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nonsense nyc is a discriminating resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in new york city.

we like rock bands and experimental musicians and arty films and galleries and museums and big street festivals, but we can find information about all of those things in other places. we generally will not list these kind of things on their own. that leaves that other stuff, the stuff that has no name or a name that you feel really self-conscious saying out loud, like "underground."

we publish more or less once a week on fridays in easy digest format. if you sign up, the important thing to remember is that the nonsense nyc happens because of you. that means we rely on you to let us know what events you are organizing and what events you are attending. please keep us up to date and don't assume that we'll find out about something from someone else. our job is to gather, edit, organize, and filter; your's is to make interesting thing happen and let us know about them. (and we love you, and the other people on this list love you, for that effort.)

also, feel free to send us editorial comments. we certainly don't endorse every event on this list, nor do we attend all of them. that means it's nice to hear what you have to say. for instance, let us know if you had the best time of your life last weekend, or, conversely, if you felt like you were cheated out of $5 by some group that sounded good but turned out to be hippie drummers.

anyway, please enjoy this list and remember to do your part to make new york a better place to live.

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nonsense: 2.16 to 2.22

February 16th 2018

Unsubscribe Automatically Friday, February 16 * Devotion Devotion and No Dancing (A Proposal...), Brooklyn * Blssville ... An Investigation, Brooklyn * Secret AV Club: A Watergate Chat With Slow Burn's Leon Neyfakh, Brooklyn * Mr. Dynamite! A James Brown Tribute Party, Brooklyn Saturday, February 17 * The 18th Annual Mr. Lower East Side Pageant, Queens * Mid-Winter Jug Band Rendezvous, Brooklyn * In the Jungle, Manhattan * Michael Alan's Living Installation: Stranger Things, Brooklyn * The 24th Hour, Brooklyn ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 2.9 to 2.15

February 9th 2018

Friday, February 9 * Iconic Apex, Brooklyn * Comedy/Dance Party at Secret Loft, Manhattan * The Puppet Queen's Travellers, Manhattan * Power Ballads Sing-Along, Brooklyn * It's Friday, I'm (Not) In Love: Anti-Valentine's Day Party, Brooklyn * Special Tonight, Manhattan Saturday, February 10 * Rubulad Proudly Presents: Love Potion Number 389, Brooklyn * Inconsiderate Fantasies of Negative Acceleration Characterized by Sacrifices of a Non-Consensual Nature, Manhattan * Hearts of Bass, Queens * Army of Lovers Cr ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 2.2 to 2.8

February 2nd 2018

Friday, February 2 * Groundhog Day ... Entirely From Memory, Brooklyn * Introducing, Under the Influencer, Brooklyn * Wolf Eyes Residency, Brooklyn * Just Step Sideways, Brooklyn * Literati: A Comedy Show About Books and the Idiots Who Write Them, Brooklyn * Brooklyn Contra, Brooklyn * Big Weird Comedy Show, Brooklyn * Mama Said What and Personal Space, Long Island City Saturday, February 3 * Mermaid Lagoon: Variety Show and Benefit, Brooklyn * Truth-a-Thon With Art and Feminism, Manhattan * Nocturnal Sub.mi ...Continue Reading

nonsense 1.26 to 2.1

January 26th 2018

Unsubscribe Automatically Friday, January 26 * The Roast of Luke Skywalker, Long Island City * Comedy Dance Party at Secret Loft, Manhattan * L.ear, Manhattan * Fix Your Hearts or Die: A Pre-Valentines Twin Peaks Night, Brooklyn * Shadows of the Blacklist, Jersey City * Dreamtime, Brooklyn * New Age and Chill IV: A New Hope, Brooklyn * Basura's Inferno, Brooklyn Saturday, January 27 * Tortura Returns, Brooklyn * Idiotarod, Brooklyn * Pipornot’s Superorganism, Manhattan * Party Like an Alien Popstar, Queens ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 1.19 to 1.25

January 19th 2018

Unsubscribe Automatically Friday, January 19 * Castaways Casino Club, Brooklyn * North Brooklyn DSA: Now Is the Winter of Our Discotheque, Queens * The Jook Jam, Brooklyn * Wake ... Sing ..., Manhattan * Nerd Nite NYC, Brooklyn Saturday, January 20 * Rubulad Presents: Cabin Fever Dream a Go-Go, Brooklyn * Performancy Forum: Intra-Activities and Para-Normalities, Brooklyn * Nocturnal Sub.missions: Azumi Oe and Whitney Vangrin, Manhattan * ANTIFA Screening and Benefit for J20 Defendants, Manhattan * Schtick a ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 1.12 to 1.18

January 12th 2018

Unsubscribe Automatically Friday, January 12 * Femme Pathos, Brooklyn * Special Tonight, Manhattan * Comedy Dance Party, Manhattan * Far Out with Fou York: A Variety Show, Brooklyn Saturday, January 13 * Reverend Jen: Best Mid-Career Survey Ever, Brooklyn * 33rd Annual Golden Festival, Brooklyn * The Deep End One-Year Anniversary, Brooklyn * Arts on Site Performance Party, Brooklyn * Sweet Tooth, Manhattan * Some Unknown Consequences of Contact, Brooklyn * Nocturnal Sub.missions Pt. 3, Manhattan * Spaceman ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 1.5 to 1.11

January 5th 2018

Friday, January 5 * Featuring ..., Brooklyn * The Big Weird Comedy Show, Manhattan Saturday, January 6 * Inconsiderate Fantasies of Negative Acceleration Characterized by Sacrifices of a Non-Consensual Nature, Manhattan * Museum: Lecture, Brooklyn * Rhythmic Winter, Brooklyn * Jackknife Comedy, Long Island City Sunday, January 7 * The Official No Pants Subway Ride 2018 * The Official No Pants Subway Ride 2018 Afterparty, Manhattan * Kava and Color, Brooklyn Monday, January 8 * Decolonizing My Vagina, Brooklyn ...Continue Reading

nonsense: new year's eve edition

December 29th 2017

NOTE: If you're reading this it means you use the Nonsense list. And if you use it, you should help keep it independent and free. Here's a link to support Nonsense all year long: Thank you. And double thank you to those of you who became new members in the last week. To a happy new year, Jeff Stark and the Staff of Nonsense NYC Friday, December 29 * PJs and DJs Party, Brooklyn * Year-End Spaghetti Dinner, Manhattan Saturday, December 30 * Fuck You The Party, Brooklyn * Rhine ...Continue Reading

nonsense: before new year's eve

December 27th 2017

NOTE: We'll be back on Friday with all kinds of New Year's Eve events. In the meantime, we want to ask you for a little help. Last week we went to the annual Unsilent Night. The way it works is maybe 500 people meet up in Washington Square with a recorded track by the composer Phil Kline. Then we all press play on a boombox or a bluetooth. And then we walk to Thompkins Square Park. It's a perfect event. So simple, so beautiful, centered around a piece of chiming holiday music, expressed individually and as a group, cha ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 12.22 to 12.28

December 22nd 2017

NOTE: We've posted Nonsense every week for 17 years because we believe in independent art and culture in New York City. We ask you support our effort by donating a little cash to help offset some of the expenses. This year we're working with Friends, a new organization dedicated to supporting independent spaces for artists and activists. They'll be processing donations and memberships. It's not a major change, and we're thrilled to be in the company of other independent Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-Together groups like Babyca ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 12.22 to 12.28

December 22nd 2017

NOTE: We've posted Nonsense every week for 17 years because we believe independent art and culture are an essential part of New York City. We ask you support our effort by donating a little cash to help offset some of the expenses. This year we're working with Friends, a new organization dedicated to supporting independent spaces for artists and activists. They'll be processing donations and memberships. It's not a major change, and we're thrilled to be in the company of other independent Do-It-Yourself, Do-It-Tog ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 12.15 to 12.21

December 15th 2017

Friday, December 15 * All Good Things, Brooklyn * A-Space Reading, Manhattan * Unruly Collective: Artburst, Brooklyn * Comedy Dance Party at Secret Loft, Manhattan * December Babies Birthday Party, Brooklyn * Cartoon Carnival no. 62: Santa Baby, Brooklyn * Art School Acid Dropout, Long Island City * Mistletone, Brooklyn * MGB Presents the Magical Holiday Free-For-All, Brooklyn * The Infinite Wrench: Best of 2017, Manhattan * Darkroom, Brooklyn * Camouflage: A Comedy Show, Brooklyn Sunday, December 17 * Sat ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 12.8 to 12.14

December 8th 2017

Friday, December 8 * UnCaged Toy Piano Festival In C, Manhattan * Blacklight Spectrum Wrestling Night, Queens * The Big Weird Comedy Show, Manhattan * Special Tonight, Manhattan * The Infinite Wrench: Best of 2017, Manhattan * Home Audio, Brooklyn * Jingle Bail Rock: A Party to Pay Bail for New Yorkers Who Can't, Brooklyn * Holidays on Stage and Screen, Jersey City * Third Annual Roots n Ruckus Fest, Brooklyn Saturday, December 9 * Forever Festival XYZ, Brooklyn * Secret Loft Presents Our Fifth Annual Ugly S ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 12.1 to 12.6

December 1st 2017

Friday, December 1 * Sweet Shoppe, Brooklyn * Rule of 7x7, Manhattan * We Still Believe, Brooklyn * Anybody: An Improvised Historical Hip-Hopera, Manhattan * Comedy and Dance Party at Secret Loft, Manhattan * Contra Dance at Brooklyn Contra, Brooklyn * Scientific Controversies No. 13: String Theory, Brooklyn * ABC No Rio in Exile Clothesline Benefit, Manhattan * Fertilizing Fire Circle, Brooklyn Saturday, December 2 * Lick'n'Lube: An Evening at Sweet Shoppe, Brooklyn * Sweet Tooth: A Candy-Colored House and ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 11.24 to 11.30

November 24th 2017

Friday, November 24 * R&R, Queens * The Roast of Steven Spielberg, Long Island City * Trumpcon: A Performance Circus of Yuge Proportions, Manhattan * Bear Milk, Brooklyn Saturday, November 25 * Wolf and Lamb All Night Long, Brooklyn * Making New York: Small Business Saturday/Weekend Market, Brooklyn * Schtick A Pole In It: Broadway, Manhattan Sunday, November 26 * Casual Psychedelics No. 11, Brooklyn * Thanksgiving Secret Speakeasy: Eureka! The History of Invention! Manhattan Monday, November 27 * Pussy Pop-U ...Continue Reading

nonsense nyc Message

November 17th 2017

Friday, November 17 * Us vs. Them, Brooklyn * Contra Dance at Brooklyn Contra, featuring Brooklyn Swing Ensemble and Carl Levine, Brooklyn * Matta Fact, Brooklyn * White Chocolate: A Comedy Show, Manhattan * OSSAM Gallery Cat and Dog in Art Exhibition, Brooklyn * Darkroom 3, Brooklyn * The Infinite Wrench, Manhattan * Nerve Accid, Brooklyn Saturday, November 18 * Ferment! Ferment! Brooklyn * The Jumpsuit Jam, Manhattan * Rubulad Proudly Presents: Cats in Space, Brooklyn * Her Mermaid Debutante Ball, Manhatt ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 11.10 to 11.16

November 10th 2017

Friday, November 10 * Ende Tymes 8: Novo Apocalypso, Queens * Ambient Church, Brooklyn * Mending, Brooklyn * Comedy Dance Party at Secret Loft, Manhattan * Special Tonight, Manhattan * Glamdammit, Brooklyn * Landmark Loews Movie Palace, Jersey City Saturday, November 11 * The Horror at Red Hook, Brooklyn * Forge Presents: Drippy Eye Projections and Reading, Brooklyn * Ancient Aliens, Brooklyn * Ridgewood Market, Queens * Church Night, Brooklyn * Namaste on Track, Manhattan * Home Audio House Show, Brookly ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 11.3 to 11.9

November 3rd 2017

Friday, November 3 * The Big Weird Comedy Show, Manhattan * Awkward Sex and the City, Manhattan Saturday, November 4 * Sweet Tooth, Manhattan * Momo Crawl, Queens * Dance Film; Deconstructed, Brooklyn * 10th Annual Druid Underground Film Festival, Brooklyn * Fall Festival, Queens * Open Studios at the Monti Building, Brooklyn * Cabaret Law Repeal Party: Dance Outlaws Edition, Brooklyn * Matinee Punk Show and Barbecue, Brooklyn Sunday, November 5 * Big Irv's Storytelling Roadshow, Brooklyn Tuesday, November 7 ...Continue Reading

nonsense 10.27 to 11.2

October 27th 2017

Friday, October 27 * Halloween Party, Brooklyn * Ruffles, or, A Progression of Rakes, Manhattan * Graveyard Swing, Manhattan * Halloween Is David Lynch Night, Brooklyn Saturday, October 28 * North Brooklyn Boat Club’s Haunted Paddle 2017: Cthulhu Canoe, Brooklyn * Bike Kill 14 * Rubulad Proudly Presents: Boo! Brooklyn * The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Masquerade Afterparty, Jersey City * It's Bloody Halloween Again, Brooklyn * US EPA Research-a-Thon: Who Has Agency? Brooklyn * Stranger Things Halloween: Re ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 10.20 to 10.26

October 20th 2017

Friday, October 20 * Dolphin Party VII: Seventh Heaven, Brooklyn * Blackout Comedy Collective, Brooklyn * Landmark Loew's Movie Palace: Many Faces of Horror, Jersey City * Ketamine: The Musical, Brooklyn * Darkroom Party, Brooklyn * The Second Annual Harvest Festival, Brooklyn * Camouflage: A Comedy Show, Brooklyn * Found Footage Festival, Manhattan * Special Tonight, Manhattan * Art School Acid Dropout, Long Island City Saturday, October 21 * Relationship Advice Booth, Manhattan * Arts On Site Performance ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 10.13 to 10.19

October 13th 2017

Friday, October 13 * Honk Harlem, Manhattan * Art in Odd Places 2017: Sense, Manhattan * Friday the 13th Spectacular: Experimental and Alt-Electronic Music, Brooklyn * Friday the 13th Party, Brooklyn * Burning Doors, Manhattan * Spooky Action Play Readings, Edition No. 5: Bender and Brian, Brooklyn Saturday, October 14 * Brasstastic Blow Out, Brooklyn * 7 Exercises in Practical Utopia * Chashama's Annual Open Studios, Brooklyn * Vampire Living Installation, Brooklyn * Church Night, Brooklyn * Castaways Casi ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 9.22 to 9.28

September 22nd 2017

Friday, September 22 * Unter City, Brooklyn * Dreams Really Do Come True: Exhibition by Miss Expanding Universe, Long Island City * Cartoon Carnival No. 59: Remembering Friends, Brooklyn * Epicenter29: Utterly Sublime, Brooklyn Saturday, September 23 * Four: Sci-Fi Drama, Brooklyn * The Arts On Site Performance Party, Manhattan * Bushwick Open Studios, Brooklyn * Landmark Loews Movie Palace, Jersey City * Mayday Starr Anniversary Bash, Brooklyn * Schtick A Pole In It, Manhattan * The Town and the City, Manha ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 9.15 to 9.21

September 15th 2017

Friday, September 15 * All Good Things, Brooklyn * Darkroom, Brooklyn * Art School Acid Dropout, Long Island City * Feeling Gloomy, Brooklyn * Sparkle Zone, Manhattan * Camouflage: A Comedy Show, Brooklyn * Comedy Dance Party at Secret Loft, Manhattan * I'm Smiling Because I'm Uncomfortable Saturday, September 16 * Deep Space, Brooklyn * D20 Burlesque Corrupts Your Childhood, Manhattan * Church Night, Brooklyn * Back to School Party at Secret Loft, Manhattan * R and R, Queens * Basura, Brooklyn * The Van ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 9.8 to 9.14

September 8th 2017

Friday, September 8 * The 17th Annual Coney Island Film Festival, Brooklyn * Frozen Words Hot Air, Brooklyn * Humorgous Smorgousborg, Long Island City * Acro-Cats, Brooklyn * Fauxmosapien: The Afterparty, Queens * Tiny Hornets, or, It Didn't Have to Come to This, Brooklyn * Young, Hot, Sluts: A Matching Making Show for Sexy People, Brooklyn * I'm Smiling Because I'm Uncomfortable * Rockem Sockem Teachers Rock Night, Manhattan Saturday, September 9 * Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: Haphazard Paradig ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 9.1 to 9.7

September 1st 2017

Friday, September 1 * Caveman Play, Queens * Funeral, the Musical (Remembering Thatcher), Brooklyn * Tiny Hornets, or, It Didn't Have to Come to This, Brooklyn Saturday, September 2 * The 10th Annual Coney Island Beard and Moustache Competition, Brooklyn * Filthy Pony, Manhattan * The Heartland Passage Tour, Brooklyn * Interference Archive Annual Block Party, Brooklyn * A Multimedia Performance Art Experience, Brooklyn Sunday, September 3 * Ritual Night, Queens * I.M Lost, Manhattan Monday, September 4 * Lem ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 8.25 to 8.30

August 25th 2017

Friday, August 25 * Tiny Hornets, or, It Didn't Have to Come to This, Brooklyn * Awkward Sex and the City, Brooklyn * The Infinite Wrench, Manhattan * Comedy/Dance Party at Secret Loft, Manhattan Saturday, August 26 * Rock'N'Roller Skate Ball, Queens * Acid Mama Debut at Starvue Loft, Brooklyn * Notice Me Senpai! D20 Burlesuqe's Annual Tribute to Anime, Manhattan * Short Shorts Party, Manhattan * Under Pressure: The Queen and David Bowie Sing-Along, Brooklyn * Landmark Loew's Movie Palace Tour, Jersey City * ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 8.18 to 8.24

August 18th 2017

Friday, August 18 * Razor 5000 by Matty Horrorchata, Brooklyn * A Ribbon About a Bomb * Arc Welding, Manhattan * Art School Acid Dropout, Long Island City * Game Show, Brooklyn * What the Float: Cut to the Floating, Manhattan Saturday, August 19 * Sea Goth Summer, Brooklyn * Summer Love, Brooklyn * Str8 West Coastin, Brooklyn * Dessert Goals: Summer Edition, Brooklyn * Secret Loft Party, Manhattan * DRTY SMMR Backyard BYOB VSOP Barbecue, Brooklyn * Massive Vegan Potluck Picnic, Brooklyn * Feeling Gloomy, ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 8.11 to 8.17

August 11th 2017

Friday, August 11 * Cruel Summer: 80s and 90s Dance Party, Brooklyn * Freedom 2 Live, Brooklyn * Honey Soundsystem, Brooklyn * Bring the City to You I/O, Brooklyn * Comedy and Dance Party at Secret Loft, Manhattan * TV in My Bones, Manhattan Saturday, August 12 * Music Against Mass Incarceration, Brooklyn * Rhythm of Afrika, Manhattan * Comedy Show Fundraiser, Queens * There Is No Spoon: The Matrix, Brooklyn * Maim That Tune: Striptease to the Worst Songs Ever, Brooklyn * Greed Play, Manhattan * Future Tro ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 8.4 to 8.10

August 4th 2017

Friday, August 4 * The Living Stage Summer Festival, Manhattan * Spy Vs. Us: Fifth Annual MoRUS Film Fest, Manhattan * Latex Lucifer, Brooklyn * Journey to the Center of the Moon, Brooklyn * Voix-Des-Villes Edition No. 6, Brooklyn * White Chocolate, Manhattan * The Carry Nation's: Carry On Summer, Queens * That Cartoon Carnival Slapstick Show, Brooklyn Saturday, August 5 * Rubulad Proudly Presents Heat Wave Hopscotch, Brooklyn * Press Play Fair, Brooklyn * Sexy Tramps Presents Super Pumped, Brooklyn * Abrac ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 7.28 to 8.3

July 28th 2017

Friday, July 28 * Computer Music Will Melt Your Face, Brooklyn * Coney Island Cyclone Ride * Cartoon Carnival No. 58: Hot and Cold, Brooklyn Saturday, July 29 * Nicole Richie's 2007 Memorial Day Barbecue: The Exhibition Opening Gala, Brooklyn * Secret Beach Party, Manhattan * Tropical NYC Dub, Brooklyn * Draco's Inferno: All Fire Variety Show, Newark * The Level Party and Groovy Groovy: A Solar Function, Queens * The Appointment, Brooklyn * Hamilton Heights Neighborhood Social, Manhattan Sunday, July 30 * Th ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 7.21 to 7.27

July 21st 2017

Friday, July 21 * Video Jam, Queens * A Spell to Bind Donald Trump and All Those Who Abet Him Museum Mixer, Brooklyn * Just Situations, Brooklyn * Potter in the Park, Manhattan * The Infinite Wrench, Manhattan * The Sickness, Queens * First Trance Party in America, Brooklyn Saturday, July 22 * Red Bastard: Lie With Me, Brooklyn * Defend the Kosciuszko Bridge From Demolition With Wolves and Swords, Long Island City * Encore!: CJ Holm/Brett Evan Solomon/Hannah Kallenbach, Brooklyn * MFTA and Flux Factory Art S ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 7.14 to 7.20

July 14th 2017

Friday, July 14 * What the Float: Summer in the Park, Manhattan * Rural Route Film Festival Opening Night, Queens * Max Power Presents, Queens * Literati: A Comedy Show About Books and the Idiots Who Write Them, Brooklyn * Camouflage: A Comedy Show, Brooklyn Saturday, July 15 * Third Annual Chicken Shit Bingo, Brooklyn * A Gathering For Introverts, Brooklyn * Thirteenth Annual Filmshop Presents Showcase, Brooklyn * Love Hotel, Brooklyn * Rubulad Proudly Presents Revival, Brooklyn * Out in the Streets, Brookl ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 7.7 to 7.13

July 7th 2017

Friday, July 7 * A Contra Dance at Brooklyn Contra With Burnt Turnip and Peter Stix, Brooklyn * The Resurrected Voix-Des-Villes Series No. 5, Brooklyn * The Female Role Model Project, Manhattan * Transplants Comedy Show, Queens * Secret Loft, Manhattan * Nights of the Templar, Brooklyn Saturday, July 8 * Chicken and Beer, Queens * Pushcart Books, Manhattan * The Persistence of Nudity, Brooklyn * Bring Your Own Photo Show, Brooklyn * Living Installation Monkey Cat * Meow Mix Tribute, Music, and Drag, Manhatt ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 6.30 to 7.6

June 30th 2017

Friday, June 30 * Cartoon Carnival No. 57: Ladies' Night, Brooklyn * Failure, Manhattan * Blue and Orange Party, Brooklyn * Game Show Gay Pride Edition, Brooklyn * Triple Threat New York Premiere, Brooklyn Saturday, July 1 * The Airbed Sprints, Kingston * Mono Generation, Brooklyn * Forever Festival, Brooklyn * LPH x Rinsed, Brooklyn Sunday, July 2 * Hoops and Hightops, Brooklyn * Another Country, Brooklyn * Fourth of July * Back Magic Barbecue, Queens Wednesday, July 5 * Punderdome, Brooklyn Thursday, Ju ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 6.23 to 6.29

June 23rd 2017

Friday, June 23 * Cheryl: Pride, Brooklyn * Ova the Rainbow Pride, Brooklyn * Benefit Party for Tiny Hornets, Brooklyn * Magical Girl Burlesque's One-Year Anniversary, Brooklyn * The Works of Atlas K, Manhattan * The Infinite Pride, Manhattan Saturday, June 24 * Waste Machine, Long Island City * Little Creative Class House Warming, Barbecue Party, and Store Opening, Queens * Grow Me a Garden: Seeding a Community Garden District in NYC, Manhattan * Schtick a Pole In It, Manhattan * Harlem Arts Festival Openin ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 6.16 to 6.22

June 16th 2017

Friday, June 16 * Cecile Short Film, Brooklyn * Heart and Mind Festival: Voices of the Earth, Manhattan * Easy to be Hard (Seven / Eleven Pieces), Brooklyn Saturday, June 17 * Mickey Western's Black Powder, Brooklyn * Feeling Gloomy, Brooklyn * Mermaid Parade, Brooklyn * Porch Stomp 2017 * Rinsed, Brooklyn * Easy to be Hard (Seven / Eleven Pieces), Manhatan * Starlight: A Backyard Comedy Experience, Brooklyn * Str8 West Coastin, Brooklyn * Ambient Church, Brooklyn * On Loss and Mice and Monsters and Love ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 6.9 to 6.15

June 9th 2017

Friday, June 9 * Square Dance, Brooklyn * The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, Brooklyn * The Range, Manhattan * Grey Gold: A New Myth of Persephone and Hades, Brooklyn * A Simple Art, Manhattan Saturday, June 10 * Flux-a-Thon, Queens * Sun.Chasm, Queens * Advocate Fundraiser: Summer Jam, Brooklyn * Graffnation, Manhattan * B. B. Brunch, Brooklyn * Seventh Annual Pet Day and Pet Costume Contest, Brooklyn * Corpse Revival Performance Series * Trapped: Uncanny Short Film, Brooklyn ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 6.2 to 6.8

June 2nd 2017

Friday, June 2 * Denihilism, Queens * Transplants Comedy Show, Queens * Landmark Lowes Movie Palace: High School Art and 2001: A Space Odyssey, Jersey City * Blunderland, Brooklyn * Muthur, Brooklyn * Confetti Machine: Realtime Media Festival, Queens * Songs of Go and Pending, Brooklyn Saturday, June 3 * Roadside Attraction, Brooklyn * Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival, Brooklyn * Nights of the Templar, Brooklyn * Creative Solidarity: An Arts Benefit for the RDJ Refugee Shelter, Brooklyn * Home Audio, Brooklyn ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 5.26 to 6.1

May 26th 2017

Friday, May 26 * Trivial Pursuits : Six Course Pie Party, Long Island City * No Walls: Night of Performance and Immigration Rights Fundraiser, Brooklyn * Secret Loft Comedy, Brooklyn * A Night With Rich Medina, Queens * Cartoon Carnival No. 56: Work It, Brooklyn * Meganoke/Isn't Ours/New Firmament/Julia Santoli, Brooklyn * #Fomoparty, Brooklyn Saturday, May 27 * A New Practical Guide to Rhetorical Gesture and Action Book Launch Party and Gallery Show, Manhattan * ZlanZd A Sound a Light Immersion, Queens * Slo ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 5.19 to 5.25

May 19th 2017

Friday, May 19 * Camouflage: A Comedy Show, Brooklyn * Title: A Contra Dance at Brooklyn Contra, featuring Burnt Turnip and Peter Stix, Brooklyn * Radiohole's Super-Fun Exclusive Experimental TV Party, Manhattan * The Goddess Party, Brooklyn * Landmark Loews: Sequels, Jersey City Saturday, May 20 * Queer Bike Ride, Manhattan * The Invisible Wind 7, Brooklyn * Boast Rattle, Brooklyn * Gemini and Scorpio Loft Fifth Anniversary Celebration, Brooklyn * Super Friends Festival, Brooklyn * Board Game and Weird Reco ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 5.12 to 5.18

May 12th 2017

Friday, May 12 * Up at Noon, Bronx * Out in the Zone: 11th Annual NYC Anarchist Art Festival, Manhattan * The Infinite Wrench, Manhattan * Automatic Voter Registration at the Arena, Manhattan * Radiohole's Super-Fun Exclusive Experimental TV Party, Manhattan * How to Kill an Elephant, Manhattan * Check Check Check Law and Order Spec Victims Unit, Brooklyn Saturday, May 13 * Dancing Across Borders: A Benefit for Refugees at Home and Abroad, Manhattan * The Second Annual NY Adventure Club UrbExpo: New York Value ...Continue Reading

nonsense: 5.5 to 5.11

May 5th 2017

Friday, May 5 * Shout Your Abortion: Zine Release and Film Screening, Brooklyn * Mass Part IX, Brooklyn * Organ Farm, Brooklyn * Voix-Des-Villes Series No. 3, Brooklyn * One Big Small Press Block Party, Manhattan * Rebel Women Remember the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Brooklyn * Dolphin Party 6000: Alien vs Predator vs Dolphin, Brooklyn * Eco-Disco: A Transmedia Experience, Queens Saturday, May 6 * Pete’s 119th Annual Derby Day Bash, Brooklyn * Rubulad Presents Freeform Freak Out, Brooklyn * The People’s Garden ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 4.28 to 5.4

April 28th 2017

Friday, April 28 * Error 404, Brooklyn * Containertopia, Brooklyn * Prizmatic, Brooklyn * Those Crazy 20-Somethings Audio Documentary Screening, Manhattan * Pairs 'n' Pears No. 8, Brooklyn * The Museum of Interesting Things: VHS 3D Movie Festival, Brooklyn Saturday, April 29 * Lysistrata: A Staged Reading of Women's Greatest Coup, Manhattan * Postcard Party for Automatic Voter Registration, Manhattan * The Boiler Room vs the Clinic: Kevin Corrigan and Georgie Plek, Queens * Church Night, Brooklyn * This Won' ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 4.21 to 4.27

April 21st 2017

Friday, April 21 * Church NYC: Epicenter24, Brooklyn * Art School Acid Dropout, Queens * A Massive Listening Experiment, Brooklyn * Abun-Dance, Manhattan * Poe: Animated, Manhattan * The Cocktail Experiment, Brooklyn * Queer Abstract: What Do You Have to Lose? Brooklyn * Landmark Loew's Movie Palace: Films of Raymond Chandler, Jersey City Saturday, April 22 * Rubulad Proudly Presents Our Beautiful World, Brooklyn * Non Grata's Scandinavian Performance Summer and Book Release, Brooklyn * Public Art Party, Bro ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 4.14 to 4.20

April 14th 2017

Friday, April 14 * Cartoon Carnival No. 55: Dollars to Donuts, Brooklyn * Camouflage, Brooklyn * Legends of the DJ Booth With Grand Wizzard Theodore, Brooklyn * Earth Day Bike Ride Costume Making Event and Bike Decorating, Manhattan Saturday, April 15 * Subway Party, Manhattan * Feeling Gloomy NYC Presents Miss Mister Gloomy, Brooklyn * ABCirque Presents: Super Cirque Heroes, Brooklyn * The Happening, Long Island City * Indy Dance Party Fundraiser, Brooklyn * Exorcise Titanpointe! Out Demons Out! Manhattan * ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 4.7 to 4.13

April 7th 2017

Friday, April 7 * Ladies First, Brooklyn * Muthur, Brooklyn * The Infinite Wrench, Manhattan * Rebecca's Very Grand, Brooklyn * JunXion and the Chocolate Factory, Brooklyn * Electric Laughs No. 11, Brooklyn * LSL Dynamite Dance Party, Brooklyn Saturday, April 8 * Bushwick Book Club: How to Make White People Laugh, Brooklyn * Collectors’ Night 2017, Manhattan * Love Hangover, Brooklyn * Gods and Goddesses: Dynamic Long Poses, Brooklyn * Rule of 7x7: Spring Edition, Manhattan * Mixed Signals: Techno Shamanis ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 3.31 to 4.6

March 31st 2017

Friday, March 31 * Voix-Des-Villes Series Edition No. 2, Brooklyn * Planetarium, Brooklyn * Coney Island Butoh, Brooklyn * Pre_Release Ceremony, Brooklyn * Candyland With Joey Negro, Brooklyn Saturday, April 1 * April Fools’ Day Parade: Trumpathalon, Manhattan * Damn Dirty Ape: A Planet of the Apes Tribute Art Show, Brooklyn * Ladies First Fest No. 2, Brooklyn * Dies Alone IRL, Brooklyn * Rubulad Ship of Fools, Brooklyn * Big Sky Works, Brooklyn Sunday, April 2 * Monthly Modular Series ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 3.24 to 3.31

March 24th 2017

Friday, March 24 * Realtalk: Creativity for Positive Change, Brooklyn * Strange Times Call for Strangelove: Nostalgic Cold War Paranoia, Jersey City * #Fomoparty, Brooklyn * We Have Always Lived in the Future, Long Island City * Secret Loft, Brooklyn Saturday, March 25 * Night Light, Brooklyn * Fashion Dance Party, Brooklyn * Michael Alan Taxi Driver Drawathon Performance, Brooklyn * Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happy Hour, Brooklyn * Making Known, Manhattan * Rock for Self-Advocacy, Brooklyn * Schtick ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 3.17 to 3.25

March 17th 2017

Friday, March 10 * Technowruz: Iranian New Year Party, Manhattan * The Endless Mobile Beautiful Collapsable Labyrinth, Long Island City * Legends of the DJ Booth, Brooklyn * The Infinite Wrench, Manhattan * De_Format()on, Brooklyn * Making Known, Manhattan * BKC #Resist Show and Print Sale, Brookyn Saturday, March 11 *Dark Before Dawn, Queens * NYC Decades of Dance, Queens * Swing House Eighth Anniversary * Cartoon Carnival No. 54: Prosperity Blues, Brooklyn * Board Game and Weird Record Party, ...Continue Reading

nonsensenyc: 3.10 to 3.16

March 10th 2017

Friday, March 10 * Game Night No. 6: Feminist Politics, Brooklyn * Pool Play 2.0, Manhattan * Time Simply Passes, Manhattan * Freaks Don't Cry, Brooklyn * Sonic Front, Brooklyn * Glamdammit, Brooklyn * Dirty Panties: The Musical, Brooklyn Saturday, March 11 * Banger and Mash, Manhattan * Board Game and Weird Record Party, Manhattan * Rubulad Proudly Presents Ubu-Lad, Brooklyn * Performancy Forum: Biomass/Microbiomes, Brooklyn * The Feminist Tea Party: Political Edition, Manhattan * Michael Alan Silly Sexy C ...Continue Reading