theater: Three Plays, Brooklyn * The Museum of Interesting Things: 16mm Circus Movie Night, Brooklyn * The Secret Loft, Brooklyn * Fireface, Williamsburg * Loft Opera, Brooklyn * Live, Improvised Film Scores with Bakia Quartet, Williamsburg * Motion/Pictures: A Cinematheque Party, Queens * Live Dubbed Sitcoms: Wings and Family Matters, Brooklyn * Hoff's Horrorfest, Manhattan Saturday, August 29 * The Sloodge, Brooklyn * Punk Rock Karaoke, Brooklyn * Pure Imagination Live, Brooklyn ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 8.21 to 8.27

August 21st 2015

Friday, August 21 * Dancing Through the Bronx, Bronx * Maim That Tune: Striptease to the Worst Songs Ever, Manhattan * Maiden in the Moon Returns, Manhattan * Satisfixation, Manhattan and Brooklyn * Looking for Directions Above / Below Closing Weekend in Vital Joint, Brooklyn Saturday, August 22 * Zodiack Pt IV: Leo-patra’s Summer Oasis, Brooklyn * Surprise Stories, Manhattan * Africainoir Loft Party, Brooklyn * Limitless: A Marina Abramovic Tribute Vol. 3, Brooklyn * What the Float, Manhattan * Home Audio ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 8.14 to 8.20

August 14th 2015

Friday, August 14 * Thunder Gumbo XXIX: Night of the Disco Pig, Brooklyn * Hoff's Horrorfest, Manhattan * Before You Get Too Far Afield, Brooklyn * Burlesque at the Beach: Pinchbottom Attacks B-Movies, Brooklyn * Fuck That Movie, Williamsburg * Doodz, Williamsburg * Industry Night, Manhattan Saturday, August 15 * Home Audio * Coney Island Film Society: Night of the Living Dead, Brooklyn * The Brooklyn Renaissance Festival, Brooklyn * Might Get Weird, Brooklyn * What the Float, Manhattan * Feeling Gloomy, W ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 8.7 to 8.13

August 7th 2015

Friday, August 7 * Jank Dance Party, Brooklyn * Bushwick Book Club, Manhattan * Butcher Holler Here We Come, Manhattan * The Secret Loft Show, Brooklyn * The Incredible Gameshow Showcase, Manhattan * I Anarchy: Subversion and the City, Manhattan * Justin's Basement Party, Manhattan Saturday, August 8 * Michael Alan Alien Invasion: State of Grace, Manhattan * Good Humor, Long Island City * Michael Kupperman / The Christine Jorgensen Story, Brooklyn * Starvue, Brooklyn * Tntmicseries Infinity 8.0, Brooklyn * ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 7.31 to 8.5

July 31st 2015

Friday, July 31 * Am I Write, Ladies? Brooklyn * Under the Concrete, Manhattan * Midnight Monuments, Manhattan * Starvue, Brooklyn * Hoff's Horrorfest, Manhattan * Grove Alley Silent Disco Party, Brooklyn * 90s Sing-Along, Brooklyn Saturday, August 1 * I [Heart] Anarchy: Subversion and the City, Manhattan * Simon Says: Die Hard With a Vengeance, Long Island City * Go Green: Pop Up, Manhattan * Original Parkway Walk, Brooklyn * Denny Daniel's Museum of Interesting Things VHS 3D Movie Festival, Brooklyn * Ha ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 7.24 to 7.30

July 24th 2015

Friday, July 24 * Tromadance Film Festival, Brooklyn * Hotel Tryst: No Sleep Til Brooklyn, Brooklyn * Nerd Fashion ComicCon, Manhattan * Bazt, Long Island City * The Fifth Annual New York City Poetry Festival * 596 Acres Summer Funraiser, Brooklyn * Starvue, Brooklyn * (The And) Game Live Experience, Brooklyn * Summer Zinester Potluck, Manhattan * Rural Route Film Festival, Long Island City * Man With a Movie Camera Live, Williamsburg * Live Dubbed Sitcoms: Sister-Sister and Blossom, Williamsburg * JunXion ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 7.17 to 7.23

July 17th 2015

Friday, July 17 * Surrealist Dinner, Brooklyn * What the Float, Manhattan * Drunk Science, Williamsburg Saturday, July 18 * Music Video Time Machine: Weird Science Versus Real Genius Dance Party, Brooklyn * Ferry Play * Sweat, Brooklyn * The Free Black Woman's Library, Brooklyn * Strange Bedfellows: A Themed Short Film Screening and Party, Williamsburg * Ghost Story Slumber Party, Manhattan * Bushwick A/V Saturday Rooftop Afters, Brooklyn * Escape from the Werewolf Village, Manhattan * Wora, Brooklyn * Sta ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 7.10 to 7.16

July 10th 2015

Friday, July 10 * Infinite Grilled Cheese Dance Party, Queens * Future Honey, Manhattan * A/V Music Night, Brooklyn * Assfreaks 5: The End, Brooklyn * All White All Night Yacht Party, Manhattan * Starvue, Brooklyn * Industry Night, Manhattan * Doodz, Williamsburg * Gridless, Manhattan * Bodyshine Disco, Brooklyn Saturday, July 11 * The New Amsterdam Pastiche Regatta, Manhattan * Error 404, Brooklyn * Blah Blah Basement Bugout 2, Manhattan * Show/Tell Show, Brooklyn * Buoy R and R Gallery Walk, Deep River ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 7.3 to 7.9

July 3rd 2015

Friday, July 3 * The Incredible Game Show Showcase, Manhattan * Chicken Hut Party, Brooklyn * Stars and Strips Forever, Brooklyn Fourth of July * Junxion, Brooklyn * Independence Day Marathon 24 Hour Party, Brooklyn * Crybaby Meditation and First Birthday Party * Might Get Weird, Brooklyn * Release the Beast, Williamsburg Sunday, July 5 * Monthly Modular Series, Williamsburg * Punderdome, Manhattan * Magic at Coney Sunday Matinee, Brooklyn * Monday, July 6 * Chicken and Beer Summer Tour 2015, Brooklyn * Sh ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 6.26 to 7.2

June 26th 2015

Friday, June 26 * Harlem Arts Festival Opening Night, Manhattan * Bicycle Film Festival 15th Year Anniversary, Manhattan * Thunder Gumbo XXVIII: Cult of the Sacred Cowboy, Brooklyn * Maiden in the Moon, Manhattan * All Brass and Drum Dance Party (No Guitars Allowed), Brooklyn * Mike: A Play About a Headless Chicken With a Folk Pop Score, Manhattan * Secrets of the Insect World: Short Films About Tiny Creatures, Manhattan * The Secret Loft Show, Brooklyn * Oasis, Brooklyn * The Blow Up No. 2, Manhattan * 5v5 ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 6.19 to 6.25

June 19th 2015

Friday, June 19 * Apostrophe Subway Show, Brooklyn * Zodiack Pt II: Dbl Dbl Gemini Trbl, Brooklyn * Que Bajo, Brooklyn * Rare Candy, Brooklyn * Wild Women of Planet Wongo, Brooklyn * Ghost Story Slumber Party, Manhattan * What the Float, Manhattan Saturday, June 20 * Mermaid Parade, Brooklyn * Bloomsday, Queens * Fourth Annual Summer Solstice Party, Brooklyn * Popsickle Six: Part One, Brooklyn * Sea Creature Stomp: A Mermaid Parade Afterparty, Brooklyn * Community Jam Day, Brooklyn * Wora, Williamsburg * ...Continue Reading
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