nonsensenyc: 7.18 to 7.24

From: "Jeff Stark" <>
Subject: nonsensenyc: 7.18 to 7.24
Date: July 18th 2014

Friday, July 18
* Treasure Chest Summer Circus Cabaret, Manhattan
* Jackpot Loft Series no. 5, Brooklyn
* Look Away, Look Away, Queens
* A Midsummer Night's Dream, Mahattan
* Come Out and Play Festival 2014
* The King and Queen of Pop Sing-Along: MJ and Madonna, Brooklyn
* TV on the Fritz, Williamsburg
* Puppies Hold Hands Guerilla Concert, Williamsburg
* Time's Up Coney Island Cyclone Ride, Brooklyn
* Blogologues: Welcome to the Jungle, Manhattan
Saturday, July 19
* This Is Balloonacy, Brooklyn
* Atlantis: Cosmic Parlour, Manhattan
* Pete's Mini Zine Fest, Williamsburg
* Hey Queen! Presents: Sparklez in a Halfshell, A Cancerian Evolution, Brooklyn
* NYC Trust: Record Label Showcase, Brooklyn
* Rebel Night and Dances of Vice Present: Hula Rock, Brooklyn
* Cartoon Carnival No. 27: Bugs and Spiders, Brooklyn
* Feeling Gloomy Cares About the 80s, Williamsburg
* The Bunker Limited, Brooklyn
* Bushwick Beach Party, Brooklyn
* Spoons, Toons, and Booze After Dark, Williamsburg
Sunday, July 20
* Grub Community Dinner, Brooklyn
* Presentation Party Night, Brooklyn
Monday, July 21
* Fourth Show and Show Show, Williamsburg
Tuesday, July 22
* At Risk, Yarn and You, and All Your Doctors, Manhattan
* Urban Crickets: Big City Stories, Manhattan
Wednesday, July 23
* Show and Tell: Scars, Tats, and Piercings, Manhattan
Thursday, July 24
* Reformed Whores Present Cirque du Ho-Leil, Manhattan
* Ombra, Manhattan
* Electric Bacteria
* Volunteers needed
Free Summer Stuff
* Ghostbusters
* Paper Boat Workshop
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Shadowy figures.
Treasure Chest Summer Circus Cabaret
Flying Fish, acrobatic pirates, juggling octopi, bathing beauties, bearded mermaids, swinging sea urchins, and singing phantom ships. Friday hosted by Trixie and Monkey, Saturday hosted by Jennifer Miller. Starring Lisa Natoli, Elizabeth Munn, Erin Elsham, Joan Puchalski, Eva Murphy, Maggie Newald, Steve Latham, Maryam Washington, Cindy Abramson, Sarah Waggener, Kimberly Vargas, Ivy Knipe, Hanna Mandelbaum, Jamie Lee Smith, Amazing Amy, Tanya Solomon, and Bre Lawson.
Big Sky Works
29 Wythe Avenue, Manhattan
Continues SATURDAY
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Jackpot Loft Series no. 5
DJs all night. Live and direct: The Frightnrs. Alongside (mostly) vinyl DJs 100dbs and Ticklah, Mobile Monday residents Operator EMZ and Natasha Diggs, plus bonus beats by Small Change.
Gemini and Scorpio Loft Space
RSVP for address, Gowanus, Brooklyn
10p doors, 11p live set; $10
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Playing with Reality presents:
Look Away, Look Away
Playing with Reality presents Look Away, Look Away, conceived and directed by company member Trevor Buteau and starring BJ Burbridge, Jenn Kent, aLyssa Kim, and Noel Salter. Taboo. Private. Secret. Forbidden. Disgusting. Magical. They make us feel excited, unsafe, aroused, terrified, mystified, and paralyzed. From the sacred to the profane, the ugly to the beautiful, there are so many things in life we aren’t supposed to look at. Come look at (and play with) a few of them at the latest work presented by New York’s premiere interactive performance ensemble.
Interactive performance so immersive, you may just forget it is make-believe. Here is your chance to play with highly skilled inter-actors and co-create the story. Or, just sit back and enjoy.
We will never select you against your will. If you choose to play, you get to engage however you want. You are free to play as yourself or as someone entirely different, making choices no one would recognize as your own. There is no judgment or critique of your acting ability. This is simply a chance to co-create the story and play it to the hilt. This one-of-a-kind experience is waiting for you. Jump in with us and play.
The Secret Theatre
44-02 23rd Street, Long Island City, Queens
10:30p; $12
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Quirky Productions was founded to connect displaced twentysomethings to plays in a modernized now. We have transported the lovers to Park Slope, the mechanicals to Hipster Williamsburg, and the fairies to the party-rave underground. We are very excited about this production as we feel it has shed new light on these classic characters. For instance: Puck is a drug dealer, Demetrius is a cocaine addict, and Robin Starveling is a performance artist. This is not a typical Midsummer, and we want the people in New York City to know about it.
First Street Green Park
1st Street between 1st and 2nd avenues, Manhattan
7p; $free
Continues SATURDAY and SUNDAY, as well as July 25, 26, 27
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Come Out and Play Festival 2014
An annual festival of new street games and field sports. We bring play back to the streets. Check website for complete listings.
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Secret Formula presents:
The King and Queen of Pop Sing-Along: MJ and Madonna
Before there were Timberlake and Beyonce there were Michael Jackson and Madonna. Join us for a Sing-Along of all your favorite MJ and Madonna music videos with all the lyrics on screen for you and the whole crowd to sing along with together. No microphones and no waiting your turn to sing. Over two hours of nonstop dance your ass off hits. Plus, we'll throw in some of our favorite music video hits from the Prince and Princess of pop, Justin Timberlake and Beyonce. Featuring: Michael Jackson and Madonna costume contests, MJ dance-off and Madonna vogue-off competitions. Theme drinks.
Union Hall
702 Union Street, Brooklyn
9:30p; $10
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
HiChristina! presents:
TV on the Fritz
Premiere and tomato-throwing extravaganza with marshmallow dancers from the audience. This is the one night it's okay to throw tomatoes. It's OK to wear the clothing provided. And it's OK to shout during the shouting film, makeout during the make-out film, and just watch during any of the other bizarre, fun(ny) short "films."
If the mantra of normal TV is to distract and entertain, TV on the Fritz is transform and backflip. Slip into a talkshow that takes place entirely in a bubble bath, press pause on commercials for concepts, and then suddenly kick up your feet for an old fashioned story-driven daytime drama in extreme closeup. There are dreamtime tours and snacks for the subconscious and each piece is five minutes or less. It's faster, leaner, spleener TV than you've ever seen before on a thing near you.
Brought to you by HiChristina. Plus a special guest performance by the Amazing underwear on-the-outside Matthew Silver. Other TV on the Fritz appearing artists include: Kae Burke, Arin Crumley, Launa Eddy, Matt Hyams, Lauren Silberman, Jason Trachtenburg, and Keats.
308 Bedford Avenue, at South 1st Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L train to Bedford, JMZ to Marcy
10p; $free
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Puppies Hold Hands Guerilla Concert
Puppies Hold Hands is a duo series (or trio series) of performance-art-avant-music-strangeness-we-don't-really-know-how-to-describe-it that matches different talented weirdoes to each other, sometimes in sonic competition, sometimes in sonic convergence. Preferably in odd locations. At this show, the plans are already going awry and there may be an addition of even more other artsy maniacs to confound you or make you smile. (We wish we could make you cry but we aren't that good yet.)
Accordion Versus Guitar is the Main Act tonite. Accordion will be presented by the mad keyboard scientist Jonathan Wood Vincent, while the guitar will be presented by Pierre Bouquet of noise-puppet act Debris Bouquet, who played this outdoor spot last week. There is also a rumor that Battlescar Prophylactica will do a set of whatthefuckisthat? The concert will be in the center of the giant asphalt basketball court.
Bedford and North 12th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
1a sharp, 20 minutes long; $free, BYO
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Time's Up Coney Island Cyclone Ride
This relaxed-pace ride goes from Manhattan to Brooklyn’s Coney Island Amusement Park, arriving just in time for fireworks! Bring locks and money as we plan to dine, ride the rides and possibly hit the waves. Return on the subway and/or ride back in informal groups. Rain cancels the ride.
Meet at the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge
Southwest corner of Chambers and Centre, Manhattan
7p; $free
Meet at the Carroll Street Drawbridge
Carroll Street, between Nevins and Bond, Brooklyn
7:40p; $free
Meet at the 69th Street Pier, Brooklyn
8p; $free
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Blogologues: Welcome to the Jungle
Blogologues is an hour-long sketch comedy show in which the internet is performed completely verbatim, with a new theme for each production. For our summer, animal-themed production, we'll be bringing to life Donald and Daisy Duck fan fiction, stories about men who think they’re lady lizards, furry cruises, animal tail butt plugs, and other outrageous stories from the depths of the world wide web.
The Cow
21-A Clinton Street, Manhattan
9p; $20 online, $25 door
Continues SATURDAY
The Balloonatics present:
This Is Balloonacy
A federal state of Balloonacy will be declared on Rogers Avenue and it just might be the most fun ever. Here's the deal: 2,000 LED-Filled Balloons. One room. No cover. Popping DJs including Space Jam and Squidelephant. Unlimited joy.
Mister Rogers
231 Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Atlantis: Cosmic Parlour
Dear friends, burners and sleepwalkers: Join us in our beautiful family townhouse in Manhattan for an intimate night of dancing and dreaming.
Victorian deep house and playa tech all night by Antoine Karl and the Woofgang, KInner. Expect a great soundsystem, lasers and disco lights as always.
RSVP for address of a secret townhouse in the East 30s, Manhattan
10:30p-late; $free before 1a with RSVP, $20 afterward
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Pete's Mini Zine Fest
The longest running zine fest in Brooklyn. Come by and check out our superawesomefantastic zinesters, comic artists, and publishers. With Andria Alefhi, Barnard Zine Library, Ken Bausert, Anna Jo Beck, Booklyn Inc., Rachel Burkot, Marguerite Dabaie (A Voyage to Panjikant), Displaced Snail Publications (Joseph Carlough), Alisa Harris (Urban Nomad), Katie Haegele (The La-La Theory), Mindy Indy (The Lucky Penny), Adam J. Kurtz (Home-Brew), Sara Lindo (The Seeing-Eye Cat), Tim Nicholas and Annie Soga (Studium/Punctum shop), Morgan Pielli (Indestructible Universe), Purgatory Pie Press (Esther Smith), Rabid Rabbit (C. M. Butzer), Research and Destroy New York City, Bill Roundy (Bar Scrawl), Steve Seck (Monday Saddies), Teylor Smirl (Flightless Birds), So What? Press (Dave Kelly), and Mark Z-Man (It’s Raining Cats and Dogs).
Pete's Candy Store
708 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
2-7p; $free
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Hey Queen! Presents: Sparklez in a Halfshell, A Cancerian Evolution
Plato once said that the contemplation of physical beauty allowed the mind to better understand spiritual beauty. So, looking at Venus, the most beautiful of goddesses, might at first raise a physical response in viewers which then lifted their minds towards the Creator. Venus, an earthly goddess who aroused humans to physical love, she was also a heavenly goddess who inspired intellectual love in them. A power so profound it was said that when 15th century viewers looked at Botticelli's painting the Birth of Venus they would feel their minds lifted to the realm of divine love.
In this installment of Hey Queen! we're doing the Cancerian Evolution and celebrating all our summer babies. Join us in moving to a state of divine love, idealism, creativity and care. So come out of your shells, you're in high demand.
Queen of honor: Sparklez. DJs Fucci, D'hana. Dancers: Melonie and Tootles. Photography: Sam Polcer.
622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn
10p-4a; $5 before midnight, $7 after
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
NYC Trust: Record Label Showcase
Brooklyn homegrown DJ and label aficionado Eric Banta brings his crew to Bushwick tonight for the Names You Can Trust record label showcase. NYCTrust's DJs are some of the most discerning selectors around playing monster sets of 45s that will dance you around the world in single night, twice.
RSVP for location, Brooklyn
10p-5a; $free before 11p, $10 after
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Rebel Night and Dances of Vice Present: Hula Rock
Rebel Night and Dances of Vice are teaming up to bring you Hula Rock, an unforgettable vintage Hawaiian and tiki themed evening of live surf bands, rocking DJs, burlesque, and go-go dancing.
Enjoy Japanese barbecue, an outdoor vintage car and hot rod show, Hawaiian themed photo booth, limbo contest ($100 cash prize), and tiki drink specials all night.
SRB Brooklyn
177 Second Ave, Brooklyn
7p-3a; $12 advance with promo code DOV, $20 doors
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Cartoon Carnival No. 27: Bugs and Spiders
Folks, it's time for Tom Stathes' hand-selected a group of rare 16mm cartoons (no digital) from the 1910s thru the 1940s for your sensory enchantment. It's also the first Cartoon Carnival in Williamsburg's awesome Standard Toykraft, and this time we're focusing on our summertime friends, insects. Through cartoon visions of the past, we'll see that spiders, ants, butterflies, caterpillars and their creepy crawly comrades have enough of their own trials and tribulations to deal with before we humans start interfering. Leave the bug spray at home, too ... it's bad for archival films. Refreshments will be available from Toykraft.
Tom Stathes is a Cartoon Cryptozoologist, with a rare film print collection comprised of over 1,000 shorts. Tom's long term goal has been to acquire and preserve as many early animated films as possible and reintroduce them to the public.
Standard Toykraft
722 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn
7:30p doors; $10
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Feeling Gloomy Cares About the 80s
The party that brings a tear to your eye. Dramatic readings of 80s lyrics as teenage poetry (because they are, dammit). Special guest DJ Michael Grace Jr. Wear an 80s band shirt and get in for less. It's like inflation never happened. Your favorite depressed DJs Gordon and Nathaniel Gloom playing armloads of the best and saddest synthpop, new wave, cold wave, and post-punk from and inspired by the 80s, plus all your favorite anglophilic, gloomy faves. Dress to depress.
Grand Victory
245 Grand Street, between Driggs and Roebling, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
11p-4a; $6 door, $4 if wearing an 80s band shirt
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Beyond Booking and Trans Pecos present:
The Bunker Limited
As the Bunker continues to grow significantly, many of you have expressed a desire to turn back the clock to the good ole days when the party was weekly at subTonic for 100 people or so. We miss those days as well, so in 2011 we launched a new series of events called The Bunker Limited. For The Bunker Limited, we bring a ridiculous sound system into a very small space, and limit attendance to 150. Last year we said goodbye to Public Assembly and the small loft space above it that housed The Bunker Limited. In 2014 we relaunched The Bunker Limited in a new art space we could not be more excited to be a part of, Trans Pecos. There will be no guestlist for The Bunker Limited, the only way we can pull this off in a space this small is if everyone pays. The sets at these events are not recorded, and absolutely no photography is allowed inside. With Objekt, Leisure Muffin, Zemi17, and Bryan Kasenic.
Trans Pecos
915 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn
10p-6a; $15 early bird
all ages
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Bushwick Beach Party
Join Secret Loft and Brooklyn Wildlife for a tropical getaway. Witness live performances of new material from Brooklyn's freshest indie artists, featuring the release of Tom Charles's new EP.
Expect: Swimsuits, floral patterned shirts, bikinis, sarongs, whatever is your beach attire. Umbrella drinks. Preceding and following the live performance portion of the night, enjoy DJ's playing dance and tropical-inspired tunes. Live music: Tom Charles, Shane MauX, Lilly Wolf, the Offlift, and Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky.
Secret Loft
255 McKibbin Street, Brooklyn
9p doors; $5 early, $10 late, $free until 9:30p
21 and over
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Secret Formula presents:
Spoons, Toons, and Booze After Dark
Do you miss your childhood Saturday mornings of waking up early to gorge on cereal and cartoons? If so, Secret Formula has the ultimate brunch for the kid in you: Spoons, Toons, and Booze. We’ve got all your favorite Saturday morning cartoons, delicious cocktails and a free all you can eat sugar cereal bar, not to mention Nitehawk Cinema’s excellent brunch menu.
This month Spoons, Toons, and Booze has been left home alone so we’re staying up late to watch the cartoons past our bedtime that our parents don’t want us to watch. In addition to our normal menu of Saturday morning (and weekday afternoon) cartoon series we’re adding a special menu of prime time and late night cartoons from the 1970s through present day that are all aimed at a more adult and teen audience. You’re definitely going to want to leave the kids at home for this one.
Nitehawk Cinema
136 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
11:45a; $16
Continues SUNDAY
Grub Community Dinner
A freegan meal that aims to bring people together and build community interested in sharing and addressing the issue of waste. All participants are expected to contribute, so feel free to come early, help out, and get to know people. We need help gathering, cooking and preparing food for Grub (culinary skills are appreciated but not necessarily required). Volunteers are welcome to bring vegetarian (freegan and vegan is preferred) food and make their own dishes or help out with the preparation in general. Please go out of your way to talk to strangers and to welcome new people. That's why we're here.
We can serve approximately 40 people, so it's first come first serve. There will be plates for vegans and vegetarians alike. About 99 percent of the food we share is freegan, which means it is excess, ripe, nearly ripe, or slightly damaged food that has been recovered from the waste of grocery stores. Most importantly Grub is about building and nurturing stronger and more supportive communities.
21 Clinton Avenue, second floor, Brooklyn
7-10p dinner, 3:30p food prep; $free
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Presentation Party Night
Presentation Party Night is a free monthly party and lecture series. The evening will consist of six short presentations on any topic followed by Questions and Answers, with free food and beer while it lasts. Potluck and BYOB. Topics this month: Melons of Summer, Slowness, the City Camper, and Beer Sustainability.
Bat Haus
279 Starr Street, Brooklyn
7p doors, 8p presentations; $free
Fourth Show and Show Show
Anything from a standup comedian to a circus performer and also maybe some weird guy we found performing on the subway. Point being, at the Show and Show Show, we're gonna show you something awesome at an awesome space and it's gonna be funny. This month we have Tim Racine, Jeff Seal, Lizzie Martinez, Calvin Cato, Camille Harris, Tanisha Long, Becky Yamamato, and your host Joe Schiappa.
Cloud City
85 North 1st Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
8:30p doors, 9p show; $5
At Risk, Yarn and You, and All Your Doctors
A split bill of missing queer histories. Please join us for an investigation of queer histories and trauma, told through dance, theater, poetry, and PowerPoint. Three longtime collaborators are coming together to bring you three raw, relevant works, all in a single evening.
Yarn and You is a powerpoint disaster in search of a cozy queer history. Julia is an isolated perfectionist painstakingly crafting a feminist history of yarn. Employing the tools of yarn theory, denial, and domesticized bondage (knitting), Julia and her special friend Yarny unravel one another’s underbellies to find translucent unison movement, unspun cotton, and baggage.
Darkly comedic and breathtakingly intense, At Risk is an uncomfortably honest exploration of how internal and institutional homophobia subvert intimacy between gay men. The piece challenges how people are defined by their sexual behavior, and hopes to start a conversation about things that often go unsaid.
All Your Doctors is a person’s life, through the lens of all of their doctors, condensed into about five minutes. The piece comments on the fragile, intimate relationships that can form between doctor and patient -- and explores a patient’s wish to switch places.
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie Street, Manhattan
7:30p; $15
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
Urban Crickets: Big City Stories
Urban Crickets: Big City Stories is a monthly showcase where different kinds of performers reflect on urban life through whatever creative means necessary. People mostly tell stories, but some sing songs, recite poems, make jokes, philosophize, talk shit, etc. It's basically show-and-tell for grown-ups.
Who tells stories at Urban Crickets? Writers, comics, musicians, poets, business owners, bartenders, doctors, activists, students, investment bankers, and on and on--really anybody who likes attention and has something to say. It's about creating a space that's cool for people of all identities to share. Storytellers include Mara Wilson, Feminista Jones, Alison Leiby, Amini Fonua, Sonia Carrion, and Mary Cait Gilson.
Old Man Hustle
39 Essex Street, Manhattan
8:30p; $free
Show and Tell: Scars, Tats, and Piercings
Join me for an evening of telling the stories etched into our skins. Many of us are physically changed. Some by our own design (to commemorate that new found love; to forget that painful break-up; to show the world your allegiance to an author, a musician, a way of thinking). Some by our own run-in with an accident or mistake (like that time you had the situation with that car window). And some by our need to just change. With these changes come stories. Come show us your life story etched into your skin. Of course you are welcome to simply come to look and listen.
Madame X
94 West Houston Street, near Thompson, Manhattan
6:30-8:30p; $?
Reformed Whores Present Cirque du Ho-Leil
If Tenacious D and Dolly Parton got drunk and had a baby it would be musical comedy duo Reformed Whores. Southern bred, but NYC based, Marie and Katy invite you to a night of entertainment that will make you want to quit your day job and join the circus. Special guests include host Bastard Keith, Jenny Rocha and Her Painted Ladies, ventriloquist Carla Rhodes, and champion trick roper Chris McDaniel.
Union Hall
702 Union Street, Brooklyn
7:30p doors, 8p show; $10
***** Also on THURSDAY *****
Drawing from Plato's Allegory of the Cave and Butoh, Ombra is an ambiguously funny, ominous, immersive, multimedia dance performance embedded within a 90s dance party. The main stage of Dixon Place will be turned into an alternate world to be explored freely, one filled with nostalgia and dread, apocalypse and euphoria, where anything can happen. Featuring site-specific movement, dance hits and live electronic music.
Dixon Place
161 Crystie Street, Manhattan
7:30p; $12 advance, $15 door, $10 students and seniors
* Out in the Streets Festival, July 26-27
* Flux's 20th Anniversary Extravaganza, August 1-17
What have you been wishing for? Collaborators, grant monies, a new home? Please send brief listings to Alita at We only list available apartments, lofts, studios, and one-off rentals -- not spaces wanted.
***** ARTY STUFF *****
* House of Yes needs labor to build its new home.
* Crafty Contraceptives: In a 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that Hobby Lobby could deny workers access to certain kinds of birth control. That means up to 13,000 workers at the large chain are suddenly on their own. On the upside, employees still get a 15 percent store discount. In true DIY spirit, we decided to help Hobby Lobby’s crafty employees help themselves. Last week we broke out the Bedazzler and got busy. And now, in solidarity with our crafty sisters at Hobby Lobby, we're sharing some of our do-it-yourself birth control options. Crafting isn't just about glitter and googly eyes. It's about community. We’re looking for crafted birth control methods to add to our site. Craft a version of your favorite birth control and send it to us at one of the following places: Instagram: crafty_contraceptives. Twitter: CraftContracept. Email: craftycontraceptives(at) Tumblr:, #hobbylobbyfamilyplannin g.
* Flux Factory seeks a new Part-Time Administrator. See:
* Beauty in Transition is an artist project by A Blade of Grass Fellow Jody Wood that establishes a mobile beauty salon serving homeless shelters in Brooklyn and Manhattan. As a volunteer with Beauty in Transition, you will work with homeless clients, shelter staff members, and hair stylists to help create an engaging new service that unravels social stigmas and offers hope and self-esteem to hundreds of homeless individuals. Become a short-term Skilled Volunteer (flexible schedule): Applicants may work with the artist to create their own flexible volunteer position. Short-term volunteers are needed to help with graphic design, event planning, researching, coordinating services, helping set-up and break down the mobile salon, driving and parking the mobile unit, shelter liaisons, publicizing and writing press releases, updating our web presence, and finding creative ways to envision an end to homelessness. Email jody.c.wood(at) with your resume and the subject l ine VOLUNTEER. If you are a hair stylist or cosmetologist and want to volunteer with BIT, write to jody.c.wood(at) with STYLIST in the subject line. We are also looking for off-street parking for night use.
* The Theoretical Show: Recently an intelligent show, scheduled at EFA Project Space for late 2014, unexpectedly fell through. Perhaps this show was only ever meant to be theoretical -- not an exhibition with objects. We decided to take this opportunity to think about the relationship between exhibition spaces, curators, and artists, and to consider what exactly it is that we do, as one of many nonprofit spaces in New York that facilitates exhibition-making. As a way of thinking about these roles and their implications, we are opening our doors to all aspiring and working curators through an open call for the most outrageous, audacious, impossible exhibition proposals imaginable. Please send us proposals for shows regardless of practical limitations -- submissions may include any number of artists alive or dead (or none at all), use any locations on this planet (or off), and assume a budget that is limitless. An esteemed jury -- Larissa Harris, curator, Queens Museum of Art; Naima J. Keith, assistant curator, the Studio Museum in Harlem; Prem Krishnamurthy, director & curator, P!, and founding principal, Project Project; and David Senior, bibliographer, Museum of Modern Art Library -- will evaluate the proposals and select the most outrageous and wonderful to be presented as gallery-ready objects, developed in consultation with the jurors and our staff. The only stipulations are that proposals should be no longer than 500 words and must in some way respond to the following terms and phrases (suggested by our jury): Small is beautiful. Flipped on its side. Turned over. Piranesian. Speculative. All of the proposals, excepting those with content that is deemed offensive, cruel, or inappropriate, will be printed and placed on view in the EFA Project Space gallery for visitors to read. Please join us in creating The Theoretical Show, a show of exhibitions that could happen only in our dreams. Deadline for proposals: September 1, 2014. Dates of Exhibition: November 14–December 20, 2014 Send proposals to projectspace]at] with the subject line: theoretical show. Inline email only; no attachments please.
* Figment Minigolf Kiosk Volunteers Needed: Do you like to venture out to Governor's Island with a purpose? Enjoy the sounds of cicadas and grasshoppers backed by a ringing buoy? Like to see many happy faces as you hand them a brightly colored golf putter? If so, please come volunteer at the Figment Minigolf Kiosk on weekends this summer! As you may know, Figment is an arts organization that relies solely on volunteers, from artists to producers, and from fundraisers to support staff. There are no corporate sponsors of any kind to bring free, accessible art to the public. Part of Figment is the season-long exhibit currently in place out on Governor's Island. It includes a treehouse, sculpture garden, architectural pavilion, and a ten-hole minigolf course. All of these season-long exhibits are made by volunteer artists. As one of the major draws to the island, we desperately need your help to keep it open to the public. For further details, please email: yungoh]at ]
* De-Construkt Projekts in Brooklyn, a mobile space for creation and innovation, is looking for unwanted canvases for a project titled Recycled Vol. II NYC by painter Viktor Valášek, our artist in residence from Czech Republic. He recycles and repurposes canvases, that is the basis of his new work and the donor of the canvas is incorporated into the work. The catch is that we need you to make this project work! If you have a canvas you are just not that into anymore -hidden away in that closet take it out and email me at projekts]at] and we can arrange a time to drop off/pick up the canvas and meet Viktor.
* Collaborators for 80s themed subway event: I'm looking for collaborators to plan and execute an 80's themed party on the subway in mid August. I need artists, performers, and creative risk takers to get on board. No money, no sponsorship. This is a one night only event that is part of a larger series I am launching called A New York Project. If this sounds like fun, email me at aNewYorkproject]at] And of course, if you know someone who loves the 80s, New York or guerilla style theatre, send this along to them.
* The Center for the Holographic Artists, which currently occupies House 4B in Nolan Park on Governors Island, is looking for projection artists to create installations for their summer exhibition, Parallax. Parallax is a term used to describe the appearance of an object's size from a moving perspective. In this way moving images can create spatial effects. When Governors Island opens each summer, this relatively unknown location grows larger to visiting crowds until it envelops them. Conversely, leaving the island causes it to become smaller in the distance until it is only a memory. All year round this mysterious island is seen across the water but only becomes accessible in summer. Discovering more of the Island changes the way it is perceived. The Holocenter is inviting a number of artists to create projection installations that meditate on the concept of parallax and the psychogeographical experience of the Island. Artists will have one weekend to show their wor k between August 16 and September 28. Each artist will have from the Monday prior to each weekend to install. The public gallery hours are noon-6p Saturday and Sunday. Deinstall must take place before the last ferry leaves at 7p on Sunday. Projectors, sound system and screen will be provided. Artists must provide a platform to run the work on. Each artist will have a guest pass for one week that allows them to bypass the Governors Island ferry line and provide access to staff ferries. The island will be accessible 6a-6p on weekdays and 10a-7p on weekends. Contact info]at]
***** MONEY *****
* House of Yes is building our their new space. See: kickstarter.comprojects/1651723559/house-of-yes?ref=nav_search.
* The Seafoam Palace, a museum of curiosity, needs a roof and renovations. See:
***** SPACES *****
* Room Available at the Sparkledome. August 1. Long term preferred. One bedroom available in colorful two-bedroom apt in Williamsburg, closest trains-Bedford L or Marcy JMZ. $900 plus utilities (usually between $50-65 per month including wifi). Low-traffic apartment with spacious kitchen, living room, and bath, bedroom is unfurnished, has window and closet, a good situation for the right person. Seeking a housemate who is mature, financial stable, preferably 9-5ish, no fuzzy pets, healthy lifestyle, artistically inclined, fun, friendly, and open-minded :) I am a 32-year-old designer/production artist of jewelry, costumes, props, window dresser, teacher, dancer, also just finished producing a photo-journalism book on Parades, Parties, and Protests. Living a very active lifestyle, so it is essential to maintain the home is sanctuary vibe. Serious inquiries only… If this sounds like it may be a compatible situation, please drop me a line and tell me a little about yo urself. Please include star sign! Much thanks! Contact: sparkelina]at]
* One cute, sunny, bedroom with a closet in three-bedroom radical-artist household. Size: 90 square feet. Available: August 1. $650/month. We are (1) sculptor, tintype photographer, marauder, and (1) puppeteer, clown, poof-magic maker. We are looking for a creative and community minded individual that is engaged in fun projects, enjoys life in the city, and wants to come home to a supportive house where we can share all the badass things we do. Photos available at Just renovated pre-war apt, family block and diverse building, apartment on ground floor overlooking trees and green. Room is 90 sq ft, antique hardwood floor, closet. Presently furnished with mattress and desk/table available for you if you so desire. Apartment has large eat-in kitchen and living room with treehouse and library as common space. We have a communal kitchen where we share food and food-buying responsibility. There is a spot to store your bike indoor s. We aren't a rule house, we are a house of friends that enjoy each other's company and want to share our space with someone looking to be around that energy. Located four blocks from G at Bedford-Nostrand, also 15 minute walk from Myrtle/Broadway J, or a 5 minute bus ride to C at Kingston-Throop or J at Kosciusko. Half block from supermarket and laundry, one block from awesomely green Von King park and Hattie Carthan Community Garden. Wi-fi and A/C in common space. E-mail us with a few details about yourself and your interest in the room. We are available to show the room mornings and evenings or weekend days. Contact kate(at)
Before we had a name the Spectre Event Horizon Group used to meet at a bar to commiserate and trade what our business friends like to call "best practices." Now online, our area of interest remains the ever-fascinating sci-fi present. Our simple intent is an informal trade of specialized investigative research, presented as gossip for the non-specialist. It's true we once were an active email list but at this point everything is searchable and commented upon here: The updates are compiled for Nonsense by J. Sinopoli. Contact ]at] gmail]dot] com.
***** Electric Bacteria *****
"Stick an electrode in the ground, pump electrons down it, and they will come: living cells that eat electricity. Unlike any other living thing on Earth, electric bacteria use energy in its purest form -- electrons harvested from rocks and metals. Nealson's team has identified up to eight different kinds of bacteria that consume electricity, and is now growing bacteria directly on electrodes, keeping them alive with electricity and nothing else. "An electric bacterium grown between two electrodes could maintain itself virtually forever."
NOTE: Free Summer Stuff is our annual guide to some of the ongoing free events that help make living here in July and August somewhat less intolerable. Yes, these events are big. Yes, they are mainstream. Yes, they are sponsored by huge international conglomerates and don't need our publicity. Shut up. Go sit on a pier and watch a movie. It's great. And as always, please feel free to tell us about series that we may have missed. Special thanks to digital media specialist extraordinaire Jill Greenberg ( for compiling this list for the second year. If you appreciate it as much as we do please send her a little note and tell her about one of the events you attended: jillsarahg]at]
* Canal Bar. July 20: Labyrinth; July 27: Planes, Trains and Automobiles; August 3: The Sandlot; August 10: Friday; August 17: Caddyshack; August 24: Snatch; August 31: Rocky Horror Picture Show. SUNDAYS, 8p, Canal Bar, 270 Third Avenue, Gowanus, Brooklyn. $free.
* Habana Outpost. July 20: Heathers; July 27: Tootsie; August 3: 9 to 5; August 10: Singin' in the Rain; August 17: West Side Story; August 24: Purple Rain; August 31: The Bodyguard; September 7: Hoosiers; September 14: Wild Style; September 21: The Big Lebowski; September 28: Foxy Brown; October 5: E.T.; October 12: Dog Day Afternoon; October 19: The Shining; October 26: The Twilight Zone marathon. SUNDAYS, 8p, Habana Outpost, 757 Fulton Street, Fort Greene, Brooklyn. $free.
* McCarren Park Summer Screen. July 23: Cry-Baby; July 30: Heathers; August 6: The Big Lebowski; August 13: Audience choice. WEDNESDAYS, gates open at 6p, food trucks and music (bands booked by Todd P) at 6:30p, screening starts at sundown, McCarren Park Ballfields, Bedford Avenue and North 12th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. $free.
* Brooklyn Bridge Park Syfy Movies With A View. July 24: Fantastic Mr. Fox; July 31: Beetlejuice; August 7: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; August 14: Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai; August 21: The Birds; August 28: Audience choice. THURSDAYS, screening starts at sundown, Harbor View Lawn of Pier 1 in Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn Heights. $free.
* Red Hook Flicks. July 22: The Incredibles; July 29: Fried Green Tomatoes; August 5: Paris Is Burning; August 12: Madagascar; August 19: Independence Day; August 26: On the Waterfront. TUESDAYS, seating at 8pm, screenings at 8:30p, Valentino Pier (Cofeey Street and Ferris Street), Red Hook, Brooklyn. $free.
* Narrows Botanical Garden. July 25: Taking of Pelham 1, 2, 3 (original); August 8: The Croods; September 12: The War of the Worlds. FRIDAYS, screenings start at sunset, Shore Road and 71st Street, Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. $free.
* Caribbeing Summer Movie Night in the Park. July 23: The Lion King; August 6: Krush Groove; August 20: Cool Runnings. WEDNESDAYS, Amersfort Park, Avenue I between East 38th Street and East 39th Street, Brooklyn. $free.
* Hudson River Park. July 18: Max Gallico and Friends; July 18: Ghostbusters; July 23: This is the End; July 25: Chuck Braman Jazz Band; July 25: Ghostbusters II; July 30: The Lego Movie; August 1: Max Gallico and Friends; August 1: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2; August 6: Lone Survivor; August 8: The Baby Soda Jazz Band; August 8: Groundhog Day; August 13: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire; August 15: Chuck Braman Jazz Band; August 15: Smurfs 2; August 20: Captain Phillips; August 22: Max Gallico and Friends; August 22: The Wizard of Oz. Various times, Manhattan. $free.
* Intrepid Free Summer Movie Series. July 24: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl; July 31: The Hunt for Red October; August 7: Spaceballs; August 14: Captain Phillips; August 20: Top Gun. Doors at 7:30pm, screening starts at sunset, West 46th Street and 12th Avenue, Manhattan.
* Bryant Park Summer Film Festival. July 21: National Lampoon's Vacation; July 28: Key Largo; August 4: The Karate Kid; August 11: Lover Come Back; August 18: The Shining. MONDAYS, lawn opens at 5pm, screening starts at sunset, 6th Avenue and 42nd Street, Manhattan. $free.
* Coney Island Flicks on the Beach. July 21: Iron Man 3; July 28: The Lego Movie; August 4: American Hustle; August 11: Dirty Dancing; August 18: Audience Choice (Either Sandlot, Grease or The Goonies). MONDAYS, screening starts at dusk, West 10th Street, Coney Island, Brooklyn. $free.
* Celebrate Brooklyn, Prospect Park Bandshell. July 18: Bebel Gilberto, Vinicius Cantuária, Netsayi; July 19: Deltron 3030: Nomadic Massive; July 24: Nickel Creek; July 25: Amandla!: A Revolution in Four-Part Harmony, Nao Muyanga; July 31: Dance Theater of Harlem, Leyla McCalla; August 1: Jimmy Bosch y su Estrellas, Pedrito Martinez Group feat. Ariacne Trujillo; August 2: Kes the Band, Kuenta i Tambu (KiT); August 7: Altan, Maura O'Connell; August 8: Asian Dub Foundation: THX 1138: Taylor McFerrin; August 9: St. Vincent, San Fermin. Various Days, Various times, Prospect Park West and 9th Street, Brooklyn. $free (suggested donation $3).
* Washington Square Music Festival. August 8: A Partnership Concert with the International Double Reed Society/NYU. TUESDAY, FRIDAY, 8pm, Main Stage, Washington Square Park, Manhattan. $free.
* Hudson River Park's River Rocks 2014. July 24: Teenage Fanclub, Honeyblood, Saint Rich; August 7: Temples, Here We Go Magic, Spires. Hudson River Park, Pier 84. $free.
We look for the sort of classes you circled in college course catalogs but never managed to fit into your schedule. And we also look for the kind of things that no college could teach. Cheap and eclectic is the rule, though all rules get broken occasionally, and we especially love workshops, round-tables, and teachers who won't take your work out of your hands and show you how to do it right. One-time listings are categorized weekly, with general recurring classes listed at the end on the first Friday of each month. We thrive on your suggestions, so make sure to tell us about upcoming classes that you think are nifty-keen.
Learning is compiled and edited weekly by Juliana Driever. Please send listing suggestions to learning]at]
Precarious Labor, Precarious Lives
This three-day intensive seminar is designed as an introduction to the theoretical and practical traditions that originated in the works of Karl Marx and Frederich Engels. In laying bare the inner workings of the capitalist system of wealth production and distribution, Marx and Engels laid the basis for theoretical explorations into every area of human activity from art criticism to the environment. As the current crisis deepens and the state finds itself deploying more of the public wealth to save private capital, people are demanding answers that respect their intelligence and get to the root of the problem.
Through lectures, readings and lively discussion, in an adamantly open-minded environment, participants will be introduced to Karl Marx' revolutionary critique of capitalism -- not to find a ready-made blueprint for change, nor a dogma that excludes other traditions, but for tools of analysis that can help us to think more strategically and act more effectively.
388 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
6:30p, 9a-5:30p; $65-$95 sliding scale
Paper Boat Workshop
Join us for a paper boat making workshop as we continue building out the SeaChange fleet. Thanks to our hosts North Brooklyn Boat Club.
In the late 19th century, Waters and Sons of Troy, NY, was the largest producers of boats in the United States. Their patented design of manilla paper crafts allowed them to mass produce cheap, light and durable sea worthy boats.
We’ll explore this forgotten technique together and will build a paper canoe from start to finish, using only Kraft paper, wood glue, a little bit of wood and varnish.
North Brooklyn Boat Club
49 Ash Street, Brooklyn
10a-6p; $free
RSVP: littleboats]at]
Herbalism at the Opera
Join fellow herbalists and plant medicine enthusiasts for an afternoon of unconventional herbalism seminars, interactive plant medicine meditations and a tablespoon of Opera (to help the medicine go down) at Evolver's inaugural East Meets West Medicine Fest, where eastern and western traditions of herbal plant medicine are united as one.
Presenters will offer their herbal wisdom from the stage of the National Opera Center in NYC, focusing on the intersection of eastern schools of herbalism with local, ''western'' herbs. The topics covered will include: Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, The Doctrine of Signatures, Shamanism, Alchemy and much more.
National Opera Center
330 7th Avenue, Manhattan
11a-8p; $40 (mention Nonsense NYC)
Weed ID Workshop
Join us on a weed walk. We will identify plants that are pests, such as blindweed, and well as useful plants we often consider to be weeds. A weed is simply a plant out of place.
La Finca del Sur Urban Farm
138th Street and Grand Concourse, Bronx
Noon-1:30p; $free
The Skull Beneath the Skin
The skull is the most direct symbol of death, as well as the structure lurking within every portrait. The Morbid Anatomy Art Academy offers a workshop on drawing the skull, both from observation and from the imagination. Different approaches to understanding the pleasingly complex structure of the skull will be explored, and different ways to draw the structure demonstrated. Skull models will be provided to draw from, as well as basic drawing supplies -- brown paper, charcoal and white chalk. Participants may bring any other drawing materials they wish.
Morbid Anatomy Museum
424A 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn
1-4p; $30
Grow Anything
Why fight the forces of nature when you can work with them? Grow anything – a plant or any great work or project using the seasons of the sun, moon, and stars. Decode the astrological system underlying the good old Farmer's Almanac. Get into the grow flow using the ancient wisdom of Tarot.
Understanding your role as a steward of the Earth and feeling your connection to the rest of the universe can enhance the productivity and pleasure of every garden activity. The timing and deeper meaning of many things – sustainability, intention, the elements, garden design, latitude/longitude, the tidal pull of the moon, and more will be explored. Prove to yourself how practical magic can be. Savor that strawberry knowing it came as a result of your willingness to play with the space-time continuum.
Rose Red and Lavender
653 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn
2-3:30p, $25
***** LEARNING: SUNDAY *****
Art Worker Formations: Unions, Guilds, and Cooperatives
In this second session we will discuss the history of Art Worker Formations (Unions, Guilds and Cooperatives), discuss labor in the culture industry -- including past and present collectivization, and consider the common needs of an art worker in the United States and the viability of forming a union to address those needs.
Washington Square Park, Manhattan
Southeast of the fountain
5-7p; $free
***** LEARNING: SUNDAY *****
Rising Waters
Join us for an intimate screening presentation of Flood Tide by Todd Chandler (Brooklyn, NY). Flood Tide is a collaboration with the Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea, a project dreamed up by the artist Swoon and built by a group of artists and performers who floated seven large sculptures down the Hudson River.
Center for Performance Research
361 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn
7:30p; $6
Centrality of the Struggle Against White Supremacy
This course will focus on the relevance today of important insights from Hubert H. Harrison (1883-1927) and Theodore W. Allen (1919-2005), two of the twentieth century's most important writers on race and class.
The St. Croix, Virgin Island-born, Harlem-based Harrison was the leading Black activist and theoretician in the Socialist Party; a brilliant writer, orator, and editor; the founder of the "New Negro Movement," the major radical influence on A. Philip Randolph and Marcus Garvey, and a self-described "radical internationalist." He is known as "The Father of Harlem Radicalism." Instructor: Jeffrey B. Perry.
The Commons
388 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
6:30p, 9a-5:30p; $55-$75 sliding scale, five sessions
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