nonsense: 3.9 to 3.15

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Subject: nonsense: 3.9 to 3.15
Date: March 9th 2018
Friday, March 9
* Spectacle BMX, Brooklyn
* Performance Art, Brooklyn
* RSVP (Real Sexy Variety Party), Manhattan
* Encyclopedia Commedia: Volume 1 (Aa to Au), Manhattan
* Guilty Pleasures Cabaret presents: Sexy Is, Manhattan
* The Infinite Wrench, Manhattan
* Comedy Dance Party at Secret Loft, Manhattan
Saturday, March 10
* Ambient Church, Brooklyn
* Swing House 10th Anniversary, Brooklyn
* Purim Unleashed: An Oracular Heist, Brooklyn
* Flux City Destruction, Long Island City
* Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret, Manhattan
* Sweet Tooth, Manhattan
Sunday, March 11
* The Greenroom Presents: Breakfast with John Cariani, Manhattan
* Consciousness, Manhattan
Monday, March 12
* I Have a Crazy Idea to Disrupt the Social Order, Brooklyn
* Phantom of the Paradise: In Concert, Manhattan
Tuesday, March 13
* The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies Presents Shirley Jackson’s Weird, Brooklyn
* Am I Write, Ladies?: Spring Fling, Queens
Wednesday, March 14
* Hyperbole! The Best Comedy Show Ever, Long Island City
* Listening to Hear: A Discussion Panel, Manhattan
* Take Two Storytelling, Brooklyn
* The Fancy Show, Brooklyn
Thursday, March 15
* Abracadabra, Brooklyn
* Force Majeure Vaudeville, Brooklyn
* Fame Dumpster, Brooklyn
* We Ride for Freedom, Manhattan
* The Symposium: Academic Stand-Up, Manhattan
* Toxoplasmosis
* Modesty
* Artisanal Retentive
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Glossy ceramic pig
Spectacle BMX
Dorian and Casey are spiritual adventurers who experiment with quantum physics in a Brooklyn BMX shop. The pair is hellbent on creating the philosopher's stone of ultimate perfection by injecting it into technology in order to save human consciousness. When a BMX pro becomes a subject of one of their experiments, his conceptions of reality are uprooted and everyone may have gotten more than what they bargained for. Starring: Eric Svendsen, KJ Adams, Tommy Norton, Lauren Malissa Williams, and Nicholas Sutton Bell. Written and directed by Ian Gould.
282 Meserole Street, Brooklyn
8p; $25
Continues through March 31
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Performance Art
With Non Grata Group, Kinobox Obscura, and Wild Torus. Opened in 2006, Grace Exhibition Space is devoted exclusively to Performance Art. We offer an opportunity to experience visceral and challenging works by the current generation of international performance artists whether emerging, mid career or established. Being a Brooklyn loft, our events are presented on the floor, not on a stage, dissolving the boundary between artist and viewer. This is how performance art is meant to be experienced and our mission is the glorification of performance art.
Grace Exhibition Space
840 Broadway, second floor, between Ellery and Park Avenue, top buzzer, Brooklyn
J,M,Z trains to Flushing or Myrtle station
9p doors, 9:30-11:30p performances; $10
646 578 3402
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
RSVP (Real Sexy Variety Party)
Your presence is requested for an intimate evening of non-stop, up-close performances by surprising, original, and sometimes risqué NYC talent. With music, dance, comedy, magic, and more on offer, there's something for everyone. So get up, get chic, and get together for this sexy, one-of-a-kind night out where you are truly part of the party. Featuring Carla Rhodes, Mediocre Flow, mesmerizing magic, soulful, swaying songs, and hot burlesque. Hosted this month by Dale Seever.
Arlo NoMad
11 East 31st Street, Manhattan
7:30 and 10p; $25
Continues SATURDAY
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Encyclopedia Commedia: Volume 1 (Aa to Au)
Hosted by Brad Einstein. Featuring Julia Weiss, James Folta, Luke Null, Claire Friedman, Larry Owens, with special musical guest Funk Rust Brass Band. Encyclopedia Commedia is a fast-paced and hilarious exploration of all the knowledge in the world -- in alphabetical order. Come witness a ragtag assortment of bitter tastemakers, impure thought leaders, genuinely accomplished comedians and the occasional marching band as they pummel your cranium with information until you’re weeping with knowledge.
21 A Clinton Street, Manhattan
9p; $10 advance, $12 door
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Guilty Pleasures Cabaret presents: Sexy Is
NYC’s historic cabaret theater, the Duplex, presents Guilty Pleasures Cabaret. In the new year, the ladies and gents of Guilty Pleasures Cabaret are taking sexy back. Join them as they celebrate all the things that make them feel fierce, confident, and sexy through the art of song and dance. With a female lead team, this show serves some serious girl power. The March cast features 11 of the company’s members: Melissa Buriak, Melissa Cammarata, Alison Coleman, Annie Ester, Julia Goretsky, Katarina Lott, Erika Odegard, Andrea Palesh, Kayla Radomski, Ashley Rose, and Jesse Wintermute.
The Duplex
61 Christopher Street, Manhattan
$20 advance, $25 door plus two-drink minimum
21 and over
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
The Infinite Wrench
The Infinite Wrench is an ever-changing collection of short-plays written and performed by the NY Neo-Futurists, a continuation of the company's signature late-night show running since 2004. The single unifying element of these short plays is that they are performed from a perspective of absolute honesty. We always appear as ourselves on stage, speaking directly from our personal experiences. Each short play is written by a performer, honed by the ensemble, and randomly collaged with high energy audience participation. Each week, these plays shift as ensemble members add new plays to the existing body of work, responding to personal and social changes. Each night of performance, we aim to create an unreproducible living newspaper of the comic and tragic, the political and personal, the visceral and experimental. The New York Neo-Futurists are a cousin company to The Neo-Futurists in Chicago (founded 1988) and T he San Francisco Neo-Futurists (founded 2013). The NY ensemble has won multiple awards, has toured internationally, and has been producing a weekly menu of short plays for 13 years: part comedy, part storytelling, part absurd, wholly original.
The Kraine Theater
85 East 4th Street, Manhattan
Continues SATURDAY
10:30p; $19 pre-sale, $13 plus the roll of a die at the door
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Comedy Dance Party at Secret Loft
Check out rising stars and famous comedians working their newest material. We have an amazing line-up, free pizza, and hilarious comics who want to eat that pizza with you. Stick around after the show for a free dance party. Hosted by Petey DeAbreu. Featuring Sam Morril, Pat Brown, Leah Bonnema, Andy Sandford, Rob Haze, and Samantha Ruddy.
Secret Loft
RSVP for address, Manhattan
L train to 6th Avenue station
8:30p doors and pizza, 9p show; $5-15
21 and over
Ambient Church
Please join us next Saturday at the home of First Unitarian Congregational Society, a majestic 19th-century church located in Brooklyn Heights. This evening we welcome the long tone drones of Swedish artist Ellen Arkbro. Her album For Organ and Brass was a top album last year in the ambient/minimalist genres and we are excited to have her perform her new piece for organ and electronics on an pipe organ built in 1900. We'll also be treated to performances by musical mystic Deradoorian (formerly of Dirty Projectors), synthesist Qasim Naqvi of Dawn of Midi, and Chinese composer and singer Lemon Guo who is currently an MFA student in Sound Art at Columbia University. The church's interior will be projection-mapped by Eric Epstein. With lighting and projections, womblike setting, burnt offerings, and kombucha bar.
First Unitarian Congregational Society
119-121 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn
7p doors, 8p show; $25
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Swing House 10th Anniversary
A classic speakeasy party in a secret Brooklyn loft, with live swinging sounds by vintage jazz bands, blazing burlesque divas, exotic cocktails, and the best electro-swing DJs remixing and reinventing vintage grooves late into the night.
The night starts with an introductory dance class for swing basics by Brooklyn Swings, who teach at our loft every Monday night. Then a celebratory free champagne toast at 10p, before we kick off the live entertainment.
Live music until 1a by likely the most-booked band of Swing House's history: Queen Esther and the Hot Five, playing sultry originals and expert renditions of rare all-American standards from the 1920s-30s. Burlesque fabulousness during and between band sets. Sweet remixed vintage beats after, until the dancing is done.
Plus: the gambling den. A taste of our casino nights, with a poker tournament and a roulette table going till at least 1am. You could win drinks and tickets to future events, and yes, if you have casino credit on file with us, you can use it to play. Dress code (required).
Gemini and Scorpio Loft
RSVP for Douglas Street address, Brooklyn
9p-late; $20 until 12:30a, $10 after
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Purim Unleashed: An Oracular Heist
Created by the Aftselakhis Spectacle Committee, in cahoots with Jews for Racial and Economic Justice. NYC's one and only full-scale Purim Extravaganza for the queer, trans, radical, and otherwise beyond the pale. Spectacle theater. Music for dancing. Libations. Puppets. Hamentashn. Kosher Caribbean food. This year's fierce guest artists include Legacy Women, Blake the Scorp, the Rude Mechanical Orchestra, Sivan Rose Battat, Jessica Santos López, members of Outside Voices, Janice Bartley, and of course DJ Ripley.
And the purimshpil itself features a carousel of dogs, the succulent and sustaining Pomegranate Lounge, the chilling Museum of Seven Generations of Whiteness, and the Post-Capitalocene Post Office staffed by a liberated multispecies assemblage. There's a heist. There's divination. There's a cat that wants a job on the dog carousel. There's joy and light and gladness and honor.
East Midwood Jewish Center
1625 Ocean Avenue, at Avenue L, Brooklyn
8p door, 8:30p show; $12-20
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Flux City Destruction
Hui-Ying Tsai is interested in the fragile border of home and the sense of belonging. Home is a verb and an action. The living beings set up the boundary to push outward, and the line is pushed in constantly. The border of a home is constantly being recreated and altered, which suggests that a sense of home must be constantly in flux and that living being must always work toward home wherever we might be. One must live and perform home in order to define it. Hui-Ying will construct from the ruins of the previous cities on-site and create a shelter around her body. To chew, to spit, to tear, to build like an animal.
Experimental performances and music curated by Patricio Jijón
Patricio Jijón and Max Abeles are organizing experimental performances with musicians who are primarily also visual artists, all under the auspices of activating the city with a different energy, bringing different communities together and the spirit of improvisation. Abeles will activate the space wearing post apocalyptic costume-like kinetic sculptures made from recycled materials, augmented to be instruments themselves, to create an atmosphere of catharsis and rebirth.
Secret Special Performance by Jonah Levy and Jaclyn Atkinson.
Flux Factory
39-31 29th Street, Long Island City, Queens
8-10:30p, $free
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret
Now in its fifth year, Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret features an inspired, curated monthly roster of thrilling music, smart comedy, amazing dance, clever storytelling, sexy burlesque, art, and theatrical vaudeville spectacle. A great show in a legendary East Village venue: a NYC night out like no other. Show features East Village legend Mike Milazzo, the Fishnet Follies, Bill Chambers, and Gregor of Berlin. Hosted by Jillian Thomas.
Ten-Foot Rat Cabaret Under St. Marks Theater
94 St. Marks Place, between 1st Avenue and Avenue A, Manhattan
10:30p; $10
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Sweet Tooth
A candy rave. The party that leaves your tastebuds tingling. The finest DJs in NYC will be serving the most delicious house and techno. With DJs Illexxandra, Shakey, Holyman, and Remniqe. Aerial performance by Ariel Iasevoli. Free candy. Dress code: shiny, bright colors, anything sweet or candy-themed. You don't wear party clothes to an office, don't wear office clothes to this party.
RSVP for address, Manhattan
L train to 6th Avenue station
10p-4a; $5 advance, $10 day of
21 and over
The Greenroom Presents: Breakfast with John Cariani
It's 2018 and we're back to bringing people together for theater-focused conversations. This month, the Greenroom welcomes actor and playwright John Cariani. Join us for bagels, coffee, and a lively talk about his work as both an actor and playwright.
John Cariani made his Broadway debut as Motel the Tailor in Fiddler on the Roof (2004) and earned a Tony Award nomination as Best Featured Actor in a Musical. What is the Greenroom? The Greenroom starts with a question: where does community come from? Playwright Adi Eshman and arts-enthusiast Nooreen Javid created a curated series of discussions revolving around the world of theater. Our goal? To create space for young theater professionals and theater-lovers, where guest speakers share their wisdom and experience.
37 East 28th Street, Manhattan
11a-1p; $12…
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Taste of Science presents:
Consciousness: scientists and philosophers have puzzled over it for centuries, but struggle to agree on its definition. It allows us to relate and respond to our surroundings and ourselves, but how does the brain create it and what happens when our awareness becomes disrupted? Join us, and our guests Drs. Jean-Rémi King (NYU) and Mark Baxter (Mt. Sinai), as we explore the power and vulnerability of the brain at our special Brain Awareness Week event. Learn how neuroscientists identify the brain architecture that underpins consciousness. Discover how drugs, like anesthesia, affect the conscious experience. Play neuroscience-inspired interactive games, while altering your brain chemistry with your beverage of choice.
85 Avenue A, Manhattan
7-10p; $free
I Have a Crazy Idea to Disrupt the Social Order
The way you say, buy, think, act, sleep ... all of it out the window forever after seeing this hilarious and challenging line-up of performers, activists, clowns ...  It's a night of music, comedy, storytelling, burlesque, performance art, and nearly anything else. We'll even be screening the short film "Boho's Lament" starring Phillip Giambri. Performances by Gianmarco Soresi, Elsa Waithe, Vernon Payne, Becca Bernard, Teasy Roosevelt, Phillip Giambri, and Tucker Legerski.
Branded Saloon
603 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn
7:45p doors, 8p show; $donation
***** Also on MONDAY *****
Phantom of the Paradise: In Concert
Featuring the music of the Brian De Palma 1974 cult classic film performed as a live concert experience. Having already conquered the music scene, Death Records' enigmatic impresario Swan sets his sights on something bigger than the music itself: The Paradise. After Swan steals songwriter Winslow Leach's music, intent on opening up the ultimate rock palace with it, a disfigured Winslow resurfaces to exact his revenge. With a live band.
The Secret Loft
RSVP for address, Manhattan
L train to 6th Avenue station
8p; $20 advance, $25 day of show
The Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies Presents Shirley Jackson’s Weird
This class is devoted to the work of the reclusive Vermont author whose brutal short story, the Lottery, still holds the record for the most letters of protest sent to the New Yorker for publishing it. Come along with instructor Kristopher Woofter as we walk through the haunted spaces of Jackson’s four major works.
Named for the fictional university in H.P. Lovecraft’s literary mythos, the Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies is an international organization that offers university-level history, theory and production-based masterclasses for people of all ages, founded by film writer and programmer Kier-La Janisse in March 2010, with regular branches in London and New York as well as presenting special events worldwide.
Film Noir Cinema
122 Meserole, Brooklyn
7-9:30p; $12 advance, $15 door
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
Am I Write, Ladies?: Spring Fling
An evening of work from women and gender non-conforming artists about springtime, hookups, longing, nostalgia, seasonally-appropriate historical events, and literal flinging. Featuring comedy, poetry, drag, storytelling, and music by Ayo Edebiri, Kelli Dunham, Bear Lee Legal, Venus Celestina, Sasha Rodriguez-Kolodkin, Courtney Surmanek, Anya Kopischke, Marissa Goldman, and Alexia Antoniou, plus paintings and zines from Kristen Racaniello, Kellie Krouse, Jailyne Torres, and Lilly Ngairi.
The Footlight Bar
465 Seneca Avenue, Ridgewood, Queens
9p show; $10
Hyperbole! The Best Comedy Show Ever
With goodies like raffle giveaways, warm-up comedians in the middle of the show, and -- you guessed it -- a T-shirt cannon, Hyperbole takes a typical comedy show and makes every part of it way more impressive. Hosts Stu Melton, Caroline Doyle, and Charlie Dektar bring you free jokes, free beers, and stand up comedians so funny you’ll pee your literal pants. There has never in the history of man been a funnier, better-produced, better-performed NYC comedy show than Hyperbole. This month's lineup: Josh Gondelman, Noah Gardenswartz, Tom Thakkar, Sam Ruddy, and Nathan Habib.
The Creek and the Cave
10-93 Jackson Avenue, Long Island City, Queens
8p; $free
646 944 9255
***** Also on WEDNESDAY *****
Listening to Hear: A Discussion Panel
Working with directly with clients, regardless of your field, requires layers of interpretation and your full presence. How do you know if you are really listening? How do you know if you are doing a good job? How personally involved should you be? What do an ASL interpreter, running coach, and personal assistant have in common? Come listen and learn as we explore humanity in our work and in ourselves. With Andria Alefhi.
Bluestockings Bookstore
172 Allen Street, Manhattan
7-8:30p; $free
***** Also on WEDNESDAY *****
Take Two Storytelling
Take Two Storytelling is a unique show where storytellers share one true story with two endings: one the way it actually happened, the other where they rewind time to make it all turn out differently. When the only thing between a storyteller and the perfect ending is the real ending, they bring it to Take Two. This month's storytellers: Tiffany Leigh, Sabine Bernards, Calvin Cato, Nate Waggoner, and Gabe Gonzalez. Co-hosted by Elana Lancaster and Harvey Katz.
C'mon Everybody
325 Franklin Avenue, Brooklyn
7:30-9p; $5 suggested donation
***** Also on WEDNESDAY *****
The Fancy Show
Every Wednesday night the Fancy Show delivers a glorious night of stand-up comedy featuring some of the best comedians from New York and across the country. With Matteo Lane, Sydnee Washington, Jason Burke, Derek Humphrey, and Dan Licata. Hosted by Michael Joyce.
The Douglass
149 4th Avenue, Brooklyn
8:30p; $free
21 and over
An old-school Warholian underground dance party. Longing for a night out with contemporaries and a guaranteed good time without everyone looking down at their phones? Abracadabra! Harkening to New York City's Warholian underground dance parties of old but with a more sophisticated edge -- we've all grown up, right?! -- join artsy guests who love to let loose while putting down their smart phones to connect, old school, for a night of socializing, music, dance, and delectable craft cocktails in a fabulous Brooklyn speakeasy.
Featuring a special curated music set from NY nightlife icon DJ Mojo, surprise spectacle performances, and more. Mojo has been an instrumental fixture in New York City's music and arts scene -- here is a quick short on him (you might recognize him because the Beastie Boys wrote a song about him).
Lots of comfy seating to chat and mingle, a dance floor space to get your groove on, dark corners to make out like teenagers, an outdoor space with astroturf to gaze upon the stars, and delicious craft cocktails await you. An early start and end means you can have a great night out with an amazing soundtrack and be guilt-free: get home in time to sleep at a reasonable hour (if you choose), relieve the babysitter, or walk the dog.
Gemini and Scorpio Loft
RSVP for Douglass Street address, Brooklyn
8p-midnight; $12.34 admission
21 and over
***** Also on THURSDAY *****
Force Majeure Vaudeville
With Storyboard P, Torkova, Fantasy Grandma, Poison Eve, Kaitlin Kaufman as Penelope the Clown, R David Robinson, Betsy Propane, and Tanya Solomon.
The Cobra Club
6 Wyckoff Avenue, at Troutman, Brooklyn
L train to Jefferson station
8:30p doors, 9p show; $10 advance, $15 door
***** Also on THURSDAY *****
Fame Dumpster
Want to figure out how to get likes and influence people? Social media gurus and @Betches stars Chris Burns and Alise Morales host this viral night of comedy and content that will make you an influencer in the time it takes to say, “sponsored post!” Featuring Michelle Collins and Ziwe Fumudoh.
The Brick Theater
575 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn
9:30p; $10
***** Also on THURSDAY *****
We Ride for Freedom
One of our primary task in this so called Sanctuary City is to shine a constant, blazing light on Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as they go to workplaces and front doors and pull fathers and mothers and sons and brothers and sisters into white vans and shadowy SUVs. In NYC many people are taken to a facility on Varick Street after they are "picked up."
Let's emphasize the Varick Facility. Call it out. Surround it. Circle it on our bikes. We will circle and circle the ICE jail and the detainees waiting for transfer inside will know that we are out there because they will hear us, because we will be singing.
New York City must be a Sanctuary City. We are peaceful.  We’re sending this invitation to all of our Stop Shopping Church friends, because we want you to come, and we want you to know what we’re doing, and we want to hear about immigration activism where you live.
Bring a bell and a light, ride with traffic, walk against traffic, circle the building. If you don't have your bike with you there are numerous citibike stations in the area and stop shopping tip: gaffer tape is the perfect width for covering up those pesky logos.
Varick Street Detention Center
Varick and Houston, Manhattan
5p; $free
***** Also on THURSDAY *****
The Symposium: Academic Stand-Up
Brain awareness week special, hosted by Kyle Marian and Mimi Hayes. Featuring Shannon Odell of Drunk Science, Mel Owens, Ashley Juavinett, Tristan Miller, Ali Matthu, and Krishna Reddy. The Symposium is produced by Kyle Marian, a science communicator and former physical anthropologist. She got the comedy bug in the UK doing science stand-up with the Bright Club Comedy community and is now on a mission to train up academics and spread the smart funnies across the US. Tonight's show mixes standup comedy by scientists about brain-science research along with comedians' first-hand experiences with brain injury and mental health.
21A Clinton Street, Manhattan
9p; $7
What have you been wishing for? Collaborators, grant monies, a new home? Please send brief listings to jstark]at] We only list available apartments, lofts, studios, and one-off rentals -- not spaces wanted.
***** ARTY STUFF *****
* Needed: Participants for ritual practice.  We'll explore using our voices to support people on a path.  Need to be able play nice with others and hold a note.  Reach out to airelant]at] We can't wait to hear from you.
* Figure Models. A couple of years ago I put a note on Nonsense that I was looking for figure models for our drawing sessions. As I result I got to meet a wonderful model who is still modeling for us but who is also a friend. I'm hoping that we can make that happen again. We're looking for a laid-back and thoughtful model for our Saturday drawing sessions, which are held in a beautiful, immaculate, sunny studio in Inwood. We start at 10:30 in the morning and go until 12:30p, with the option to gather at an equally sunny and immaculate cafe across the street afterward. We start with short (2-5 minute) poses and work our way up to longer poses, 30-40 minutes. The studio is used for yoga and the like, so there are no shortage of stools, pillows, mats, cushions, odd foam shapes and other posing aids which you can use to get creative. We pay $35 per hour, negotiable. The studio is around the corner from the 1 an d from the A, and is right on Broadway. Please contact Marc at astroafric]at]gmail for more info.
* Robert Galinsky is offering two free tickets (for the next six weeks) to his Off Broadway show: "The Bench, A Homeless Love Story" as a gift to nonsense readers. Simply email galinskynow]at] and put "nonsense" in the subject box. At the end of each week, his producer will pick, at random, a winner for the two tickets. More about the show here:
Before it had a name, Spectre Event Horizon Group used to meet at a bar to commiserate and grok the increasingly sci-fi present. Along the way #SPECTRE developed an online platform for sharing specialized investigative research, presented as gossip for non-specialists, all searchable here: Excerpts are compiled for Nonsense by J. Sinopoli. Please recommend relevant Search Terms or Search Results to]at]
***** Toxoplasmosis *****
"Schizophrenia did not rise in prevalence until the late 18th century, when people in Paris and London started keeping cats as pets. In a 2011 study of 20 European countries, the national suicide rate among women increased in direct proportion to the prevalence of the latent Toxo infection in each nation’s female population. A third of all humans now carry Toxoplasma.
T. gondii disconnects fear circuits in the brain, and even makes the rat brain sexually attracted to the odor of cats. Antipsychotic medicine designed to quell schizophrenic delusions in humans apparently blocks the action of dopamine, but might really be thwarting the parasite. Scientists have shown that adding the medicine to a petri dish where T. gondii is dividing will stunt the organism’s growth."
Overheard is from Irene Pedruelo's Mi Niu York, a weekly newsletter for curious characters, treasure hunters, and eccentrics. You can sign up for her favorite stories, projects, artworks, and quotations at
People say amazing things when they think no one is listening. Overheard is about capturing these moments. We share one quotation each week that stuck with us. It's always unsolicited and unedited.
What did you overhear this week? Submit a quotation and a brief description of the scenario to Irene at irenecroga]at]
Overheard in New York. Man in his early 20s about himself:
-- “That’s what happens when you are smarter than everyone in the room.”
We look for the sort of classes you circled in college course catalogs but never managed to fit into your schedule. And we also look for the kind of things that no college could teach. Cheap and eclectic is the rule, though all rules get broken occasionally, and we especially love workshops, round-tables, and teachers who won't take your work out of your hands and show you how to do it right. One-time listings are categorized weekly, with general recurring classes listed at the end on the first Friday of each month. We thrive on your suggestions, so make sure to tell us about upcoming classes.
Learning is compiled and edited weekly by Emma Hurst. Please send listing suggestions to learning]at]
Artisanal Retentive
Brooklyn Historical Society open their doors for a free evening of exploration of Brooklyn’s inexorable artisanal identity. Take a whirl through the new exhibition, The Business of Brooklyn, and pop in on pop-up small-batch talks on start-up culinary ventures. Indulge in a round of artisanal buzzword bingo between free frosty bottles from Brooklyn Brewery.
Brooklyn Historical Society
28 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn
5-8p; $free
Hudson Yard Walking Tour
Join apexart and Architectural Historian Matt Postal for a two-hour walking tour of Manhattan’s Hudson Yards area: New York City’s newest neighborhood, largest construction site, and controversial flashpoint. We will view and discuss this massive development of residential, corporate, retail, and arts properties, as well as the MTA’s 7 train extension, which has played a major role in the development. Visit and learn about projects by leading architectural firms Diller Scofidio and Renfo, Kohn Pedersen Fox, and Thomas Heatherwick, and join in discussion about how these new constructions are transforming the city’s west side in its largest development since Rockefeller Center’s construction in the 1930s.
Hudson Yard
Exact location with RSVP, Manhattan
11-1p; $10
***** LEARNING: MONDAY *****
Do Donkeys Act?
From astute documentary duo David Redmon and Ashley Sabin (Girl Model) comes Do Donkeys Act? Filmed over 5 years, the experimental documentary subtly subverts the notion of the “dumb beast” as it captures donkeys communicating emotionally with each other in the midst of healing from human cruelty and neglect at a Sanctuary. A poetic text threads through scenes “acted” by donkeys, a rhythmic script commentary voiced by Willem Dafoe. Following the screening, we will be joined by folks who work with donkeys at sanctuaries and can speak first-hand to their experiences.
Downtown Community Television Center
87 Lafayette Street, Manhattan
7p; $12 or $25 for season pass to see all screenings
Code Is LAWL: Diversifying the Crypto Demographic
Currently, white men are overly represented within the crypto demographic, similar to the banking and tech industries. A lack of consolidated information and exclusive practices make the space appear difficult for other people to enter and participate in. Led by Casey Silverstein, this free introductory workshop will attempt to break down those entrance barriers and will give you the tools to operate in the "internet of value." This workshop will include the history of blockchain technology, how it works, potential applications of this technology, major cryptocurrency exchanges, and safe and secure practices for buying & selling cryptocurrency. The second half of the night participants will create accounts on different exchanges and learn the basics of trading. RSVP to attend. Space is limited.
Artists Space
55 Walker Street, Manhattan
7p; $free
***** LEARNING: Also on TUESDAY *****
Affordable Housing: How It Works
Organizing for Action is pleased to invite you to a Teach-In and Panel Discussion on Affordable Housing in New York City. We will go over the basics of Federal, State, and City Affordable Housing programs, then have a critical discussion about these programs with a panel of experts. We believe an educated citizenry is essential to improving Affordable Housing policies. We hope to cultivate a discussion focused on understanding the current situation and developing meaningful ways to resist gentrification. It is our obligation to ensure that New York City remains a place to call home for people across all income levels.
33 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn
7p; $free
Pop Gym Pop Up presents:
Free Self-Defense Workshop at the Bureau
Come by this free Pop Up workshop to learn some introductory skills that will keep you feeling safe. We'll be covering the basics: stretching, conditioning, technique, and theory, with the hope that participants will leave with some super useful foundations that will aid them in the day-to-day. Mix that in with some sweat and some movement, and you'll have an accessible and confidence-boosting good time for all. Whether you are a beginner, or someone with experience, come work it out with us. This workshop is open to all ages. We'll be moving around, so participants should wear clothing in which they are comfortable stretching and sweating.
Bureau of General Services-Queer Division
208 West 13th St, Room 210, Manhattan
7-9p; free
***** LEARNING: Also on WEDNESDAY *****
Investing for Beginners
Ready to start investing some of your hard earned cash but don't know where to begin? Concerned about recent news about the stock market and your investments? Join us for a workshop on investing basic. We'll breakdown the financial jargon and help you navigate through the financial system like a pro.
New Women Space
188 Woodpoint Road, Brooklyn
7p; $20
WordHack with James Brew, Rachel Haberstroh, Alexis Whistlethorp
WordHack is a monthly evening of performances and talks exploring the intersection of language and technology. Code poetry, digital literature, e-lit, language games, coders interested in the creative side, writers interested in new forms writing can take, all are welcome here. There will also be an open projector (like an open mic for digital work) where anyone can come up and show their work (for five minutes).
145 West 14th Street, Manhattan
7p; $5-10 suggested donation
***** LEARNING: Also on THURSDAY *****
Men Explain Things to Me: Rebecca Solnit in Conversation
On the 10th anniversary of her influential essay Men Explain Things to Me, Rebecca Solnit comes to New York to read from the essay and discuss the current feminist upheavals and the evolution of a newly energized and transformative movement with writers Aruna d’Souza, Mona Eltahawy, and Marina Sitrin.
Great Hall
7 East 7th Street, Manhattan
7-8:30; free
***** LEARNING: Also on THURSDAY *****
Antifa Discussion Series presents:
Community Resistance
The Antifa Discussion Series is back at Interference Archive to discuss community resistance to white nationalism. This talk will be fueled by the current exhibition, no. NOT EVER., a multi-media, interdisciplinary, immersive installation that provides an anti-racist, anti-fascist framework for understanding the rise of white nationalism in the current moment. This video-based “living archive” depicts a wide-range of rural and suburban organizing strategies from the 1980’s and 1990’s that say “no. NOT EVER.” to white nationalism in the Pacific Northwest. This series is a non-cumulative “101” course, meaning that you do not have to know much about the topic to attend. The mission is to promote a bottom-up approach to understanding and foster a culture of curiosity, as well as avoid any sort of antifashplaining
Interference Archive
314 7th Street, Brooklyn
7p; $free
***** LEARNING: Also on THURSDAY *****
The Long and Fascinating History of Toilets
This class will explore the long and fascinating history of toilets, from ancient Mesopotamia to today. We will walk through the not-so-short history and learn things like: why we should be grateful for Queen Elizabeth I, how toilets have been useful in wars, and the best reasons to visit Japan and Malaysia. We will also learn about how even in current times, toilets are not so common as we often think they are, why that is, and what is being done about it - from Cambodia to San Francisco. Of course, we will also tastefully touch on how you can better your toilet experience in your own home and on the road. The class will be partly interactive, so bring all of your most curious questions and taboo tales.
Brooklyn Brainery
190 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn
6:30-8p; $10
We want to help you find help for short-term projects. Do you have a project, an event, or an action that needs an extra push, a few more people, or an extra set of hands? Please send your calls for help to: hands]at]
* Our Brighton Beach food pantry is very much in need of volunteers (we are having difficulty recruiting due to the date and time). The pantry serves very vulnerable populations, and it would be great to have extra assistance to help operations run more smoothly for them. We serve many seniors, immigrants, and Holocaust survivors who are experiencing food insecurity. Volunteers assist food pantry clients with using a digital program on an iPad. This program allows clients to select which food items they want and do not want for their family, giving them more choice and autonomy, and also reducing food waste. Every Thursday from 9:15a-2p, with the option for coming only once or on a repeating-basis, depending on what best suits your schedule. The pantry is located about two minutes away from the Brighton Beach stop on the B/Q line. The head of the pantry is very appreciative of volunteers and always orders a free pi zza lunch for everyone assisting. If you are interested in this opportunity, please email ndehart]at] for details.
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