nonsensenyc: 3.10 to 3.16

From: "nonsense nyc" <>
Subject: nonsensenyc: 3.10 to 3.16
Date: March 10th 2017


Friday, March 10

* Game Night No. 6: Feminist Politics, Brooklyn
* Pool Play 2.0, Manhattan
* Time Simply Passes, Manhattan
* Freaks Don't Cry, Brooklyn
* Sonic Front, Brooklyn
* Glamdammit, Brooklyn
* Dirty Panties: The Musical, Brooklyn
Saturday, March 11
* Banger and Mash, Manhattan
* Board Game and Weird Record Party, Manhattan
* Rubulad Proudly Presents Ubu-Lad, Brooklyn
* Performancy Forum: Biomass/Microbiomes, Brooklyn
* The Feminist Tea Party: Political Edition, Manhattan
* Michael Alan Silly Sexy Clown Girls From Outerspace, Brooklyn
* Company Policy 5, Brooklyn
Sunday, March 12
* Living With the Absurd: An Afternoon of Plays, Booze, and Madlibs, Brooklyn
* Four-Course Dessert Ceremony, Brooklyn
* Shameless Pleasure, Brooklyn
Tuesday, March 14
* Screen Compositions 13, Manhattan
* Pretty Super Sketch Show, Brooklyn
* Channel 101 NY March Screening, Manhattan
* The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies Presents: Gross History, Brooklyn
* House of Sin: Putting on the Blitz, Brooklyn
* Mayor Christopher Louras, Brooklyn
* Celebrating Pi Day With All-American Pie, Brooklyn
Wednesday, March 15
* Zamboni Godot, Brooklyn
* Show Tell Show, Brooklyn
* Bring Your Own Film, Brooklyn
Thursday, March 16
* Tape Heads, Brooklyn
* Wonderland Boogie, Brooklyn
* Rosa Luxemburg, Brooklyn
* Abducted: Sci Fi Party with Defected in the House, Brooklyn
* Not much
* Salinity Gradient Energy
* Yeah right
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Rickety ladder ballet
Game Night No. 6: Feminist Politics
Featuring games made by artists Rebecca Goyette, Desiree Des, and Zeljka Blaksic (Gita Blak). Participants will engage with the state of feminist politics under current national and global circumstances.
Soho20 Gallery
56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn
6:30-9p; $free
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Dive Into This Is Not a Theatre Company's:
Pool Play 2.0
Conceived and directed by Erin B Mee. Text by Jessie Bear and Charles Mee. Choreography by Jonathan Matthews.
Come sit at the edge of the pool with your feet in the water (literally!) and enjoy synchronized swimming, a snarky fish, water aerobics, an explorer in an inflatable boat, and an examination of America’s long, joyful, and complicated relationship with the swimming pool.
Pool Play 2.0 is an upcycled version of Pool Play (originally produced in 2014), featuring entirely new water dances by Jonathan Matthews, new scenes, new staging, and a new cast. This Is Not A Theatre Company’s previous work (Ferry Play, Versailles 2016, A Serious Banquet, Readymade Cabaret, and Where Have All The Glaciers Gone) has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, American Theater magazine, Culturebot, New York Theatre Review, Theatre Is Easy, HowlRound, and in many other places.
Pool Play 2.0 features Caitlin Goldie (Wilderness), Colin Waitt (The Mysteries), Lindsley Howard, Ashley Wren Collins, Christopher Morriss, and Jonathan Matthews.
Waterside Pool
35 Waterside Plaza, Manhattan
7p; $30
Continues SATURDAY
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Time Simply Passes
We're hosting a screening of the documentary film Time Simply Passes next Friday at the Tank. The film is about the wrongful conviction of James Richardson in Florida in 1968, and the systemic flaws in the justice system, which have chewed innocent people up and abandoned them for as long as anyone can remember. The film runs about an hour, and following it there will be a post-show discussion and Q&A about criminal justice reform and the reality of life following exoneration and release of prisoners going on right now. Ty Flowers (the director of the film) will be hosting the discussion along with two special guests: Wesley Caine and Jared Chausow of the Bronx and Brooklyn Defender Services, respectively. Wesley is the Reentry and Community Outreach Coordinator at Bronx Defender Services, and Jared is an Advocacy Specialist at Brooklyn Defender Services. If you're interested in finding out how to actua lly get involved on a practical level in current efforts for reform, this will be a great opportunity. Also, I'm donating my split of ticket prices to the local prisoner re-entry organization Exodus Transitional Community.
The Tank
151 West 46th Street, 8th floor, Manhattan
7p; $8
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Freaks Don't Cry
An immersive experience inspired by Coney Island's acclaimed sideshow. Our cast is seeking a daring audience, enthusiastic about joining the act and helping to save the sideshow from obscurity. Audience members should come prepared for the fanfare of a classic sideshow,  from a burlesque dancer to a psychic, with a few twists. We are also inviting the possibility of a single audience member getting to be initiated as an honorary freak for the night. Freaks Don't Cry runs weekends from March 3 through the 19. Calling back to the Glam Rock era of the mid 1970s, and the death defying acts and curiosities of sideshow.
Linked Dance Theatre makes stories come to life through movement, text, music and the body. Motions inspire emotions which drive the collaborative creative process that Linked Dance Theatre employ. Through our practice, comes staged and immersive works that subvert the conventional norms of theatre and dance. The works tend to question very liminal spaces and to explore the essence of what makes us human. Featuring performances by Steve Moore, Jordan Chlapecka, Tessa Fairey, Rita McCan, Shan Y. Chuang Original Music by Stephen Bennett, Justin Boccitto, and Brendan Littlefield.
1208 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn
8p; $25
Continues weekends through March 19
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Sonic Front
Live music and visuals with sets by Plan23 and Chris Jordan, Ian Epps, and Gill Arno and Richard Kamerman.
Microscope Gallery
1329 Willoughby Avenue, 2B, Brooklyn
7:30-10p; $8
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Glamdammit is pleased to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with the Brats one of the biggest New York bands in the 70s playing shows with the Ramones, the New York Dolls, the Heartbreakers, Blondie, and Kiss. DJ sets by Twig the Wonderkid and James David. Hosted by nightlife icon Astro Erle.
Gold Sounds
44 Wilson Avenue, at Melrose Street, Brooklyn
10p doors, 11p showtime; $free
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Dirty Panties: The Musical
Dirty Panties messes with politics, and flirts with art. Dirty Panties are a surrealist painting performed as a slow grind. Dirty Panties grabs you by the crotch and the heart. Dirty Panties is not a musical. Dirty Panties is serious business.
Donate your panties to the show! We are currently accepting all old and stained panties -- please bring them to the dropoff box at Queen of Falafel.
Dirty panties is about anyone and everyone who belongs to a certain little secret society. A society of sex workers. A society that is actually not so little at all, and contains many of our friends, family and lovers.
Sex work is illegal and stigmatized. But it is more than that. It is beautiful, empowering, confusing, terrifying, fascinating, sexy, ugly and fucking intense. Sex work is so common, we made a fucking show about it.
Dirty Panties is told through a collection of abstract and emotional vignettes of personal accounts and adventures of different sex workers across all parts of the the industry. Every single piece in the show is written and produced by someone with a history of sex work. Some pieces will be performed by current and past sex workers. Workers that wish to remain anonymous will tell their stories through surrogate performers. Dirty Panties is an ode to anyone and everyone who has worked, is still working, or loves someone who does. This show is produced in partnership with the Sex Workers Outreach Project.
House of Yes
2 Wyckoff, Brooklyn
7p; $25
21 and over
Continues SATURDAY and through March 17
Brunch Theatre presents:
Banger and Mash
Seven new plays that don’t mind their manners. Brunch Theatre Company serves the New York Millennial what they love best: fresh entertainment, and fresh Brunch. We’re bringing young people back to theatre, by producing plays for the here and now -- think love in the age of Trump and Tinder. So come pregame your weekend with mimosas, brand-new-sexy-funny-provocative plays, and brunch. Too hungover? Check us out on Monday night for breakfast for dinner. Come and get it while it’s hot.
Nuyorican Poets Cafe
236 East 3rd Street, Manhattan
2p; $10-20
Continues through March 14
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Board Game and Weird Record Party
What better way to spend a Saturday night than meeting new people in an intimate setting, in the East Village over some of the most interesting board games of our era (Catan and expansions, Dominion, Carcassonne).  And the ambiance will be dope as well -- we will be playing novel, modern, and vintage music (please bring interesting music, either in vinyl or digital form). Oh and snacks and beverages (alcohol is BYOB).
218 East 5th Street, Manhattan
8-10:30p; $5 plus you have to bring some interesting music to play (has to be something uncommon and it can be vinyl or on your phone)
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Rubulad Proudly Presents Ubu-Lad
An absurd response to an absurd time. With live performances by Edith Pop, Giungla, Fly Ashtray, Mrs. William Horseley, with your MC Pa Ubu aka Tony Torn. DJs: Reaganomics, Mojo, and Mekristo. Projections by the Sperm Whale, Bleu June of Magick Talismans Tarot, and G Scopitronic’s Non Stop Fête du Filme. Dress: Embrace your inner weird.
RSVP for address, Brooklyn
$10 before 9p and after performances, $20 otherwise
RSVP to rubulad]at] for address
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Performancy Forum: Biomass/Microbiomes
Mutation and Mutiny, (Dis)Order, Objections and Obediences, Our Chaos Resonates, Am I Small Or Am I Large? Our Bodilies Are Individual and Social, We Breathe Eachother's Biomes, and We Are Biomass(ive). With Library, Arantxa Araujo, Shawn Escarciga, IV Castellanos, Polina Riabova, and Jon Konkol.
Performancy Forum
104 Meserole, Brooklyn
8p; $pay-what-you-can cover, BYOB or $3 cans to support PPL
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
The Feminist Tea Party: Political Edition
Join this free symposium series as we discuss "practical feminism" with award-winning activists. Attendees are encouraged to join in the discussion, and everyone has cake.
205 Hudson Street, second floor, HAAG Room, Manhattan
3-6p; $free
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Michael Alan Silly Sexy Clown Girls From Outerspace
Two lost clowns fall through their space shuttle through the cracks of the roof into Michael Alan’s studio and create mayhem. Watch them drop their pencils, spill their paint, and knock over their space suits. Two long poses, short, moving, and gestural poses, silly, and fun. Comfortable seating. Free smart beer. Great movies and music playing all night.
There is an option to FaceTime during the show if you can’t make it! Watch the performance, or we will put you on stage as you act wild for everyone to see. Michael is opening up his studio to the public for this event. This is a rare opportunity where you can come to draw, and spend hours up close to his work. The room is filled with work to view. A team of people come to help organize the work every week, putting his newest works on display. Michael is welcoming to all who come. You’ll have the chance to see Michael draw, and show him your work as well! Come be a part of this special event. A surreal warm creative experience for anyone with an open heart mind soul that wants to connect with other like minded weirdoes.
RSVP for address, Brooklyn
8p-1a; $25
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Company Policy 5
Company Policy 5 will feature live performances by Ateller, Boy Chic, Infinite Kitten, and the Company, followed by late night DJ sets by Filth, Akki, Commodore (from Renegade Masters), and the Company Soundsystem. Live video art will be performed by Wendy Carlos Williams, VJ n8tronic, and H.A. Eugene.
As before and as always, Company Policy is a rejection of the binary split between glitzy club bangers and austere techno, between art and noise. We play laptops. We play sequencers. We find the soul in the drummer and the drum machine. We're live. We're pre-recorded. We're analog. We're digital. We're a party for people who don't fit into Brooklyn's castes. This is policy without rules.
Bushwick Public House Basement
1288 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn
8p doors and bands, midnight DJs; $10
Living With the Absurd: An Afternoon of Plays, Booze, and Madlibs
Grab a cocktail, relax with an adult coloring book, and watch some truly absurd plays by Ionesco, Pinter, and Edna St. Vincent Millay. In this time of uncertainty, #AlternateFacts, and #SpiceySpinnings, these theatre of the absurd plays resound uncannily.
Gemini and Scorpio Loft
255 Douglass Street, Brooklyn
4p doors, 4:30p performance; $pay what you can, a portion of all bar proceeds will be donated to the ACLU
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Four-Course Dessert Ceremony
Dessert is thought to be the luckiest of meals -- especially in manifesting prosperity and wealth, or for increasing favor in competitions or games of chance. Its winning energy makes it a great ally for boosting one’s chances in any situation -- a first date, tax audit, even landing a promotion. One needs only to be *near* dessert to derive its benefits. But we live in a world where we can't afford to leave things up to chance. So why not take an evening's opportunity to seek out your luxury? Claim your desire. Manifest your dessert destiny. Put it in your mouth.
Come out to the Living Gallery for a special RSVP-only 12-person, seated, four-course dessert ceremony honoring the four elements: air, earth, water, and fire. Art show and dessert a la carte to follow with wine and vibes of friendship, prosperity, imagination, and financial succe$$.
The Living Gallery
1094 Broadway, Brooklyn
7:30-8:30p dessert ceremony, 8:30-11p art show; $25 for food, $free for public
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Future of Sex on tour presents:
Shameless Pleasure
Did you know that some people still consider female masturbation "a direct path to Satan?" Despite research indicating its wide-ranging benefits, from body confidence to stress-relief, female pleasure is rarely talked about. Will this change? How is technology rushing in to fill the gaps for better sex? What is erotic intelligence and why should you care? Future of Sex presents an all-female panel of sex pioneers: Polly Rodriguez; Mal Harrison; Alexandra Fine. Join us for a lively chat on the future of sex, what everyone needs to know about the internal clitoris and how to strengthen your EI (erotic intelligence). This event will take place at Sweatshop and will be recorded for the Future of Sex podcast.
232 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn
7-9p;  $15-20, with donation to Planned Parenthood
Screen Compositions 13
Geoff Matters and I have an audiovisual collaborative piece (quiver) in this year's program, curated as always by Katherine Liberovskaya. It's the 13th year of Screen Compositions; in Chinese culture (and we're in Chinatown) 13 is very lucky and means "definitely vibrant"; so this 2017 edition presents a most definitely vibrant collection of intersections of moving image with sonic art; a program of screen works representing dynamic two-way collaborations between video/film artists and sound/music artists specifically intended for single-channel projection with no live or performance component." Featuring collaborations by Magdalena Campos-Pons and Neil Leonard; Paul Clipson and Byron Westbrook; Julie Doucet and Anne-f. Jacques; Janene Higgins and Cassis B Staudt; Luis Macias and Alfredo Costa Monteiro; Geoff Matters and Dok Gregory; Laetitia Morais and Carlos Guedes; Dafna Naphtali and H ans Tammen; Mercedes Peris and Ferrer-Molina; and Paola Pisani and Alessandro Fogar.
Experimental Intermedia
224 Centre Street, at Grand, third floor, Manhattan
9p; $?
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
Pretty Super Sketch Show
Bushwick's monthly all ladies variety show is back in time to celebrate every math nerds favorite holiday: Pi Day with homemade pies, stand up, sketches and music. All the proceeds will go to the National Center for Transgender Equality. Performers: Maggie Lalley, Caroline Castro, Carmen Lagala, Julia Johns Abrams, Amber Rollo, with musical guest Castle Black.
The Footlight
465 Seneca Avenue, Brooklyn
7p; $8
info at prettysupersketchshow]at]
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
Channel 101 NY March Screening
At Channel 101, the destiny of TV entertainment is in your hands. During this monthly screening, new five-minute mini-TV shows from the best comedians and filmmakers in NYC battle it out for the right to be turned into a series. The top five shows become the new "prime time" lineup for the following month; losing shows are canceled! Wouldn't it be great if all television worked this way? Come vote for your favorite!
UCBT East Village
135 E 3rd Street, Manhattan
8-9p; $7
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies Presents: Gross History
The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies (SASS) is proud to present a series of free lectures designed to both entertain and enlighten. We meet to discuss historical topics that you probably knew at one point but don’t remember anymore. Plus, there will be drink specials.
March is gross. Everyone knows it. No use fighting it. Come to SASS and give in to the Gross with three lectures on the Gross History of Ambergris, Gross Incompetence: Congress' Response to the AIDS Epidemic, and Superfund USA: Hazardous Waste and Harmful Politics.
The Bedford
110 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn
7p door, 7:30p lectures; $free
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
House of Sin: Putting on the Blitz
Sincerely Yours and Gemini Blitz present a night of decadent entertainment in House of Sin: Putting on the Blitz. Starring: Minx Arcana, Apathy Angel, Tiny Dee, and Vera Safire.
The Delancey
168 Delancey Street, Brooklyn
9p; $?
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
Mayor Christopher Louras
Late one bitter Winter’s night this past January, Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras helped move in his town’s newest residents: two refugee families from Syria, arrived by way of Turkey to this post-industrial, blue-collar town of 16,000 in Central Vermont.
When Mr. Louras -- a Gulf War vet who has served as his town’s Republican Mayor since 2007 --persuaded his City Council to accept a plan to resettle 100 Syrian refugees starting in 2017, he could only have guessed at how contentious and wide-ranging the issue would become. In fact, the issue cost Louras his job this past Tuesday; a sting he will surely comment on in this "unhinged and unfiltered" talk. The Hook is pleased to welcome Mayor Louras to New York for a candid talk about his experiences in Rutland and beyond, in what is sure to be a timely and closely watched episode.
Pete's Candy Store
709 Lorimer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
7-8:30p; $free
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
Gemini and Scorpio present:
Celebrating Pi Day With All-American Pie
We tend to think of pie as a standard, round, apple-filled thing. And we tend to think of America(ns) in the same kind of generic way. But as this proud passport-holding Russian Jew refugee can tell you, "Americans" really come from all over the world, and our pies do, too. And nothing brings people together better than food.
We want to celebrate Pi Day with as many international versions of pie as we can get, from your cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Who wants to bake (or buy) a pie of their heritage, whatever that may look and taste like (sweet, savory, any shape)? We'd love for you to be the first to get tastes of everyone else's pies, and then present and serve your pie to other guests. Message us. Currently confirmed: Rebecca Silverman, Anna Cole, Angela Mauri, Evan Morgenstern, Jaclyn Atkinson, Jennifer Glick, and Nadia Rohrs.
Gemini and Scorpio Loft
RSVP for address, Brooklyn
7p-midnight, $free, or $12 for three pie servings
Zamboni Godot
In response to the modern scourge of audience members using cell phones to text, take photos and screw around on social media during live theatrical performances, Theater of the Apes invites you to bring your sketchbook and drawing tools to the Wednesday March 15 performance of Zamboni Godot by Ayun Halliday. Cell Phone Brain keeps you at arm's length from the action. Sketchbook Brain draws you in. We did this in 2015 for Fawnbook and it was a lot of fun for all involved.
The Zamboner Chorus will be posing onstage for your long drawing pleasure prior to curtain, after which the 80 minute performance will proceed as usual. There are moments of stillness and moments of activity. Zamboni Godot is a raucous midlife meditation on the comedy of existence, the hell of long term relationships and the play where nothing happens, nobody comes, nobody goes." Starring nine middle aged women and nine red chairs.
The Brick
579 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn
7p doors, 8p show; $18
***** Also on WEDNESDAY *****
Show Tell Show
Stand-up comedy and audience show and tell. Bring an odd item and talk about it for a chance to win movie tickets, drinks, prizes and free money. Bring something strange, crazy, stupid and get yer butt on stage. Plus performances from Alignon Mitra, Seth Herzog, Jeff Simmermon, Brandon Scott Wolf, Lukas Kaiser, and Niles Turner. Hosted by Evan Morrison.
House of Wax Bar in the Alamo Drafthouse
445 Albee Square West, fourth floor, Brooklyn
8p; $free
***** Also on WEDNESDAY *****
Bring Your Own Film
Bring Your Own Film is a monthly film and video open mic screening where filmmakers and artists working in moving images can bring in finished pieces or works in progress. It's a friendly and informal space where people share and talk about each other's work.
If you have a project you'd like to share, bring it. First come first served, no need to contact us ahead of time, just show up with your film and we'll play it. Any film, any digital format, 10 minutes or under.
Shoestring Press
663 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn
7:30p doors, 8:30p screening; $free
Tape Heads
A gathering of tape collectors, labels, and enthusiasts, hosted and DJed by aslpic and Champagne Sequins. VHS visuals from Camilla Padgitt-Coles and Sara Goodman, and Snaykhunt/Raft cassette release/listening party. Bring a stash to sell, share, or trade. Plus a cassette gear raffle with proceeds going to Women's Audio Mission.
The Corners
395 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn
8p-11p; $free
***** Also on THURSDAY *****
Wonderland Boogie
With Peter Gordon and Mustafa Ahmed and Paul Nowinski. Plus Radio Wonderland, Ewonee, Todd Reynolds, and RTFM. And DJ Shakey.
Gemini and Scorpio Loft
RSVP for exact location, Gowanus, Brooklyn
7:30p-12:30a; $8 advance, $10 day-of-show
***** Also on THURSDAY *****
Rosa Luxemburg
Margarethe von Trotta’s Rosa Luxemburg depicts the life story of this martyred heroine of the international left, played in the film by the great Barbara Sukowa. Amidst the growing militarization that preceded World War I, Rosa stood out as a beacon of uncompromising democratic and socialist values and one of the most prominent social democrats on the continent. From revolt in Poland to a jail cell in Germany, crossing borders under false identities and engaging in public polemics against the likes of Lenin and Trotsky, Rosa lived a torrid revolutionary’s life.
For their amazing work on this film, Sukowa was awarded Best Actress at the Cannes Film Festival and von Trotta was nominated for the Palme d’Or. On Thursday night, we are so lucky to reunite this great tandem to watch their classic movie and discuss its relevance to the current political moment.
In addition to Margarethe von Trotta and Barbara Sukowa, this panel will feature journalist Amber A’Lee Frost and filmmaker Annelise Ogaard.
Verso Books
20 Jay Street, suite 1010, Brooklyn
6:30p; $?
***** Also on THURSDAY *****
Abducted: Sci Fi Party with Defected in the House
Defected Records and House of Yes present an intergalactic realness and sonic science of dance floor perfection provided by our masters of sound that make movement, With Sam Divine and Franky Rizardo. Featuring Intergalactic Abductions by real aliens, close encounters of the fourth kind, live experiments on real humans, Strobes and Probes, light shows and visuals from the other side of the universe, aerial acrobaticxxxx, alien extravagazantrons, and cyborgs. Consent is sexy: Behave with beauty, connect with intention.
House of Yes
2 Wycoff, Brooklyn
10p; $0-15
21 and over
Queer Abstract, Monthly Performance Series: What's Going On
Queer Abstract is a curated Monthly Performance Series highlighting QTPOC performers. Each event is a variety show led by a question to probe and encourage us to show up and show out. (QA) is place to showcase new work and celebrate each other, an attempt to blend party and performance communities to uplift and affirm fellowship, creativity, and collaboration among the culture leaders of NYC. QA will be a curated variety of singers, dancers, comedians, writers, and any creative interested in getting down. Allies are welcomed and encouraged to affirm our magic, QTPOC are welcome and encouraged to fellowship, build, and create. Featured performers: Jon Won, Nappy Nina, Kirya Trabor, Timothy DuWhite, Dejaye, and Alicia Goldsmith. With DJs C.Lee and Ari of GVO.
Starr Bar
214 Starr Street, between Wycoff and Irving, Brooklyn
L train to Jefferson station
9p-1a; $free
* Dark Before Dawn, March 18
* Trumpathon, April 1
What have you been wishing for? Collaborators, grant monies, a new home? Please send brief listings to jstark]at] We only list available apartments, lofts, studios, and one-off rentals -- not spaces wanted.
***** ARTY STUFF *****
* Open Call for Video Art 2017: Seventh Under the Subway Video Art Night. Organized and curated by Antonio Ortuño. Deadline: May 1, 2017. underthesubwayvideoartnight]at]
Before we had a name the Spectre Event Horizon Group used to meet at a bar to commiserate and trade what our business friends like to call "best practices." Now online, our area of interest remains the ever-fascinating sci-fi present. Our simple intent is an informal trade of specialized investigative research, presented as gossip for the non-specialist. It's true we once were an active email list but at this point everything is searchable and commented upon here: The updates are compiled for Nonsense by J. Sinopoli. Contact]at]
***** Salinity Gradient Energy *****
"At Penn State, civil engineers are working with a form of electrical power generated where saltwater and freshwater meet. Unlike batteries, which are closed systems, this technology can continuously replenish "the fuel" that yields electricity. The key is specialized membranes which generate power from waters of different salinity. A semi-permeable membrane selectively allows specific ions to penetrate through it."
Overheard is from Irene Pedruelo's Mi Niu York, a weekly newsletter for curious characters, treasure hunters, and eccentrics. You can sign up for her favorite stories, projects, artworks, and quotations at
People say amazing things when they think no one is listening. Overheard is about capturing these moments. We share one quotation each week that stuck with us. It's always unsolicited and unedited.
What did you overhear this week? Submit a quotation and a brief description of the scenario to Irene at irenecroga]at]
Overheard in Manhattan. March 2017. Young man to his friend:
-- "My parents don't give me money unless they are reimbursing me."
We look for the sort of classes you circled in college course catalogs but never managed to fit into your schedule. And we also look for the kind of things that no college could teach. Cheap and eclectic is the rule, though all rules get broken occasionally, and we especially love workshops, round-tables, and teachers who won't take your work out of your hands and show you how to do it right. One-time listings are categorized weekly, with general recurring classes listed at the end on the first Friday of each month. We thrive on your suggestions, so make sure to tell us about upcoming classes.
Learning is compiled and edited weekly by Juliana Driever. Please send listing suggestions to learning]at]
***** LEARNING: SUNDAY *****
Trumpism and the Global
We are in a state of disaster: the global rise of the far-right, the election of Donald Trump, his flurry of executive orders, Islamophobia as national policy, the blitzkrieg media strategy, and countless insane tweets. All of which makes it nearly impossible to see through the hysteria, to understand the roots of our dispossession. While Trump’s ascendance is shocking, it does not change the chronic state of disaster of our lives, our shitty jobs and finances, our atomization and depression, the continued war on Black and brown bodies, all with the backdrop of each subsequent month and year being the hottest on record. Trump’s new government is just the latest mutation in a decades-long social war maintaining a failed vision of how we should live. But rather than simply react, how are we to understand our contemporary environment and terrain, how do we confront the inherent nihilism of our culture, how do we think strategically within the madness?
Woodbine will host a four-part discussion series on understanding the rise of Trumpism and to allow ourselves the space to collectively strategize through these tumultuous times. We must become the experts we need, so we must force ourselves to learn, to understand, and to share in a way devoid of false pretenses. We are inviting some friends to research and present on a number of key topics, and we look forward to discussing what the fuck is going on. We cannot face this world alone, and alone we cannot solve these problems. In that vein, after the discussions we invite all participants to share in our weekly Sunday dinners, to continue building.
Sessions will be split into four main topics, and each will be guided by a panel of presenters for an hour long presentation, followed by an hour of discussion.
1882 Woodbine Street, Ridgewood
2p; $free
***** LEARNING: SUNDAY *****
Self-Defense Class for Women, Trans, and GNC Folks
Learn effective self-defense techniques to escape a violent altercation, and discuss how to reduce your chances of being in one in the first place. We’ll discuss everything from stranger violence to domestic violence. This class is free, open to the public, trans-inclusive, and taught by women and trans folks. And, we wrap up with refreshments and community building. No previous experience necessary. Space is limited.
Traditional Okinawan Karate
248 McKibbin Street, Brooklyn
4-7p; $free
Local Color: Extracting Pigment From Plants
Learn how to make natural dyes in this new offering from Genspace. Unlike synthetic dyes, which are often toxic and polluting, natural dyes are renewable and biodegradable. In many cases, the waste in the dyeing process becomes an ideal fertilizer for use in fields and gardens. In this hands-on class, we will create natural dyes from food waste and locally foraged plants.
Learn to analyze local color—how to grow it, find it, and extract it. Participants will begin to master how to bind plant-based pigments to fabric and yarn using mordants, change colors by shifting PH, reuse food waste to create a wide spectrum of color, and create prints with flowers.
33 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn
April 1, 12-4p; $32.50-$65
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nonsense nyc is a discriminating resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in new york city.
please remember you are welcome to pass nonsense along to anyone who needs to see it, but you do not have permission to use any of the listings for your commercial endeavor. if you are receiving this list as a forward you can sign up for yourself at
we accept donations to cover the costs of producing this list, and suggest $10 a year, or $25 a year if we list your events. this is not a traditional subscription, but a donation because you believe independent artists should support other independent artists. you can make donations here: thanks.
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nonsense nyc is a discriminating resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in new york city.

we like rock bands and experimental musicians and arty films and galleries and museums and big street festivals, but we can find information about all of those things in other places. we generally will not list these kind of things on their own. that leaves that other stuff, the stuff that has no name or a name that you feel really self-conscious saying out loud, like "underground."

we publish more or less once a week on fridays in easy digest format. if you sign up, the important thing to remember is that the nonsense nyc happens because of you. that means we rely on you to let us know what events you are organizing and what events you are attending. please keep us up to date and don't assume that we'll find out about something from someone else. our job is to gather, edit, organize, and filter; your's is to make interesting thing happen and let us know about them. (and we love you, and the other people on this list love you, for that effort.)

also, feel free to send us editorial comments. we certainly don't endorse every event on this list, nor do we attend all of them. that means it's nice to hear what you have to say. for instance, let us know if you had the best time of your life last weekend, or, conversely, if you felt like you were cheated out of $5 by some group that sounded good but turned out to be hippie drummers.

anyway, please enjoy this list and remember to do your part to make new york a better place to live.

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