nonsensenyc: 4.29 to 5.4

From: "Jeff Stark" <>
Subject: nonsensenyc: 4.29 to 5.4
Date: April 29th 2016
Friday, April 29
* The Secret Loft Show: A Free Comedy Dance Party, Brooklyn
* Mind by Fold, Brooklyn
* Howl! Happening, Brooklyn
* The Zombie Survival Adventure Game, Brooklyn
* Nerd Nite, Brooklyn
* Bad Film Fest, Williamsburg
* Rule of 7x7: April Edition, Manhattan
Saturday, April 30
* Cadence 23: A Harmonic Intervention, Long Island City
* Cheryl Presents Penis Straws, Brooklyn
* The Multispecies Salon presents: Emergent Ecologies Art Exhibition, Brooklyn
* MayTane, Brooklyn
* Bushwick Beach Party, Brooklyn
* Bike Ride to Community Spaces in Jeopardy, Manhattan
* Odyssey 8x12 Closing Party, Brooklyn
* Liberation Lab, Manhattan
* Four Square, Williamsburg
* Cartoon Carnival No. 43: Circus Clowns, Williamsburg
* Zodiack Pt. XII: She Who Carries, Aries, Brooklyn
* Draco's Inferno, Newark, NJ
* Zero Judgment Cardio Dance Party No. 3, Brooklyn
* Lamia, Brooklyn
Sunday, May 1
* Big-Ass Variety Show, Williamsburg
* Remote, Manhattan
* Hawks' Nite Out, Williamsburg
* Exceedingly Good Song Night, Manhattan
* Solidarity Economy Walking Tour: Brooklyn
Tuesday, May 3
* Punderdome, Brooklyn
* I Have A Crazy Idea ... To Get Married at Threes Brewing, Brooklyn
* Art in Action: Figment NYC's 12x12 Auction and Gala, Brooklyn
Wednesday, May 4
* The Bryant Park Ball, Manhattan
* Tunnel Odyssey, Brooklyn
* BuoyRR
* Electric Rain
* Water
* Liberation Lab
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The Secret Loft Show: A Free Comedy Dance Party
We will be hosting our monthly show at the McKibbin Lofts in Bushwick. We have an incredible line-up that includes comics from Netflix original special, Last Comic Standing, John Oliver's Last Week Tonight, and Girlcode.
After the show Jams Bond, a New York based DJ, will be spinning as we open up the show into a dance party. In addition to the show being free we also have free pizza and very cheap drinks. Line up: Myq Kaplan, Josh Gondelman, Liza Treyger, Kerry Overfab Coddett, Janelle James, Lukas Kaiser, Lucas Connolly, Marisa Douenias, Petey DeAbreu, and Brett Davis.
255 McKibbin Street, Brooklyn
8:30p doors, 9p show; $free before 9p, $5
516 808 8187
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Mind by Fold
Inspired by French poststructuralism/existentialism, the Mandala principle of Tibetan Buddhism, and the Western hermetic tradition, Mind pits five projections of neurotic consciousness against each other in a doomed struggle for metaphysical supremacy and self-transcendence. Presented by Fold. Written by Eli Epstein-Deutsch, Ben Rosenberg, and Etienne Pierre Duguay. Costumes by Ben Rosenberg.
The Schoolhouse
330 Ellery Street, Brooklyn
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Howl! Happening, Brooklyn
Free psychedelic film and concert at Howl. Jeffrey Wengrofsky, native New York chronicler of the counterculture, will screen Marti Domination in the Life of Dreams, a 10-minute short film comparing the cinematic experience and then the Godz, an original psychedelic band from 1966, will play amid fractal projections by hippie mathematician Adam Alexander. Psychedelic madness.
Howl! Happening
6 East 1st Street, Manhattan
7-9p; $free
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
The Zombie Survival Adventure Game
Having spread around London, Berlin, Copenhagen, in Spain and Penticton BC, the Zombie Survival Adventure Game now comes to New York. If you love to give people a good fun and safe scare, swing a foam baton, or live your Apocalypse fantasies then this game is for you. Playing during the Creative Technology Week Expo.
Industry City, Factory Floor
241 37th Street, Brooklyn
2-6p; $free, donation continues
Continues SATURDAY
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Nerd Nite
If Betty White, George Michael, and John Cusack lived in New York, they would definitely want to attend Nerd Nite, featuring an exploration of the misunderstood sexy sax of 80s pop music (ah, Careless Whisper), how the Golden Girls can you teach you everything you need to know about bioethics, obviously, and the phenomenon that is the $2 bill ("I want my two dollars"). And trivia is back too, so bring some pals, form a team, and win some not-so-bad prizes. With Everything I Know About Bioethics, I Learned from the Golden Girls by Elizabeth Yuko, Let’s Get Saxy by Joseph Joey DeGrandis, and the $2 Bill: Friend or Foe? by Heather McCabe.
622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn
6:30p, 7p show; $10-14
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Bad Film Fest
Bad Film Fest welcomes aspiring filmmakers to share their work in a no-judgment environment. Their goal is to entertain the audience, and to lobby for the misfits, castoffs, and underdogs of film and theater. Highlights include films about psychotic Pinocchios, anthropomorphic unicorns, man-eating plastic bags, and kittens. Screened films are from NYC, around the United States and also Spain, France, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, India, Ireland, and Russia.
The driving force behind the Bad Film Fest is to inspire young artists who want to make films, but are worried what others will think. Using the word “bad” is just a clever and satirical way of releasing the pressure; it is OK if you make an imperfect film. Beginners and veterans alike to experiment with their ideas without discrimination.
Cloud City
85 North 1st Street, between Berry and Wythe avenues, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Continues through SUNDAY
various times; $8
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Rule of 7x7: April Edition
Seven writers, seven rules, seven new plays, one free beer. For each Rule of 7x7, each playwright comes up with one rule (e.g. a back-handed compliment on page 1), then the seven playwrights create new plays using all seven rules. After-party follows.
The Tank
151 West 46th Street, 8th floor, Manhattan
7 and 9:30p; $12, includes a free drink
Arts Org, 23 Windows, and the Mission for Temporal Art present:
Cadence 23: A Harmonic Intervention
Thirty continuous hours with 30 sonic and visual artists. We invite you to an extraordinary marathon convergence of NYC experimental artists, a liminal place of live audio, from experimental to ambient to deep minimal techno to noise, visceral performances, video and light worthy of dream science ... all in a massive warehouse being transformed day by day by NYC muralists.
Come when you will and stay as long as you like or come when we begin and don't leave until we end. Vision and installation magic by Seej, Shige Moriya, Jimi Pantalon, Feather Bone Black, and Steel. Live sounds: Eric Barry Drasin, Naoki Iwakawa, Exilefaker, Dr. Sean Clute and Leif Hunneman, Agent MT, Nao Nishihara, Plan 23, Socks and Sandals, Leisure Muffin, Zemi17, Borne, Neeza, Nurbstream, J Sol Trieze, A-Hum, Power Mystery, Smomid, Linearelectricdisturbance, and Hisayasu Takashi with Kelvin Daly. Muralism by Rubin415, Dark Pony, Erasmo, Oksano Pro, Key Detail, Julia Yu Baba, Resa, Walker Fee, and Nicolina Art.
Prince of Bronze warehouse
25-20 43rd Avenue, Long Island City, Queens
M,7,E,G trains to Court Square station
3p-9p on May 1; $12, $15 door
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Cheryl Presents Penis Straws
What’s your stance on marriage? Pro? Anti? Indifferent? Cheryl doesn’t care. We’re going to make you the very special bride-to-be that-you-never-knew-you-wanted-to-be.
Bachelorette Party, Hen’s Night, whatever you want to call it -- Cheryl brings you Penis Straws, a post-modern adaptation of the traditional pre-wedding ladies’ night out. This time, everyone is invited. Join us for an overpowering evening of hot pink, hot cops, Stilettos on Cobblestones, death-bed hangovers, and anything dick-shaped that is available for purchase at Spencer’s Gifts.
Grab your bestest BFFs, squeeze into something cheap and sexy, and meet us at C’Mon Everybody on Saturday, for your last taste of freedom as a mortal being. Anything can happen on a night like this, so channel your strongest gender conforming binary behavior and get ready to shriek "woooo" in unison whenever the DJ plays a new song ... no matter what it is.
Complimentary sharpie tattoos, Gloria Gaynor on repeat, smart ideas, and a Cosmo-fueled night of debauched dancefloor disasters await you. This is your last chance to have fun on this earth before the ol’ ball and chain drags you down to the 13th Circle of Hell (where the walls are lined with children and lawnmowers). With DJ Grandma Internet and DJ Nick who are going to make it count on the dance floor.
C’mon Everybody
325 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
11p-4a; $10 cover
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
The Multispecies Salon presents: Emergent Ecologies Art Exhibition
Featuring over 70 wild artists. Visitors to the opening will enjoy free samples of liquid ferments from the Cyanobacteria Vampires, along with edible insects from the Cricket Shelter, a performative collaboration by Robyn Shapiro and Terreform One. Juan Olivares, a conceptual artist from Chile, will present select artifacts from his elephant museum -- a 35-year durational project. Free weeds will be available from the Next Epoch Seed Library. Mutants will be given away to people who want to enter a contest to win an endangered frog.  Audience members will also vote on a key question: should Adam Zaretsky's EMOs (epigenetically modified organisms) live or die?
Emergent ecologies are being fastened into place with new rivets and cyborg articulations. Amidst collapsing systems, unruly assemblages are flourishing and proliferating in unexpected places. Microbes that become emergent diseases—by finding novel exploits, pathways of transmission, or modes of existence—can quickly transform dominant political strategies, economic systems, or agricultural practices.  Emergences can also figure into collective hopes.  When a forest is clear-cut by loggers or destroyed by a volcanic eruption, emergent plants are the first to sprout.
Rather than be a static exhibition, that will stay the same from the opening and closing dates, our project will involve playing with the “hap” of what happens. We will be conducting experiments with happiness and glass, breaking down boundaries (and constructing new ones) to see what ecological communities might emerge. Curated by a swarm: Eben Kirksey, Lissette Olivares, Grace Glovier, Cody Kohn, Kayli Marshall, Greg Umali, Alexandra Palocz, Jeffrey Bussolini, and Ellie Irons.
283 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn
6p-late; $free
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
An experimental container to collectively summon and explore our relationship to fertility, labor, and the call to urgency. We birth. We work. We act. Performances. Experiments. Midnight ritual. Live music.
7 Dunham Place, Brooklyn
$15 with RSVP, $20 door
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Bushwick Beach Party
The first beach party of the year. Secret Loft and Brooklyn Wildlife are throwing a rager to celebrate the warm weather and the end of hibernation season. Get ready for live music, performance art, and DJ sets. There will be inflatable sea creatures, tropical refreshments, and a contest for the most creative swimwear.
Proper attire: short shorts, thongs, swimtrunks, snorkels, hawaiian shirts, pool noodles, floaties, diving suits, bathyspheres, etc. No jeans, no flannels, no business casual. Board shorts frowned upon, because come on, that's too easy.
Live hip-hop, electro pop, rock and performance art from Lilly Wolf, Tareq Almulaifi, Stonehenge Parnhashnakovsky, Nerve Leak, Sitcomlife, EkkoSeven, Goldilocks, Nossis, and Iffy Roma. DJ sets by Mio and CLAMR, spinning hip hop, house, and tropical.
Secret Loft
255 McKibben Street, Brooklyn
9p; $5 early, $10 late
21 and over
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Bike Ride to Community Spaces in Jeopardy
596 Acres and Public Space Party host the Gardens are Community, Community Spaces in Jeopardy Ride (it was postponed to this date due to rain). We will start in Little Italy and head through the Lower East Side into Brooklyn to visit five gardens at risk.
Meet at Elizabeth Street Garden
Elizabeth Street between Prince and Spring, Manhattan
noon-7p; $free
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Odyssey 8x12 Closing Party
The Odyssey concludes with an all night journey through time and space led by Safer at Night the Umbrella. Expect special guests and surprises, and a hazy and glorious sunrise. With Cranks, Lawrence Lee, Dan Wender, and Blacky II.
3001: Odyssey Pop-Up
RSVP for address, Brooklyn
11p-7a, with open bar 11p-midnight; $10 advance
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Liberation Lab
Fifth annual May Day free university with Rename and Reclaim. The Free University of New York City is an experiment in radical education and an attempt to create education as it ought to be, building on the historic tradition of movement freedom schools. Workshops and performances spanning topics such as gentrification, #BlackLivesMatter, and higher education.
Washington Square Park, Manhattan
Enter at Washington Place and Washington Square West, Manhattan
11:30a-6:30p; $free
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Four Square
Winter's over so we're back to playing four square in the park with dancey tunes. Lace up your dancing shoes, best sneaks, maybe even rollerblades, and come play ball. BYOB. Park rules. Be there or be square.
McCarren Park Handball Courts
Union and Driggs, Brooklyn
8-10p sharp; $free
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Cartoon Carnival No. 43: Circus Clowns
It’s time to put on your big red nose for Cartoon Carnival No. 43. We’ll be clowning around with over a dozen -- some two hours’ worth -- 16mm (no digital!) circus-themed cartoons from the 1920s to the 1940s, straight from the Stathes Archives to the silver screen (under the big top). There’ll be salacious sideshows, animals, pretty performers, and daredevils. So, laugh clown, laugh, be a real Punchinello, and unicycle on over with your pals.
Standard ToyKraft
722 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
7:30p doors; $10
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Zodiack Pt. XII: She Who Carries, Aries
Zodiack's 12-month event series comes to a close with the Aries Apocalypse grand finale. Gather into the molten inferno for a night of ferocious energy, featuring Baltimore's TT the Artist with Black Fire Percussion drumline. Embrace cathartic destruction from the brazen warbeats of Byrell the Great, Tyga Paw, west coast icon Habibiboi, and Lemon Verbena. Immersive visuals, installations, and performances on this night shall call upon a cleansing fire that will burn and spread like wildfire throughout the entirety of Brooklyn’s beloved Palisades.
906 Broadway, Brooklyn
J,M,Z  trains to Myrtle Broadway station
11:55p-4a; $10 with RSVP, $13 otherwise, $free for Aries
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Draco's Inferno
Circo Draconum brings you another night of soul-igniting visuals that is Draco's Inferno. Our all fire show production, we bring you the best, most unique and seductive artists of the flame the Eastern Amercan coast has to offer. In the past, we've given New York one of the only fire shows in the state, brought it to New Jersey, featured International performers and well seasoned spectacles seen in some of the most highly acclaimed events, brought you artists newly exploding onto the scene, broke a live Guinness World Record before your eyes, what could we possibly top if off with next?
This Draco's Inferno edition's line up includes Alexander Spitfire, Nikki Talis, Graham Cracker, and Shade Flamewater. Hosted by the Sexy Dave Menace of Hell's Kitchen Lounge, with DJs Brick City Bruisers keeping you dancing before, in between, and after sets.
Hell's Kitchen Lounge
150 Lafayette Street, Newark, NJ
10p; $free
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Zero Judgment Cardio Dance Party No. 3
The Zero Judgment Cardio Dance Party is about combining fitness and dance in a way that is genuinely immersive and fun (think Zumba but with a lot more freedom to move however you wanna). At the Zero Judgement Cardio Dance Party it doesn't matter how much experience you have. All of the music played will be at a tempo that is easy to run in place to, so you can always fall back on running in place and then being creative with the rest of your body. There will also be some tips/discussion on how one dances to get their heart rate up into the cardio range.
421 5th Avenue, Studio B, Brooklyn
3-4:30p; $?
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Theatre Uzume would like to submit a listing for our newest project. This multidisciplinary dance-theater piece brings together the musical talents of Brooklyn based rock band Ellis Ashbrook and singer/songwriter Janna Pelle, as well as Brooklyn fashion designers Tilly and William, and local actors/dancers.
Lamia is a serpent that yearns to be human. She watches the life of a man she desires unfold, helpless to attract his attention. When a stranger offers her the chance to assume a womanly form, she must carry her shameful secret with her, lest her true identity destroy them both. Part dance, part live-music and part theater, Lamia explores the lengths we go to and what we compromise to reach the promise of love.
ShapeShifter Lab
18 Whitwell Place, Brooklyn
4p; $20
Big-Ass Variety Show
Big Irv's is a gallery, artists' collective, and event space. The Big-Ass Variety Show is celebrating its two-year anniversary, with an awesome line up of storytellers, comedians, street performers, and random lunatics. Open mike slots for anyone who wants to get in on the action. We're featuring Jefferson Bites, Jake Hart, Sean O'Brien, Simi Toledano, Nate Cocca Bates, Anita Flores, Josh Johnson, Lucas Connolly, and Master Lee.
Big Irv's Gallery
381 Hooper Street, at South 1st Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
7p; $free
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Remote returns to our secret underground location deep in Manhattan's financial district. With Remote residents Klienfeld and ARQ.
RSVP for location, Manhattan
4-10a; $15 advance, $20 door
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Hawks' Nite Out
Make your appointment with The Wicker Men. Taking place at Villain’s North 3rd 5,000 square foot. warehouse around the corner from Nitehawk’s nest in Williamsburg, both versions will start simultaneously at 6p in separate rooms with musical accompaniment by DJ Devon E. Levins of Morricone Youth and WFMU’s Morricone Island as well as beers from a brewing company. Popcorn will also be available for purchase. Special masks will available to guests on a first-come, first-served basis.
Villain's North Third
50 North 3rd Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
5p doors, 6p movie; $18 plus fees includes one beer or cocktail
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Exceedingly Good Song Night
An open folksinging session, hosted twice monthly by Ken. Bring your voice, bring instruments, bring friends. Our Exceedingly Good Song Theme for the evening: Special Days. Singers, listeners, and witty rationalizations welcome. Harmonies and songs with choruses especially appreciated.
Jimmy's No. 43
43 East 7th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, back room, Manhattan
6-11p; $free, but buy drinks
21 and over
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Solidarity Economy Walking Tour: Brooklyn
Come celebrate May Day with Solidarity NYC and explore the history and current state of the solidarity economy in Brooklyn. Over a 1.7 mile route, this tour dives into the interconnected work of worker cooperatives, food cooperatives, community gardens, CSAs, unions, and social justice groups. Explore how solidarity and cooperation have been crucial threads in Brooklyn's history, from Mohawk and abolitionist churches to Occupy Wall Street and beyond. This tour will be guided, but active participation is encouraged! Please RSVP on the eventbrite, space is limited.
Meet at the Commons Cafe
388 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn
2-4p; $free
New York's most puntastic competition. Our fifth year anniversary all-star edition.
622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn
7p doors, 8p show; $8 advance, $10 door
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
I Have A Crazy Idea ... To Get Married at Threes Brewing
I Have A Crazy Idea: It's an all-new variety show where crazy things happen -- and some of them will involve you. This month it's wedding madness with music, comedy, clowning, burlesque, poetry, and maybe an unruly guest or two.
You could leave married. Or with a cheap T-shirt. Or a new perspective on wedding cake. Most importantly, you'll see some insanely talented performers who'll make you feel good about life, whatever your marital status. Featuring: JD Cerna, Hye Yun Park, Hila the Killer, Sir KN8, Jeff Rose, and Ember Flame.
Threes Brewing
333 Douglass Street, Brooklyn
8p doors, 8:30p show; $5 suggested donation
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
Art in Action: Figment NYC's 12x12 Auction and Gala
Dress in all white, a blank canvas and join us bringing Art into Action. Works created by local and regional artists will be exhibited and sold as a silent auction with bids beginning at $50. Fifty brand new works of art for sale. Opening Set by DJ George Ingalls.
DJs Been Jammin' and David Kiss, live silk screening with Noy Har-shemesh, visual projection by VJ Krunch, transformational body painting with Vann Godfrey and Carin Cahn, live performances by Yung and Judy Sky.
Gallery 151
132 West 18th Street, Manhattan
7p-midnight; $25
The Bryant Park Ball
The Simulacrum of Yore Society requests the honor of your company at annual ball at Bryant Park on Wednesday, the fourth day of May, MMXVI Anno Domini at five of the clock post meridian upon the grand ballroom of the fountain plaza at Bryant Park, New York City.
In 2015 the kick-off episode of Dancing in Bryant Park (weekly free public social dance program at Bryant Park throughout May) showcased the Viennese Waltz, the quintessential dance of balls. The SoYS guerrillaballed the event, and it was such a hit the organizers have asked the society to reprise it this year. So put on some formalwear (or illusory approximation thereof), show up, and dance the evening away as if at a fancy ball. The featured dance style this time will be Foxtrot, Charleston, and Lindy, so bonus points for formal wear with a Jazz-Age tint. If you're familiar with the Ice Ball, same idea, except no skates, and there'll be live bands.
Bryant Park Fountain Terrace, Manhattan
5p; $free
The Brouhaha Theatre Project presents:
Tunnel Odyssey
Venture into Prospect Park’s most mysterious and beautiful passageway with The Brouhaha Theatre Project. Tunnel Odyssey explores the moments on journeys that alter or redefine the destination. Combining the Odyssey and the Oregon Trail, this raucous dance-theatre production features original folk music by the female power trio the Oshy Annas. Join some of Brooklyn’s up-and-coming theatre artists for this unique audience-driven experience. Meet at the Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park.  Look for the orange and white flags. The 50 minute performance will be rain or shine, so please dress accordingly and layer up.
Meet at the Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park, Brooklyn
7:15p; $free
Continues through May 7
* May 7: Flux-a-thon
* May 14: Brooklyn Bike Rave
* May 21: Dance Parade
* June 3-5: Figment NYC
What have you been wishing for? Collaborators, grant monies, a new home? Please send brief listings to jstark]at] We only list available apartments, lofts, studios, and one-off rentals -- not spaces wanted.
***** ARTY STUFF *****
* BuoyRR is a weeklong residency and retreat program for womyn founded by Bailey Nolan and Viva Soudan at The Peace Barn, an eleven-acre sanctuary in Deep River, Connecticut, just three hours North of New York City. Performing artists are invited to apply in duos to create original work on the land culminating in an interactive public performance.  This year’s theme and site-specific piece is entitled Recharge/Her; confronting control, realizing our extremes, and exposing the self. Directed by Bailey Nolan and Viva Soudan, alongside a team of facilitators including Monica Mirabile and Wesley Flash, the piece is sculpted through physical and cerebral workshops.  Working both as duos and collaboratively as a larger team, artists are challenged to investigate creative process and practice. The program is structured on pillars of health nurturing a focused restorative routine; beginning each day with yoga, daily vegetarian meals, and ending with nightly guided meditation.  Residents camp on the land, stripped of technology, to consciously restore and recharge. For more information or to apply please visit Applications due May 7.
* Art in Odd Places 2016: Race. Open call for project proposals due May 8.
***** SPACES *****
* Interference Archive has co-working space available May 1. Desks are in a naturally lit room with windows facing out at street level and adjacent to the Interference Archive exhibition space in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Your individual desk is in a shared work area (of four desks) and rent is $360 per month including utilities, with a kitchenette and high speed internet. 24/7 access. Quiet building; occasional events in the adjoining archive space build connections with an amazing community of artists, filmmakers, designers, and activists. Interest in engaging with Interference Archive’s archival collection is an added bonus. Email kevin]at] if you’re interested.
* Two $880 rooms open in BedStuy collective house. They available for now but need be filled by May 1. June 1 there will be two rooms available for $750 and $650. Utilities tend to cost about $25 per month as heat is included. We live about ten minutes walking from the Bedford-Nostrand G train stop, and also not too far from JM, and AC train stops. Each room has a window and no rooms are railroad style. The house is a brownstone (three floors) with two kitchens and two living rooms, three full baths, an accessible roof and a spacious backyard (suitable for organized social events and gatherings.) We have a washer and dryer too. Food-wise we are very communal, looking for someone vegetarian and freegan friendly and someone that is comfortable with occasional as well as consistent houseguests -- your friends are welcome too. When schedules allow we cook together and hang out, and prefer to find someone interested in participating. We often host brunches, barbecues, and the occasional party with live music. We are writers / artists, students, or activists of some sort. We are a diverse group in our 20s and 30s. Most of us are involved with community projects in the neighborhood like the Brooklyn Free Store of regular community dinners. We are seeking an easy-going, laid back clean, responsible housemate and it would be great if when you are home you do more than sleep and stay in your bedroom, but are interested in being part of a household and engage with your housemates. This is a non-smoking house. Couple are welcome if they are interested in sharing the largest room, otherwise it probably wouldn't be so comfortable. Not looking for someone with pets. Please tell us about yourself in detail, especially if you have collective living experience and what your price range is. Let us know what about this ad interested you. Contact Walworthst]at] for pictures and more details.
* Studio and performance space available starting May 1. You can get space in the building that houses the Gemini and Scorpio Loft, and in the loft itself. We're a 2,000 square foot performance space on the second floor of a Gowanus warehouse, a 10-15 min walk from most trains. New studio rooms have been built out on the first floor, and we reserved the largest ones to share as office, storage, and craft space. Ideally we'd like to see them split among two-three performance groups (theater, puppets, dance) and bundled with rehearsal and show bookings upstairs, but we're also open to individual co-working and co-crafting shares. Learn more and apply here: . Or, to get your own space, see -- the room layout is here: (If you're going to do quieter things, please request our side of the building. It's A-C.) For anyone renting a room in the building, we'll offer discounts on any Loft rentals for meetings, rehearsals and shows. Official loft page here:
Before we had a name the Spectre Event Horizon Group used to meet at a bar to commiserate and trade what our business friends like to call "best practices." Now online, our area of interest remains the ever-fascinating sci-fi present. Our simple intent is an informal trade of specialized investigative research, presented as gossip for the non-specialist. It's true we once were an active email list but at this point everything is searchable and commented upon here: The updates are compiled for Nonsense by J. Sinopoli. Contact]at]
***** Electric Rain *****
"In this case, the solar cells are coated with a thin layer of graphene. Because graphene is quite conductive, the layer only has to be one-atom thick for it to work. When raindrops hit the graphene-coated solar cells, the salt in that water separates into ions. "The water actually clings to the graphene, forming a dual layer (AKA pseudocapacitor) with the graphene electrons. The energy difference between these layers is so strong that it generates electricity."
Buried in the supplementary information of a research paper is a domestic recipe for producing large quantities of clean flakes of graphene. The team describes how they took a 400-watt kitchen blender, added half a liter of water, 10–25 milliliters of detergent and 20-50 grams of graphite powder (found in pencil leads), and turned the machine on for 10-30 minutes. "The material is of a quality close to the best in the literature, but with production rates apparently hundreds of times higher.'"
People say amazing things when they think no one is listening. Overheard is about capturing these moments. We share one quotation each week that stuck with us. It's sometimes funny, sometimes moving, sometimes profound, but it's always unsolicited and unedited.
Overheard is from Irene Pedruelo's Mi Niu York, a weekly newsletter for curious characters, treasure hunters, and eccentrics. You can sign up for her favorite stories, projects, artworks, and quotations here:
Overheard in New York. April 2016. Woman in her late 20s at a bar:
-- "I just drink water out of necessity. It just doesn't taste good."
What did you overhear this week? Submit a quotation and a brief description of the scenario to Irene at irenecroga]at]
We look for the sort of classes you circled in college course catalogs but never managed to fit into your schedule. And we also look for the kind of things that no college could teach. Cheap and eclectic is the rule, though all rules get broken occasionally, and we especially love workshops, round-tables, and teachers who won't take your work out of your hands and show you how to do it right. One-time listings are categorized weekly, with general recurring classes listed at the end on the first Friday of each month. We thrive on your suggestions, so make sure to tell us about upcoming classes.
Learning is compiled and edited weekly by Juliana Driever. Please send listing suggestions to learning]at]
Liberation Lab
Free University-NYC, in collaboration with Rename & Reclaim, will host an afternoon of free social justice education -- including workshops, teach-ins, performances, and interactive play, as part of the May Day 2016 weekend.
Washington Square Park, Manhattan
11:30-6:30p; $free
Sewing With MessQueen
Summer is almost here so we're going to help you make some booty gear. Learn how to make spandex booty shorts from start to finish: tracing the patterns, cutting, and sewing.
Come with your own 4-way stretch spandex fabric or use fabric provided by MessQueen. Bring at least one yard. Provided size patterns available are XS-S-M-L.
Better than Jam’s
20 Grattan Street, Brooklyn
1-4p; $60
Vertical Gardening
In this vertical gardening series, you will learn how to create planters from recycled containers. Reused tin cans and water bottles provide a fantastic way to add green to walls and small spaces.
Brooklyn Gardens Elementary School
574 Dumont Avenue, Brooklyn
5-6:30p; $free
We are increasingly aware of the invisible and ubiquitous microbial component of our lives – in and on our bodies, in our environment. But, how do you actually measure that? What if you wanted to find out what bacteria are living around you? In this workshop we will learn the methods for identifying microbial species with DNA sequencing data.
We will use the Pathomap dataset and each participant will obtain the metagenomic sequences of their favorite subway station. We will learn how to navigate the public sequencing archives to find the data you are looking for, explain the file formats used for sequencing data and how to manipulate them, and gain hands-on experience on using the computational tools to identify bacterial species with that data, and visualize the results.
33 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn
May 7, 11a-2p; $60
Introduction to Black and White Photography
This course is designed to teach you all the basics you need to be confident in your ability to use your camera, develop your film, and print your work in the darkroom.
Bushwick Community Darkroom
110 Troutman Street, Brooklyn
May 8, 15, 22, 29, 6-9p; $300 for 4 classes
Left Forum
Each spring Left Forum convenes the largest gathering in North America of the US and international Left. Continuing a tradition begun in the 1960s, we bring together intellectuals and organizers to share perspectives, strategies, experience and vision. For the US and the world, revitalizing an American Left has never been more urgent; Left Forum has a critical role to play in that undertaking.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice
524 West 59th Street, Manhattan
May 20-22; $sliding scale
Agile Learning
Let’s talk about innovative education. About play and technology. About teaching self-teachers, running “Genius Hour” all-day every day, and supporting a community of unschoolers. Let’s change up our conversations about education, so they’re as intentional and agile as we are.
Do you want to facilitate? To support self-directed learners in both individualizing their educations and building a healthy community? Or are you interested in the intersection of Agile and alternative education? Or finding tools and practices to adapt for your own project?
Agile Learning Center
115 East 106th Street, Manhattan
Starts June 20, 9:30a-4p; $300-$700
We want to help you find help for short-term projects. Do you have a project, an event, or an action that needs an extra push, a few more people, or an extra set of hands? Please send your calls for help to: hands]at]
nonsense nyc is a discriminating resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in new york city.
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nonsense nyc is a discriminating resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in new york city.

we like rock bands and experimental musicians and arty films and galleries and museums and big street festivals, but we can find information about all of those things in other places. we generally will not list these kind of things on their own. that leaves that other stuff, the stuff that has no name or a name that you feel really self-conscious saying out loud, like "underground."

we publish more or less once a week on fridays in easy digest format. if you sign up, the important thing to remember is that the nonsense nyc happens because of you. that means we rely on you to let us know what events you are organizing and what events you are attending. please keep us up to date and don't assume that we'll find out about something from someone else. our job is to gather, edit, organize, and filter; your's is to make interesting thing happen and let us know about them. (and we love you, and the other people on this list love you, for that effort.)

also, feel free to send us editorial comments. we certainly don't endorse every event on this list, nor do we attend all of them. that means it's nice to hear what you have to say. for instance, let us know if you had the best time of your life last weekend, or, conversely, if you felt like you were cheated out of $5 by some group that sounded good but turned out to be hippie drummers.

anyway, please enjoy this list and remember to do your part to make new york a better place to live.

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