nonsensenyc: 12.12 to 12.18

From: "Jeff Stark" <>
Subject: nonsensenyc: 12.12 to 12.18
Date: December 12th 2014

Friday, December 12
* Dick the Balls, Brooklyn
* Something Different, Brooklyn
* The Xmas Pop Sing-Along, Brooklyn
* Greenwich Series, Manhattan
* Industry Night, Manhattan
* Chaos Cooking Five-Year Anniversary, Brooklyn
* Holiday Circus Cabaret, Williamsburg
* Doodz, Williamsburg
* City of Cities, Manhattan
Saturday, December 13
* Unsilent Night, Manhattan
* Aces and Operatives: Danger Lair, From Moscow With Love, Manhattan
* #ChrisCon, Manhattan
* The Classic Holiday Show on Stage and Screen, Jersey City
* Proteus Gowanus Holiday, Brooklyn
* Secret Project Robot's Holiday Market, Brooklyn
* Force Majeure, Brooklyn
* Ugly Sweater Party, Brooklyn
* Idol Worship, Brooklyn
* Snugs Season's End Celebration, Brooklyn
* Bones, Blood, and Money, Brooklyn
Sunday, December 14
* Commedia dell’Artichoke, Manhattan
* Night Soil, Brooklyn
* Then It All Came Down, Brooklyn
* The Macaulay Culkin Show, Brooklyn
Monday, December 15
* The Christmastown Spectacular, Brooklyn
Tuesday, December 16
* Bushwick Burlesque: A Pocket Full of Dreams, Brooklyn
* Once More at Muchmores, Brooklyn
Wednesday, December 17
* Stand Up For Passion, Manhattan
Thursday, December 18
* Wasabassco's 70s Christmas Carol, Brooklyn
* (No More) Writers Tears Holiday Party, Manhattan
* Mystique Boutique: An Evening of Mind Bending Magic, Enchanting Music, and Other Acts, Brooklyn
* Live Dubbed Sitcoms, Brooklyn
* WordHack VI, Manhattan
* Puppet studio
* The Criminal Class
* Somatic Anatomy
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Chalky rose wallpaper
The Culture Whore and the Carry Nation present:
Dick the Balls
The Culture Whore is an art collective and living magazine known throughout New York City for its immersive, community-gathering, art parties where creation and hedonism are celebrated. They were recently profiled in The Huffington Post’s After Dark series and have produced events like RIOT, Dick the Balls, Hogwartz Rave, Deep Sea, Sideshow, AN1M0RPHS and Satanic Smokeout and have been featured in Paper Magazine, Slate, Gay City News, The Huffington Post, Time Out New York, and Gayletter. Performers and DJs like Cakes Da Killa, TURSI, Big Dipper, A Village Raid, Horrorchata, Bunny Michael, Will Sheridan, Abdu Ali, Juliana Huxtable, Princess Nokia, Macy Rodman, and Richard Kennedy have graced their stages. They also release THE WEEK every Monday, detailing everything happening in NYC’s vibrant queer underground.
The Carry Nation is a NYC based production team comprised Nita Aviance and DJ Will Automagic. Both noted producers and DJs on their own, their collaboration brings to life a unique and singularly exciting modern sound that is both rooted in New York house history and reflective of the new burgeoning underground sound.
291 Vandervoort Avenue, Brooklyn
L train to Grand station
11p-7a; $15 advance, $20 door
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Something Different
Interactive art festival. Something Different is a production team of artists, musicians, and other creatives who host interactive, experience-focused events across New York City. An underground roving nightlife extravaganza. With PJoe’s laser harp performance, Digital Dharma’s live funk jam, and sets by resident DJ Max August and Tuckahoe. Other festivities will include complementary experimental munchies, interactive art installations, a GIF Gallery, and projection mapped dancefloor.
RSVP for address, Brooklyn
L train to Jefferson station
10p-4a; $15-20
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
SecretFormula presents:
The Xmas Pop Sing-Along
Union Hall
702 Union Street, Brooklyn
9:30p; $10
718 638 4400
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Greenwich Series
A new mini-lecture style show coming from London. Having been a success for over a year in London, The Greenwich Series team are coming to New York. At the Greenwich Series, things are done a little differently. Three or four unrelated speakers are given ten minutes to present their story, expertise or whatever it is they are passionate about, with no set theme or topic.
This month will see Max Hellerstein of Push For Pizza discuss running a startup at 19, Ginny Leise talking about life as a horny American college student in Nepal, and Betsy Bober-Polivy from Manhattan Sideways sharing her journey to explore the side streets of the city.
Cornelia St Protégé
29 Cornelia Street, Manhattan
6p doors, 6.30p show; $8
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Industry Night
Jeff Cerulli invites some of his favorites comedians to perform in an intimate venue on a show that has industrial strength. This month features Kevin McCaffrey, Jordan Carlos, Jay Nog, and Neil Charles. Come for the comedy, stay for the DJ-afterparty with dancing.
One and One
76 East 1st Avenue, in the Nexus Lounge, Manhattan
7:30p; $free
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Chaos Cooking Five-Year Anniversary
Five years ago I had an idea to bring my closest friends together, for my birthday, to do some serious cooking, drinking, and socializing. I called it Chaos Cooking. The idea spread and great people joined in. Now we have members in 300 cities and there's been over 500 events around the world in places like the Czech Republic, Philippines, France, Netherlands, China, and New Zealand. The concept is the same and it is still holds the same small community heart. Join 50 others for a participatory cooking extravaganza, like no other.
Everyone brings the ingredients for one dish and then cooks together in one space. All recipes must be finished and space returned to original condition by the end of the event, while everyone is socializing, enjoying drinks and eating tasty dishes. Everyone must prepare something. Everyone must pitch in to help restore the space to its original condition, without being asked. Try not to lose any fingers. Together we cook, we eat, we laugh, we make a mess, we clean it up, and it's beautiful.
RSVP for exact Bushwick location, Brooklyn
7-11:30p; $3-10 donation
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Holiday Circus Cabaret
Hosted by Circus Amok's Jennifer Miller. Starring Elizabeth Munn, Skyz the Limit, Bre Lawson, Sylvie Shames-Dawson, Steven Latham, Molly Chess, Maggie Newald, Emily Hursh, Yechiel Hursarsky, Rebecca Fey Collins, Shipra Saraogi, Tanya Solomon, Candy Twister, Rob Lok, Jamie Lee Smith, Brittany Steffens, Kim Vargas, and Megumi Yamada.
Big Sky Works
29 Wythe Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
8:30p; $20
Continues SATURDAY
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Chris of Hur takes over Macri Park again (and every second Friday) with a soul/punk dance party sprinkled with drag shows all night long. Featured performers this round include Charlene, Lucy Balls, Untitled Queen, Lady Simon, Amber von Toxn, Glace Chase, Patti Spliff, and of course, Chris of Hur herself. Plus to get you stomping we have DJs Marty McSorley and Gringo Starr.
Macri Park
462 Union Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
10p, midnight show; $free
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
City of Cities
City of Cities brings together a rich mix of NYC cultural personalities like WNYC's Brian Lehrer, comedian Hari Kondalobu, Yelena Akhtiorskaya (author of the acclaimed Panic in a Suitcase novel), and performance by American Balkan brass/jazz band, Slavic Soul Party. After-party featuring rum cocktails at the brand-new Van Alen HQ.
The New School John L. Tishman Auditorium
63 Fifth Avenue, Room U100, Manhattan
7:30-10p; $7
212 924 7000
Unsilent Night
A luminous soundscape played by the audience on boomboxes carried through city streets.
Composer Phil Kline will lead a massive chorus of boomboxes from the West Village to the East Village in the 23rd annual holiday presentation of Unsilent Night. People gather at the arch in Washington Square Park, and less than an hour and mile later, end up in Tompkins Square Park.
Phil Kline will hand out a limited number of vintage boomboxes from his collection -- and cassettes and CD’s for those who bring their own. The public is strongly encouraged to bring their own boomboxes or sound-blasters, and to pre-download the track. Find out more about how to participate and download the tracks.
Washington Square, starts at the Arch
8th Street and 5th Avenue, Manhattan
7p start; $free
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Aces and Operatives: Danger Lair, From Moscow With Love
Aces and Ops is the only James Bond 007 inspired role-play group operating in the world. The group has teamed with Moscow 57 to produce a unique evening of role-play, cosplay, music, and social theater. Danger Lair is Aces and Ops' signature theatrical event. Attendees shall find themselves transported into an alternative realm of international intrigue, while also playing a special character. Ultimately, Danger Lair is collaborative interaction that becomes social theater. The connections players forge and the decisions they make help decided the spontaneous, high-stakes outcome. The theme for this evening is classic 1960's Cold War espionage (think a young Sean Connery Bond, Tinker Tailor, and Mad Men). See the ticket page for dress code. Featuring music by Ellen Kaye, Cici James, the DODO Orchestra, plus other special guests. Cinematography by Alvin Caal.
Moscow 57
168 1/2 Delancey Street, Manhattan
7-11:30p; $25 advanced tickets only
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
A Steampunk Venetian ball. When time can only go forward, we develop a tendency to look to the past. Replete with the exotic fares of a bygone era, #ChrisCon will feature contortionists, magicians, and sideshow artists, glass walkers, dance theater performances, and live music all throughout the evening. Costumes are strongly encouraged to add to the festive atmosphere of the evening, but fear not if you come unprepared. Vendors will be available to outfit you (at a price) so that you'll look your best for this fantastical evening.
With Brandon Williams, RJ Williams, Matt Dallow, Miss Em, Charlotte Colmant, Rafael Molina, Lorenzo Pagano, Apathy Angel, Maija Rutkovska, and Serhiy Yarosh. Costumes by Marion Monet. Hattitude by Dorothy Winterman.
East Village Ukranian Restaurant
140 Second Avenue, Manhattan
8p-midnight; $free
646 808 6385]at]
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
The Classic Holiday Show on Stage and Screen
In the glory days of the movie palace, many of the big, downtown theaters would stage Christmas pageants by combining a live stage show with a holiday movie. The show would feature some of the season's most loved music, and since many of those theatres included a big pipe organ, the sound of those concerts was heavenly. And after that glorious sound had finished echoing in the huge auditorium, the stage curtain would open back up, and a great holiday film would shine on the big screen to complete the festive feeling. There are not too many of us around now who have had the pleasure of enjoying such a Move Palace show, but the idea of going downtown to gather in a grand, magical setting with family, friends and even strangers to share in a joyful show celebrating the wonders of the Holiday Season still lives on as a kind of collective memory ... or maybe collective wish.
The Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre continues that grand tradition every Christmastime with the Classic Holiday Show. It begins this year at 6:30p with a live concert of holiday classics performed by Taresa Blunda, Howard Richman, the President's Ensemble of Stevens Institute of Technology, and Bernie Anderson playing the Loew's Wonder Morton Pipe Organ. They'll perform some of the most cherished classics of the season, along with some newer favorites. The concert will end with an audience sing-along, complete with lyrics projected on the Loew's big screen -- another movie palace tradition of yore. Following the concert, one of most beloved holiday movies of all, It's a Wonderful Life will be shown on that big screen. The Landmark Loew’s Jersey is a historic theatre operating as a nonprofit arts center.
Landmark Loew’s Jersey Theatre
54 Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ
201 798 6055
6:30p holiday concert and singalong, 8p movie; $14 adults, $8 kids and seniors for both the concert and movie, $8 movie only
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Proteus Gowanus Holiday
Tired of the crass commercialism of the holiday season, the bright lights, fake snow and grinding cheer? One remedy is to do your shopping down a certain dark, familiar alleyway where you will find original and affordable treasures sold by Proteus Gowanus, bkbx, Hall of Gowanus and Arts Gowanus.
We will serve wine and sell you artist-made books, cards, wrapping paper, handmade knives, ceramics, calendars, jewelry, affordable artwork, books from our Proteus libraries, Gowanus gifts, snow globes that curse, pocket clouds, book pins, carved coins, and tiny library card furniture.
Vendors include Rosaire Appel; Sarah Beaumont; Diane Bertolo; Beatrice Coron; Krista Dragomer; Eggman (Paul Wirhun); Janice Everett; Makale Faber-Cullen; Jane Friedson; Jade Fusco; Chris Hackett; Rob Johnson; Christina Kelly; Rachel Kroh; Kristen Leonard; Robyn Love; Anne-Marie McIntyre; Eva Melas; Lai Montesca; Sarah Nicole Phillips; Purgatory Pie Press; Tani Takagi; James Walsh; and Wilderness of Wish.
543 Union Street, down the alley off Nevins, Brooklyn
12-6p; $free
Also on SUNDAY
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Secret Project Robot's Holiday Market
14th Year. No joke. All Christmas. All rock. Two bands. Special guests. Outdoor Christmas foods. Performance by the Nonshoppers, and the Belenfant Holiday Band, and Santa.
Secret Project Robot
389 Melrose Street, Brooklyn
7-10p; $?
Continues through December 21
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Force Majeure
A monthly vaudeville show, one block from the L train. Mind guaranteed blown. Funny, dangerous, beautiful, erotic, impossible. Real variety. Real skill. This month: Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen, Miss Ekaterina, Hackett, Nelson Lugo, Ivy, Kyle Petersen, Tanya Solomon, and Valentina.
The Cobra Club
6 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn
L train to Jefferson station
8:30p doors, 9p show; $8 advance, $10 door
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Secret Loft and Brooklyn Wildlife present:
Ugly Sweater Party
The craziest Chrismukkah party you will attend this season. Expect mistletoe, libations, reindeer games, fake snow, decorations, and a lot of Holiday Cheer. Leave the grinch at home (unless you will actually wear a Grinch costume). Bring your Christmas bells, your tannenbaum, your evil St. Nick costume, your freaky elf consume, and definitely your ugly sweaters. With Photobooth with Santa. DJs, live music, and some gifts for the most naughty/nice revelers. Holiday punch and eggnog. Ugly sweater contest w/ champagne prize. Live music by Lilly Wolf, Shane MauX, Paco the G Train Bandit, Eunice, and Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky. With DJ Tropic and DJ Unpaid Intern.
Secret Loft
255 McKibbin Street, Brooklyn
9:30p; $5 early, $10 late
21 and over
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Morgan Avenue Underground presents:
Idol Worship
Bow down. From Beyonce to Baphomet, from Jesus to Yezus, Morgan Avenue Underground's next big night will be looking into modern mythology and the pantheons of past and present. With a full line-up of interactive art, performances, and music, we're asking the question: Who do you pray to?
Group exhibition featuring work by Abby Walsh, Lily Hoyda, Lisa Rosenberg, Eric Shorey, Julia Culkin, and Tom Blunt. Performances by Ariel Italic, Josh Martin and his Imaginary Orchestra with Lisa Rosenberg, and VJ/DJ tag team set by Kristen Felicetti and Raul Coto-Batres. Late DJ set by accident report and the warm leatherettes. Photos by Miria-Sabina MacińÖgiewicz. Tarot readings by Abby Walsh. After party dancing, drinking, and debauchery.
Morgan Avenue Underground
55 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn
8p doors, 10p performances; $pay what you can
21 and over
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Snugs Season's End Celebration
With Mary Halvorson solo guitar. Live video light show by B.A. Miale. Dancing with the Lucky Chops Brass Band.
Industry City Distillery
33 35th Street sixth floor, Brooklyn
8p doors; $8
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Bones, Blood, and Money
To celebrate the release of Niina Pollari's new book, Dead Horse, we've gathered a group of artists who know that it's what's on the inside that counts. Inside of what? Inside your body, inside your wallet, inside your brain, inside your house. At the end of the day, it's all just bones, blood and money, and you are just a blood container. Featuring readings/performances by Niina Pollari, Chelsea Hodson, and Monica McClure, music by Ryder Cooley and video by Viktor Luna, David Beck, and Jennet Thomas.
Shoestring Press
663 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn
9p; $free
Frances Black Projects presents:
Commedia dell’Artichoke
Commedia dell’Artichoke is a bi-monthly Off-Off Broadway show created and performed by Carter Gill and Tommy Russell and set under the highline in Chelsea’s Artichoke Pizza. These two actors return to their Commedia roots and create a world of original characters who live and work in a pizza shop in the city. It’s a story about following your dreams, being your own boss and the chaos that must ensue. Accompanied by accordion player, Matt Dallow, with custom masks by Mister Face. Tickets include a slice of famous Artichoke Pizza, and a drink of your choosing. Bring your cousins.
Artichoke Basille’s Pizza
114 10th Avenue, at at 17th Street, Manhattan
9:30p; $30 includes a slice and drink of your choice
Continues MONDAY
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Bunny Michael and Melanie Bonajo present the second installment:
Night Soil
A musical celebration of our sexual psychedelic power uniting the feminine and masculine. With Radical Performance by Narcissister, Shannon Funchess of Light Asylum bottoms, RealRubberBand, People At Parties, Plantess, and Melanie BonajoandBunny Michael. Visuals by Mike and Claire. DJ Michael Beharie. Special Aquatic welcome by Spaship ( Athena Llewellyn Barat and Janika).
Baby's All Right
146 Broadway, Brooklyn
8p; $?
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Then It All Came Down
Then It All Came Down is based on Truman Capote’s interview with Bobby Beausoliel published under the same name. As with its source material it operates as a treatise on the decay of the hippy dream, and of hope in general. Playing with themes of redemption and despair as strings and a haunting female voice rise above ominous drones only to be crushed by monolithic slabs of guitar, drums and anguished screams.
Wrekmeister Harmonies is an experimental metal ensemble, ostensibly hailing from Chicago. Helmed by JR Robinson and featuring an ever revolving cast of supporting musicians including at times members of Einsturzende Neubauten, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Neurosis, Slint and many, many more.
Robinson’s long form compositions explore the nexus of electronic drones, the minimal yet heart wrenching string arrangements of Arvo Part and the crushing, blackened doom of the Chicago underground metal scene that birthed the project.
Signal Gallery
260 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn
8p; $10
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
The Macaulay Culkin Show
Celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Brooklyn's weirdest comedy show. Twelve months of not being issued a cease and desist is cause to celebrate this ho-ho-holiday! (Sorry) Santa will be delivering the gift of laughter to all the little girls and boys of Bushwick with a great list of performers including: Brian McCann, Chris Gethard, Jo Firestone, Josh Rabinowitz, Good Cop Great Cop, Ikechukwu Ufomadu, John F. O'Donnell, and Ana Fabrega.
Shea Stadium
20 Meadow Street, Brooklyn
7p; $5
The Christmastown Spectacular
Not the holiday review you grew up with. An evening of performances, songs, and an elf cookie-eating contest. Featuring Leslie Rogers, John Sinclair, The Boo Boos (Adam Endres and Lizz King), and the Christmastown elves.
Happy Fun Hideaway
1211 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn
10p; $free
Darlinda Just Darlinda and Scary Ben present:
Bushwick Burlesque: A Pocket Full of Dreams
A spectacle of absurdity like no other. Each month we dig deep into the vast dreamland mindscapes that inhabit our slumber to find the weird, wild, raunchy and exuberant filth to showcase to you, because we know you love it. And we love it too.
Rather than taking the easy "gimme" route of theme-ing our December show around Christmas, we have instead chosen to follow a more twisted and abstract theme, one less about Jesus, and recognizing our own desire to see the world through an altered, surreal and amazingly ridiculous lens, we offer it by the pocketful.
Starring: Harvest Moon, Velvet Crayon, Jelly Boy the Clown, Bunny Buxom, Miranda Raven, Franky and the MoMos, and Tiger Bay. Our resident DJ, DJ Johnny Horrible, and of course performing and hosting the show are the Perverse George and Gracie, Scary Ben and Darlinda Just Darlinda. As always we offer superbly curated line-ups designed to highlight the fine line of where absurdist art meets entertainment, meant to confound, titillate, excite and bewilder, with hopes of blowing you (our loving audience) away.
Bizarre Bushwick
12 Jefferson Street, Brooklyn
8p doors, 9p show; $7-20 suggested
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
The Hoover Dam Collective presents:
Once More at Muchmores
We are pumped to be back at Muchmore's, one of our favorite venues, for some mid-December holiday collaborations. Come join us for an evening of music, dance, poetry and comedy. Featuring music by Dustin Carlson, Noelle Tannen and the Filthy No-Nos, and Bad Faces. Dance by Maya Orchin, Holly Heidt, and Megan Bascom and Dancers. Poetry by Carlos Guillermo Gomez Marquez, Daniel Grjonko. Comedy by Nate Waggoner, Alicia Camden, and Garrett Barnes.
2 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn
9p-midnight; $5
Stand Up For Passion
Stand Up for Passion features seven speakers each giving seven minute talks describing their origin story and what inspires them to make an impact in the world. Hosted by Arnaud Collery. Ranging from a variety of backgrounds including an engineer, CEO, researcher, entrepreneur, and even a clown. Speakers include Carrie Severson, Dmitry Koltunov, Gesche Waiyi Haas, Goldin Martinez, Matthew Silver, Patrycja Slawuta, and Silvia Christmann.
AXA Center
787 7th Avenue, Manhattan
7-10p; $20 advance $25 door
$10 discount with code "impact"
Wasabassco's 70s Christmas Carol
Leave a plate of special brownies and a glass of Riunite out for Santa and head over to the Bell House, as Wasabassco heads back to the 70’s with an original re-imagining of Dickens’ beloved holiday classic. It’s the heartwarming and funky tale of miserly nightclub owner Scrooge and the ghostly visitations and spectral stripteases that teach her the true meaning of Christmas: sweet, sweet loving under the disco ball.
The ladies and gentlemen of Wasabassco will haunt you into the holiday spirit, with performances by BooBess, Chris Harder, Dangrrr Doll, Doc Wasabassco, Dolly Debutante, Minnie Tonka, Nasty Canasta, Poison Ivory, Sapphire Jones, Sydni Deveraux, and Tigger.
Bell House
149 7th Street, Brooklyn
7:30p doors, 8p show; $20
***** Also on THURSDAY *****
(No More) Writers Tears Holiday Party
A panel of Big Roundtable authors talking about all that went wrong, and right for them in the past year. You are invited to send us your Writing New Year's Resolutions for 2015. We'll talk about as many as we can in the hope of making those wishes come true. Open Bar, of course.
Projective Space
72 Allen Street, Manhattan
6:30-8p; $20 advance includes open bar, $25 door
***** Also on THURSDAY *****
Gregory Dubin presents:
Mystique Boutique: An Evening of Mind Bending Magic, Enchanting Music, and Other Acts
Don't miss the Mystique Boutique's first foray into Bushwick at a great venue, Kings County Saloon. Hosted by your favorite magician Gregory the Great Dubini Dubin, with the music coming from Matt Dallow and his Mystique Boutique House Band of Gregory Morgan on drums and chanteuse Shannon Turner bringing you the sultry sounds.
The Love Show dancers, as always, will be joining us to bring their sensuous brand of beautifully choreographed dance numbers. Plus, fresh off her pre-holiday performances with Baz Luhrman, this month's special guest is the opera-singing, burlesque-dancing, blow-up doll loving gal with mad booty, Sarah Screams.
Kings County Saloon
1 Knickerbocker Avenue, Brooklyn
L train to Morgan Avenue station
8p; $10
***** Also on THURSDAY *****
Live Dubbed Sitcoms
Notable New York City improvisers live-dub over muted episodes of your favorite 90s sitcoms to create entirely new story lines and horrible new character flaws. This month features episodes from Everybody Loves Raymond and the beloved Rosanne Barr vehicle, Rosanne. Improvisation from Rekha Shankar, Dan Glaser, Cory Palmer, Alexis Pereira, Alexis Rhiannon, Megan Doherty, Nicole Pasquale, Michael Wolf, Evan Altshuler, and Becky Chicoine. Hosted by Jo Firestone.
308 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn
9:30p; $5
***** Also on THURSDAY *****
WordHack VI
WordHack is a monthly evening of performances and talks exploring the intersection of language and technology. Code poetry, digital literature, e-lit, devArt, coders interested in the creative side, writers interested in new forms writing can take, all are welcome here. With John Cayley, Special America, Dominic Pettman, and Merritt Symes. We also have an open projector where anyone can come up and show their work for 5 minutes).
137 West 14th Street, Manhattan
7-9:30p; $5
* The Snow Queen, December 31
What have you been wishing for? Collaborators, grant monies, a new home? Please send brief listings to Alita at We only list available apartments, lofts, studios, and one-off rentals -- not spaces wanted.
***** SPACES *****
* A new imnotlost studio workshop/rehearsal space is in process. As a performance artist and puppeteer I regularly build objects and scenery, which I need with me in rehearsal. Neither art studio nor rehearsal space has been able to serve my needs. Thus, I have created the imnotlost studio where you can rent space month to month as needed for your project! This new 775 square foot space with two walls of windows, a wood floor, slop sink, and internet will be shared by puppeteers and theater artists who have the unique need for both a rehearsal space and a workshop/ storage space in the same location. Read more specifics about my idea of how it can work and see photos at The address is 130 Palmetto Street in Bushwick. It’s near the Gates J train stop and there are two floors of art studios yet to be rented. In fact, the first floor hasn't even been walled up yet. It’s exciting to be getting into the space as it finds its artistic identity. If you're looking for space right now in a long-term way this place has good prices and best of all, we could be neighbors. Let’s start a workshop/ rehearsal revolution! Feel free to send me your two cents on how you would run the space. I want this to be a successful endeavor and as it begins I welcome your input. Contact: studio]at]
Before we had a name the Spectre Event Horizon Group used to meet at a bar to commiserate and trade what our business friends like to call "best practices." Now online, our area of interest remains the ever-fascinating sci-fi present. Our simple intent is an informal trade of specialized investigative research, presented as gossip for the non-specialist. It's true we once were an active email list but at this point everything is searchable and commented upon here: The updates are compiled for Nonsense by J. Sinopoli. Contact]at]
***** The Criminal Class *****
"Once upon a time it was the Sicilian, Russian, or Japanese mob that were the bigger sources of funding for corrupt government officials. So who, in simple numeric terms, is currently the world's biggest organized crime syndicate? The answer, courtesy of a new report showing the transfer of $178 billion in litigation costs into the pockets of government appartchiks in the past 6 years, is clear: Banks. When one is a criminal syndicate, arguably the largest in world history, paying hundreds of billions in litigation kickbacks to the government is just a cost of doing business. There are certain industries which appear more comfortable with -- or, at least, familiar with -- the practice than others. Nearly 60 percent of the foreign bribery cases observed happened in just four sectors: extractive (i.e. mining), construction, transportation and storage, and information and communication. Senior management was aware of, complicit, even instrumental in more than half of the foreign bribery observed.
So when is the U.S. banking system going to crash? Watch the derivatives market. There are now five “too big to fail” banks in the United States that each have more than 40 trillion dollars in exposure to derivatives. Unlike stocks and bonds, these derivatives do not represent “investments” in anything. They can be incredibly complex, but essentially they are just paper wagers about what will happen in the future. The truth is derivatives trading is not so different from betting on football games. Wall Street lobbyists are now trying to secure taxpayer backing for many derivatives trades as part of the current budget required to avert a government shutdown. "Citigroup is holding government funding hostage to ram through its government bailout provision," Elizabeth Warren wrote. Meanwhile, both JPMorgan and Citigroup own massive amounts of bank-owned life insurance (BOLI), a practice that pays the corporation when current or former employees die."
We look for the sort of classes you circled in college course catalogs but never managed to fit into your schedule. And we also look for the kind of things that no college could teach. Cheap and eclectic is the rule, though all rules get broken occasionally, and we especially love workshops, round-tables, and teachers who won't take your work out of your hands and show you how to do it right. One-time listings are categorized weekly, with general recurring classes listed at the end on the first Friday of each month. We thrive on your suggestions, so make sure to tell us about upcoming classes that you think are nifty-keen.
Learning is compiled and edited weekly by Juliana Driever. Please send listing suggestions to learning]at]
Somatic Anatomy
You're more than just muscle and bone. Dancers, Pilates and yoga teachers, fitness instructors and anyone who’s had an injury will love this Somatic Anatomy class that focuses on all the ways our internal organs support movement. You'll learn the structure and function of these internal organs and walk away with exercises you can use immediately. This month: Kidneys/Adrenals (a.k.a. The Holiday Stress Class). What is your relaxation response? How can you activate it any time you need it?
Connecting with your adrenals and kidneys can help you reduce and manage your stress during this very stressful time of year. Come learn the anatomy of how it all works, plus more techniques for relaxation and mental and emotional balance.
Movement Research/Eden's Expressway
537 Broadway, fourth floor, Manhattan
4:30-6:30p; $30 in advance, $40 at the door
Multimedia Storytelling
Brian Storm, founder and executive producer of the award-winning multimedia production studio MediaStorm, will present on digital storytelling and the cinematic narrative. Citing work by MediaStorm which received numerous honors including five Webby Awards, four Emmys, and the first-ever duPont Award for a Web-based production, Storm will emphasize how storytelling continues to evolve as a result of technological innovations and an expanding media universe. The digital age gives filmmakers, documentary photographers and photojournalists extraordinary and unprecedented new ways to tell stories.
With this new ability, you can also exercise a greater level of authorship with your work. How can the long-form, in-depth visual storyteller satisfy both their journalistic and financial needs in this environment? Learn how to disseminate your work to create an impact on the subject, issue and hopefully society.
322 Union Avenue, Brooklyn
7:30p; $20
Bacterial Printing
Developing a unique bacteria printing technique during the time that she worked at Genspace, Sylvia Saborio has created VeeVo, an exclusive assemblage of wall papers tiles using traditional print-making techniques and engineered bacteria.
The first session will be an overview of microbiome and its use in creative ways by both scientists and artists. In this session you will learn how to use bacterial natural pigmentation and engineered bacteria as your new toolkit. After an over-night of bacterial growth you are welcome to return the next day and print your designs on paper, which you will be able to seal and take home. This workshop is open for people of all ages, backgrounds, and skill level in biotech practices.
33 Flatbush Avenue, fifth floor, Brooklyn
3-5p; $25
***** LEARNING: MONDAY *****
Nude Dude
An introductory drawing workshop covering composition, contour, line variation, and shading featuring a nude model. Learn the basic rules of life-drawing and the importance of breaking them.
37 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn
7-9p; $free
RSVP required: aimee]at]
Decentralized Autonomous Society
The transformative economic and political potential of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency 2.0 technologies like Ethereum has been much bruited about. To some advocates, Bitcoin and its progeny promise the fruition of a long-held crypto-anarchist dream: a decentralized future society with opt-in, modular power structures, guaranteed by code that cannot be corrupted. Yet even these the technical basis of these technologies—the cryptographic database called the blockchain, which enables new forms of decentralized consensus—remains poorly understood, making it difficult for a broad public to assess their significance.
Swiss Institute
18 Wooster Street, Manhattan
7p; $free
RSVP: rsvp]at]
Documentary Editing Process
It's often said that documentaries find their story in the cutting room, but how exactly does the editor approach hundreds of hours of material and begin to tease out story lines and character arcs? In this exciting master class, David Teague will share his unique insights and methods, from nuts and bolts tips to the fundamentals of constructing narratives and developing characters.
87 Lafayette Street, Manhattan
7p; $20
What does the MTA subway map show? What does it not show? What couldn’t it show? Why do city planners make maps anyway? And why do experts give tours? In this course hosted by SCAT, we'll explore ''counter-tourism.'' We'll crash-practice different ways of place-based storytelling -- oral history, theater of the oppressed, writing on walls, talking back, story circling, one-on-one organizing -- and discuss how people from all over the map use them to build intergenerational connections and community power.
If you were giving a counter-tour of Gowanus, or New York, or a transnational community in New York, or any place, what would it look like? Would you want to give a counter-tour, or something else? After playing games, talking, skill-sharing, and snooping around the Archive and the neighborhood, participants will walk away with practical tools for building a counter-tour or conducting a counter-tourism course in their own space. Facilitated by James Cersonsky.
Interference Archive
131 8th Street, Brooklyn
6:30-8:30p; $free?
RSVP: classes]at]
Nietzsche and Bad Feminism: Belong to No One
In this five-week seminar, we will try to do the impossible, find a place for Nietzsche within feminism. Specifically, we will subvert his indefensible misogyny with his concept the will to power. We will ask whether there can be a bad feminism, that is, an immoral feminism, a feminism that approaches its demands beyond good and evil, through action instead of reaction? Luce Irigaray's book Marine Lover of Friedrich Nietzsche will serve as the centerpiece for a discussion of these themes. A disillusioned student of Lacanian psychoanalysis, Irigaray accuses Nietzsche of fearing the sea, a metaphor she employs to describe and inscribe the myriad foldings of female subjectivity. Though she is often accused of essentialism by Third Wave feminists, we will defend Irigaray's desire to carve out a legitimate symbolism for ''woman,'' while observing how she uses Nietzsche's own ''logic'' against him. Her ''hard love'' for Nietzsche will provide a lens through which to look at the many tracks of feminism (cyberfeminism, sex positive feminism, radical feminism, etc.), and offer glimpses of a power or privilege beyond that imbedded in the stupid, rationalist dreams of masculine hegemony.
7:30-9:30p; $20 suggested donation
RSVP for location: belongtono1]at]
Moving Objects
Manipulating puppets requires an understanding not only of how a puppet moves, but how you the performer move in service to that puppet. Find your vertical core, drop your weight and be ready to move in this movement workshop for puppeteers. With simple objects, we'll discover the basic elements of rhythm, dynamics and breath to transform anything into a puppet. You'll use your limbs in partnership with one another as opposed to as one block. You'll become a more powerful and centered performer onstage, able to direct audience focus to either your puppet or yourself.
Imnotlost Studio
130 Palmetto Street, Brooklyn
January 3 and 4, 2-6p; $50 per session
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