nonsensenyc: 2.10 to 2.16

From: "nonsense nyc" <>
Subject: nonsensenyc: 2.10 to 2.16
Date: February 10th 2017

Friday, February 10
* Heartbreak Karaoke Live, Brooklyn
* The Second Annual It's Friday, I'm (Not) In Love Anti-Valentine's Party, Brooklyn
* Rhythm of Afrika and Rhythmic Winter, Brooklyn
* The Secret Loft Show: A Comedy Dance Party, Brooklyn
* Loves Bites the Power Ballads Sing-Along, Brooklyn

Saturday, February 11
* Against Competition, Toward Mutual Aid: ABC No Rio in Exile at Flux Factory, Long Island City
* Rubulad: Where Is The Love? Brooklyn
* Meet Me in Paris: A Clandestine Cabaret, Brooklyn
* Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: Closing Party, Brooklyn
* Drawathon: Twin Peaks, Brooklyn
* Starvue: Midnight Disco Society, Brooklyn
* Board Game and Weird Record Party, Manhattan
* Cerebro: NY Fashion Week Party, Queens
* Heart Shaped Box, Queens
* Handbills of Subversion: Tremendous Art From Losers, Nasty Women, and the Gays, Brooklyn

Sunday, February 12
* Broken Bone Bathtub
* Exceedingly Good Song Night, Brooklyn
* Big Irv's Brand New Storytelling Show, Brooklyn
* Transgressions: Genderful Variety Show, Brooklyn

Monday, February 13
* Resistance Soup, Manhattan
* Little Theatre, Manhattan
* Future Is Female, Brooklyn
* Do You Wanna Kiss? Valentines Day-Eve-Eve Baby, Brooklyn

Tuesday, February 14
* Fueled By Love, Brooklyn
* The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies: A Historic Valentine's Day, Brooklyn
* Pele's Paradise, Brooklyn

Wednesday, February 15
* Standup Comedy at Dreams, Manhattan

Thursday, February 16
* Love Saves the Day Again, Manhattan
* Gemini and Scorpio Movie Night

* Very similar to last week

* Runaway Convention

* Salty

* Contextomy: A Fallacy

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Black and white check


Heartbreak Karaoke Live

Belt out the blues or rock it out at Heartbreak Karaoke Live, a live band karaoke and trivia show hosted at Pete's Candy Store. Celebrate (or not) silly holidays like Valentine's Day with your song selections and our trivia contest. Event is free, suggested donations for singing, and prizes for contest winners.

Pete's Candy Store
709 Lorimer, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
5-8:30p; $free

***** Also on FRIDAY *****

The Skint presents:

The Second Annual It's Friday, I'm (Not) In Love Anti-Valentine's Party

The last thing you need to worry about in 2017 is Valentine's Day, a made-up holiday about a four-letter word. Avoid all the mushy stuff and dance your way into oblivion as we celebrate singledom. DJ Gordon Gloom (Feeling Gloomy, YDH2S) will be crowding the floor with songs of heartache and desire from the 80s to today, drink specials will keep you (in)appropriately lubricated, a cleansing anti-love ritual will provide closure and catharsis, and our photo booth will prove to your ex(es) that you're totally doing just fine on your own really just fine thank you very much. Wear black. All black. Need a reason? Every living thing on earth dies alone. Creativity will be rewarded. The rest is up to you. Rebel. Renew. Rebound.

622 Degraw Street, between 3rd and 4th avenues, Brooklyn
10p; $6 advance, $10 door

***** Also on FRIDAY *****

Rhythm of Afrika and Rhythmic Winter

African heat and diaspora fire. Music by Sta7ck and Brian Lee McCloud.

Bizarre Bushwick
12 Jefferson Street, Brooklyn
J,M,Z trains to Myrtle station
10p-4a; $free

***** Also on FRIDAY *****

The Secret Loft Show: A Comedy Dance Party

Free pizza. Free comedy. Free music. If you're not into this, we don't trust you. We would love it if you would be willing to feature our event. Please let me know if you need any additional information. With Langston Kerman, Frank Conniff, Sean Patton, Christina Galston, Marisa Douenias, Lucas Connolly, and Courtney Maginnis.

Address with RSVP, Brooklyn
L train
8:30p doors, 9p show; $free, $5, and $10
21 and over

***** Also on FRIDAY *****

SecretFormula presents:

Loves Bites the Power Ballads Sing-Along

Foreigner wanted to know what love is, Aerosmith didn't want to miss a thing, Poison warned us every warn has its thorn, and Guns N Roses told us how sometimes it rains ... especially in November. Learn about love, learn about pain, learn how loudly you can sing in a crowd of people all singing their hearts out at our epic selection of 80's and 90's power ballad music videos all with the lyrics on screen so the whole crowd can sing along. And the party doesn't end after the Sing-Along. Everyone is invited to stick around after for Karaoke Tremendous, free karaoke all night long so they can keep singing to hair bands or whatever music they like (though there are microphones which means people actually have to hear them sing).

Union Hall
702 Union Street, Brooklyn
9:30p show; $10
718 638 4400


Against Competition, Toward Mutual Aid: ABC No Rio in Exile at Flux Factory

ABC No Rio and Flux Factory are proud to collaborate on the process-based exhibition, Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid. Seeking an alternative to the competitive atmosphere of art production and exhibition, this project is based on the idea that art should exist as a venture that nourishes collaboration. As such, competitive approaches should be replaced by more mutualist and participatory practices.

ABC No Rio and Flux Factory are proud to collaborate on the process-based exhibition. Seeking an alternative to the competitive atmosphere of art production and exhibition, this project is based on the idea that art should exist as a venture that nourishes collaboration. As such, competitive approaches should be replaced by more mutualist and participatory practices.

Unlike a traditional exhibition, the premise of Against Competition, Toward Mutual Aid requires all artists to propose works themed around mutual aid; those projects will be realized by all of the artists collaboratively over the course of a month. A core part of the exhibition will be the sharing of materials, skills, and labor. Visions will be realized, but not necessarily as originally imagined; this is part of the excitement of the project.

The work for this project will be planned in January, implemented and installed the first week of February, and made available to the public on Wednesday February 8. There will be a closing party and reception on Valentine’s Day, Tuesday, February 14. Today: Site-Specific at Dutch Kill Greens created by current Flux Artist, Razan AlSalah; Feminist Cocktail Party; and Paradiso: a subversive party, curated by Cosmic artist J Triangular. Closing party on Valentine's Day.

Flux Factory
29th Street, Long Island City, Queens
6p; $free

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Rubulad: Where Is The Love?

A love-in, with live music by Madame West, Viva's Rock n Roll Burlesque featuring Julie Atlas Muz and Dame Cuchifrita, and the Modern Airlines. With your DJs Shakey and Mekristo. Plus: Finding Love and Climbing Bridges by Urban Explorer Steve Duncan, projections by the Sperm Whale, Blue June of Magick Talismans Tarot, G Scopitronic’s Non Stop Film Fest, and Kami's Grilled Cheese.

RSVP for address, Brooklyn
8p doors, 9p show; $10 before 9p or real late, $20 otherwise.
RSVP to rubulad]at] for address.

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Gemini and Scorpio present:

Meet Me in Paris: A Clandestine Cabaret

A clandestine French cabaret, with live music, burlesque, and variety acts, followed by late-night dancing and lounging in the softly lit loft, absinthe and other special libations at the bar, and kissing on the sprawling roof. Avalon Jazz Band, with the sound straight out of the Parisian jazz scene of the 1940s, will be playing three full sets to swoon, sway and dance to, with deliciously naughty performances in between. Risque burlesque by Kita St Cyr. Hosted by dashing and dangerous magician Eric Walton. Love & compatibility tarot readings by MetaMarcy. The party is also our annual Birthday celebration: we turn 15 this year.

Dress code: Cabaret through the ages (turn-of-century Belle Époque La Goulue cabaret, 1920s Josephine Baker cabaret, 1930s Marlene Dietrich cabaret, 1940s Edith Piaf cabaret, 1950s Jacques Brel cabaret, 60s and beyond cabaret lounge, anachronistic punk cabaret); Cabaret the movie; vintage or modern high style; dressy and classy.

RSVP for Gowanus address, Brooklyn
9-10p cocktail hour, 10p-1a live acts, 1a-4a dancing; $20 until 1a, $10 after
21 and over

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: Closing Party

Re: Art Show is a never-ending, ever-changing art show housed within the former Pfizer building in BedStuy. Join us Saturday night for performances, food, drinks, and music. This is also the last chance to see Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re:Re: featuring works by Porpentine Charity Heartscape, Ivoire Foreman, Jenyu Wang, I-Chuan Lee, Rachel Stern, Phoebe Grip, and Erin Davis/Max C Lee. This event will also feature I Need Sharper Knives, a performance by Jenyu Wang where she feeds viewers freshly cooked Unagi. It will also feature Sorry to dump on you like, a performance of Christopher Clary's Rhizome-commissioned .zip file containing every piece of digital porn he has ever collected.

630 Flushing Avenue, fifth floor, Brooklyn
6-9p; $free

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Drawathon: Twin Peaks

Fire Draw With Me. A new star is born and she is made of fire, insanity, and wild as hell. Come see her be born, made, Repeat and Create sketches, masterpieces, watch the creation take place, and make great memories in your mind at Michael Alan’s Imaginitarium. Two models in Michael Alan's studio.

RSVP for address, Brooklyn
L train to Jefferson station
7p-2a; $20

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Starvue: Midnight Disco Society

A private audio gallery, loft space, safe haven featuring a vintage Klipschorn system and amazing wood floors for your feet to dance the night away on. A place for likeminded individuals looking to get away from the daily rigors of everyday life through movement. Nothing is for sale inside -- therefore guests should bring anything they might need for the evening.

RSVP for address, Brooklyn
10p; $10 cover all night

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Board Game and Weird Record Party

What better way to spend a Saturday night than meeting new people in an intimate setting, in the East Village over some of the most interesting board games of our era (Catan, Dominion, Carcassonne). And the ambiance will be dope as well -- we will be playing novel, modern and vintage LPs (feel free to bring interesting items from your record collection). Oh and snacks and beverages (alcohol is BYOB).

218 East 5th Street, Manhattan
8-10:30p; $free

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Cerebro: NY Fashion Week Party

Cerebro invokes creation and natural expression. A powerful, limitless machine that drives innovation and style. A cerebral, magical, electric shock that births new fashion and movement. Without filters, without borders, without end. This season we celebrate at new spot, the Deep End. Live. Love. Fashion. Performances by Severely Mame and Elizabeth James. Pop-up shop by J. Papa. Visuals by Professor Lightwav. Cerebral art installation by La Familia Purry. With FW17 Casey Caldwell Fashion Show.

The Deep End
1080 Wyckoff Avenue, Ridgewood, Queens
10p-4a; $free

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Heart Shaped Box

We open the doors of the grand Paper Factory Hotel for another celebration. A ritual of love. Fall in love for the first time, time and time again. Dance the night away with lovers and friends alike. Experience clandestine performances and explore the majestic environments of the grand Paper Factory Hotel.

Your muses for the night in the News Room: Eli Escobar, Miss Sabado, DJ Small Change, and Acapella Soul. In the Hideout: Goldcap, the Spy From Cairo, 2Melo, and DJ Chela. Belly dance performance by Sister of the Blooming Sun, contortion by Nikki Ortiz, snake charming by Alyssamarie Portaro, body painting by Zen Koz, ritual magick by Magnetic X, visionary art by Humo Omuh, Tico Chango, performances, desire, dirty tarot by Lupe, fruits, and delights.

Paper Factory Hotel
37-06 36th Street, Queens
9p-4a; $25
21 and over

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Handbills of Subversion: Tremendous Art From Losers, Nasty Women, and the Gays

Cash 'n' carry closing party to benefit Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. This art show already raised over $3000. But we still have many great pieces available. In this time of great anxiety, the worst we can do is become quiet and complacent. While we still have the right, this show will exercise freedom of speech, our freedom of expression, our freedom of the press. It's time to lace up our boots. Be the light in the dark corners. Stand up. Create. Say something.

Before the age of social media, the best and cheapest way to advertise a show or event was to print up handbill: cut and pasted on 8.5 x 11 piece of paper, xeroxed, and quartered. Collections of handbills over the years remind us of the places we had been, the bands we saw, and the events we attended. The goal of Handbills of Subversion is to provide a snapshot of the future’s collective anxiety through the perspective of the best visual communicators working today.

All handbills are priced at $120. The show is cash and carry. Patrons will be able to take home their artwork at the end of the night. Prints, pins, tee shirts and other merchandise from participating artists will be also available at the closing party.

MF Gallery
213 Bond Street, Brooklyn
7-10p; $free (handbills $120)
917 446 8681


Broken Bone Bathtub

Broken Bone Bathtub is an immersive theater project taking place inside a bathtub in an actual home. After a serious bike accident, a young woman musters up the courage to ask for help, and shares her story, exploring themes of trauma, suffering, human generosity, and connection. The audience takes on the role of the artist's close friends; not only listening but sharing in their experiences, and assisting the cast-clad artist in the actual ritual of taking a bath.

Secret locations all over New York
7p and 9p Thursdays, Fridays, and SATURDAYS, 2 and 4p SUNDAYS through March 5; $35, $5 off with code Buck

***** Also on SUNDAY *****

Exceedingly Good Song Night

An open singing session in the folk-roots tradition.

Exceedingly Good Song Night is an open folksinging session, hosted approximately twice monthly by Ken. Bring your ears, bring your voice, bring instruments, bring friends. Singers and listeners are welcome. Each month, we have a loose theme to encourage people to learn new songs and remember ones they haven't sung in a while. If you'd like to lead a song, look for a traditional / folk / roots song or two that somehow fits our loose yet timely and evocative theme: hearts and minds.

315 Columbia Street, between Hamilton and Woodhull, Brooklyn
6-11p; $free, but please buy two drinks
21 and over

***** Also on SUNDAY *****

Big Irv's Brand New Storytelling Show

Big Irv's is an artists' collective and performance space. Featuring Sean O'Brien, Jake Hart, Shelby Thompson, Kelley Brannon, Nick Padilla, Sissy Van Dyke, Mark Pagan and Lucas Connelly. Also, one extra hot open mic slot.

Big Irv's
381 Hooper Street, corner of South 1st Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
7:30p; $free, BYOB

***** Also on SUNDAY *****

The Fck You Revue, Switch n' Play, and Sasha Velour present:

Transgressions: Genderful Variety Show

The Fck You Revue teams up with Brooklyn drag all-stars Switch n' Play and Sasha Velour to bring you Transgressions: A Genderful Variety Show and Top Surgery Fundraiser to help Bronwyn Karle. Co-hosted by Sasha Velour and Switch n' Play's Miss Malice, this will be a fierce celebration of self-love beyond the normative narrative of the gender binary. With performances by Bea B Heart, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Faux Pas le Fae and Aurora North, Olive d'Nightlife, K.James, MiscAllaneous DomTop, Sasha Velour, Trixie Pop, Vic Sin, and Zoe Ziegfeld.

House of YES
2 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn
7p doors, 7:30p show; $?
21 and over


Resistance Soup

Join us for an advocacy art party. We'll make eye-popping jaw-dropping handmade postcards, fill our minds/hearts/phones with action items, and mingle with fellow resistors. There will be snacks, art, good tunes, and eager activists. Help us cook up some Resistance Soup.

Chinatown Soup
16B Orchard Street, Manhattan
7-11p; $free

***** Also on MONDAY *****

Little Theatre

A whole new show featuring work by Alex Borinsky, Mrs. William Horsley (Matthew Thurber), Kristine Haruna Lee and Morgan Green, and Daaimah Mubashshir and Kat Yen.

Dixon Place
161A Chrystie between Delancey and Rivington, Manhattan
7:30p; $15 to $18

***** Also on MONDAY *****

Future of Sex on tour presents:

Future Is Female

Futurists predict it will be three years till our dates will take place in virtual reality. By 2033, most young people will have had sex with a humanoid. How can we understand how technology is merging with the bedroom? How are women re-designing sex?

Future of Sex presents an all-female panel of sex pioneers: MacKenzie Peck, Feminist Pornographer, Math Magazine; Lidia Bonilla, Founder, House of Plume; Gigi Engle, Sex and Dating Writer, Thrillist. Join us for a lively chat on the future of sex, porn, intimacy and relationships in the age of VR, teledildonics and real dolls, followed by a special performance from a local artist.

This event will take place at Sweatshop and will be recorded for the Future of Sex podcast. We will be serving some beverages alongside the stimulating conversation. We look forward to an engaging discussion.

232 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn
7-9p; $15-20 with donation to Planned Parenthood

***** Also on MONDAY *****

Do You Wanna Kiss? Valentines Day-Eve-Eve Baby

Roses are read / We're all gonna die / Participants get drink tickets / So definitely come by -- Do You Wanna Kiss? is a live dating show where four players are asked a series of match 'em up questions. The more they match, the closer they get to kissing.

El Cortez
17 Ingraham Street, Brooklyn


Fueled By Love

A benefit concert for pipeline activists. Performances by Freestyle Love Supreme members Andrew Bancroft and Shockwave, Apocalypse Wow, Full Moon Party with Ben Curtis, Dragonfly, Rachel Marco-Havens, and Zero Boy. Plus short film screening about the Heroes of Peekskill and raffle for the cause. Lots of dancing.

Join us for this Valentine's Day benefit to help raise funds, spread awareness, and celebrate the love between activists, artists, and citizens uniting to oppose the gas and oil companies putting our planet and people at risk for profit.

A dangerous fracked gas pipeline is currently being built 30 miles north of NYC in Peekskill, NY, only 105 feet from the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. This pipeline threatens not only New York’s drinking water supply, but the lives of 20 million lives of people living inside of the impact zone, which includes all of New York City.

RSVP for address, Brooklyn
8p door, 8:30p show; $15 advance, $20 door, funds raised go to SEnrG and Resist Spectra
RSVP to rubulad]at]

***** Also on VALENTINE'S DAY *****

The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies: A Historic Valentine's Day

The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies is proud to present a series of free lectures designed to both entertain and enlighten. We meet the second Tuesday of each month to discuss historical topics that you probably knew at one point but don’t remember anymore.

No matter if you’re in the mood to impress a date or escape the date, we’re going to turn up the heat with some titillating talks of the historical variety this V Day. Of course, we’ll keep it sweet with candies and drink specials. Featuring talks on the Scandalous Henry Ward Beecher Adultery Trial, A Radical Story of Existential Romance, and A Valentine’s Day History Grab Bag.

The Bedford
110 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn
7p doors, 7:30p lectures; $free

***** Also on VALENTINE'S DAY *****

Pele's Paradise

Get away from the Valentine's madness and the cold winter by joining us for a hot night of dark delight. An evening of tribute to the goddess of fire and dance, Pele's Paradise is a carnal carnival to engage all of the senses. Indulge in a dinner show featuring death-defying fire performance and luxurious burlesque acts throughout the evening, plus delectable tiki drinks handcrafted by the cocktail masters at Arrogant Swine. Featuring performances by Tiny D, Marz, Kita St. Cyr, and Miss Cherry Delight.

Arrogant Swine
173 Morgan Avenue, Brooklyn
8-10p; $10 entry



Standup Comedy at Dreams

Every Wednesday in February, we're doing a standup show live at the studios of Dreams, a new TV network. Different jokes every week with a lineup of NYC's funniest comics. If you want to come see the taping live, sign up here to get on the guest list. Studio audience members get free beer and wine and snacks. With comics Jo Firestone, Aparna Nancherla, Ana Fabrega, and Alingon Mitra.

Dreams Studio
RSVP for exact address, west 20th Street at 10th Avenue, Manhattan
7p doors, 8p show; $free


Love Saves the Day Again

New York City's diversity is central to its unique artistic soul. Join the MOMENT NYC Community, supporting the legacy and future of New York's vibrant musical diversity. The Moment NYC Community is throwing this benefit party for our education program, and to build the community of supporters for the museum project.

With the Groove Collective All Stars and special guests. A tribute to David Mancuso from Luis Vargas from the loft family, DJ Chris Annibell, Jennie Hopper, and Nappy G. David Mancuso's life and work exemplify, our core values of diversity, community, and love of music. His enormous impact on the music scene in New York and around the world are an indelible part of New York City music history. We are extremely happy to have Luis LoftKid Vargas from the Loft family say a few words about his memories of David and his experiences at the Loft.

151 Avenue C, Manhattan
8p-2a; $5 before 9p, $20 suggested donation, $10 minimum, all profits will go to the Moment NYC music history education program

***** Also on THURSDAY *****

Gemini and Scorpio Movie Night: Singles and Reality Bites

Celebrate the dreaded day of romance with this 90s classic of the suck that is dating and singlehood -- that's turning 25 this year. Bonus 1990s rom-com: Reality Bites. Wear your flannel and docs.

RSVP for address, Gowanus, Brooklyn
7p doors, 7:30p and 9:30p movies; $10 suggested donation


Heartbreak Karaoke Live

An alternative Valentine's Day party meant to raise money for RAINN, the largest anti-sexual violence non-profit in the US. We've lined up some exciting brand sponsors and we will also be launching a small collection with a fashion designer named Sticky Baby.

Join It's Not Personal for an alternative Valentine's Day party. Wamoo and Amelia Holt will DJ. Live art making by Ashley Yang-Thompson. This is a 90s themed party that will raise awareness and funds for RAINN, the largest anti-sexual violence non-profit in the US.

291 Hooper Street, Brooklyn
10p-2a; $10


* Freezing Man, February 18
* Rags of Light, February 25


What have you been wishing for? Collaborators, grant monies, a new home? Please send brief listings to jstark]at] We only list available apartments, lofts, studios, and one-off rentals -- not spaces wanted.

***** ARTY STUFF *****

* Wanted: Performers for WFMU talent show: Musicians (including bands), jugglers, mentalists, sword swallowers, lounge singer impersonators, breakdancers, clowns, comedians, etc etc etc wanted for a variety show on Friday, February 24 at Monty Hall, the performance space at WFMU, the freeform station of the nation. The show will have a live audience and also be livestreamed on our website and broadcast on the radio. Interested? Got questions? Email vdougherty]at]

***** SPACES *****

* Looking for a fourth housemate for our co-operative home in Bed-Stuy. We live in a quiet corner of Southeast Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, on a deeply rooted block of rooted by kind neighbors and multi-generational families It's a beautiful neighborhood for walking, with great places nearby: the Public Library, a community garden, the Y, Little Skip's, Peaches, the Pantry, and Saraghina. The A/C and J/Z trains are about 15 minutes away, with several bus-lines and bike paths even closer. Our apartment takes up the top two floors of a brownstone that, in addition to four bedrooms, features an open kitchen and dining room; a living room so big we've carved out areas for entertaining and TV viewing; two bathrooms; and, a meditation and yoga room. These spaces have allowed us to create our own rhythms, and since living here we've all felt released from time and concern. Our home gives off a sense of quiet retreat a nd unexpected joy. The fourth bedroom is very small, but it has both a window and a closet, and there is ample storage throughout the house. As a co-operative, we share equally in household tasks such as cleaning and plan to hire a once-monthly cleaning person to deep clean the space. We value open communication, new perspectives, festivity, thoughtful reflection, and the balance between autonomy and community. Rent for the room is $750 per month, and shared household costs (including a good deal of food, utilities and amp; internet, and house supplies) vary from $50-$75 per month. There's a washer/dryer in the apartment, and the room currently contains a full size bed and small shelf unit, but can be un-furnished as well. We're seeking someone who can settle in for a year, ideally. Our landlord will want to meet you and see proof of income and a housing reference. Please note that a fun two-year old cat dwells here as well. Email amfos]at] for pictures.

* Work studio for rent and a winter bedroom and


Before we had a name the Spectre Event Horizon Group used to meet at a bar to commiserate and trade what our business friends like to call "best practices." Now online, our area of interest remains the ever-fascinating sci-fi present. Our simple intent is an informal trade of specialized investigative research, presented as gossip for the non-specialist. It's true we once were an active email list but at this point everything is searchable and commented upon here: The updates are compiled for Nonsense by J. Sinopoli. Contact]at]

***** Runaway Convention *****

"According to Article V, the states can convene a constitutional convention without the federal government’s go-ahead if two-thirds of them pass a resolution in favor. Right-wing organizations -- and their billionaire funders -- have been working for decades to get state legislatures to call for such a convention, with the explicit aim of limiting the powers of the federal government. And now, they may be closer to their goal than ever, just one state shy of the 34 needed. This September, the nation's first simulated constitutional convention was held, with state legislators representing all 50 states attending. There are concerns however, even within the movement, that a real convention could go beyond its stated goals, drafting amendments above and beyond the ones proposed."


Overheard is from Irene Pedruelo's Mi Niu York, a weekly newsletter for curious characters, treasure hunters, and eccentrics. You can sign up for her favorite stories, projects, artworks, and quotations at

People say amazing things when they think no one is listening. Overheard is about capturing these moments. We share one quotation each week that stuck with us. It's always unsolicited and unedited.
What did you overhear this week? Submit a quotation and a brief description of the scenario to Irene at irenecroga]at]


Overheard in NYC. February 2017. Woman in her 20s on her phone:

-- "He is *so* salty ... I'm ill."


-- "I don't want to talk to you anymore."


We look for the sort of classes you circled in college course catalogs but never managed to fit into your schedule. And we also look for the kind of things that no college could teach. Cheap and eclectic is the rule, though all rules get broken occasionally, and we especially love workshops, round-tables, and teachers who won't take your work out of your hands and show you how to do it right. One-time listings are categorized weekly, with general recurring classes listed at the end on the first Friday of each month. We thrive on your suggestions, so make sure to tell us about upcoming classes.

Learning is compiled and edited weekly by Juliana Driever. Please send listing suggestions to learning]at]


Anthropomorphic Beetle Shadowbox

Join former AMNH Senior Insect Preparator Daisy Tainton for Morbid Anatomy’s popular Anthropomorphic Insect Shadowbox Workshop. One free cocktail will be provided per student.

Rhinoceros beetles: nature’s tiny giants. Adorable, with their giant heads and tiny legs, and wonderful antler-like protrusions. If you think they would be even more adorable drinking tiny beers and holding tiny fishing poles, we have the perfect class for you! In today’s workshop, students will learn to make and leave with their own!shadowbox dioramas featuring carefully positioned beetles doing nearly anything you can imagine.

Lucky on B
168 Avenue B, Manhattan
Noon; $65


Contextomy: A Fallacy

This panel asks Francesca Coppa, Christina Xu, and Camila Mercado to consider what it means to exist sub-culturally in the contemporary moment. It asks questions of where the lines between appropriation/knowledge sharing and history/memory begins and ends in the globalized world. The panel asks us to consider communities as living beings, in a global context, and reliant on a language that’s always in translation.

562 Evergreen Avenue, Brooklyn
4p; $free


Mapping and Visualizing Gentrification in Brooklyn

What is gentrification? How does it look like? How can we document it visually? And why should we map it? While abstract numbers, reports and statistics are helpful to expose the damaging effects of gentrification process on low income communities of color, they also tend to distract us from the fact that, at the end of the day, gentrification is a highly tangible, physical and material force that aggressively transforms the physical fabric of low income neighborhoods. During this collective map making exercise, we will use simple and accessible online resources to develop new skills for documenting and visualizing the changes that take place during the gentrification process. There will be free pamphlets with useful and relevant information available for the attendees.

Central Library
10 Grand Army PLaza
6:30-9p; $free


Tantra Meditation

Come home to your body in this weekly tantra class. You'll learn basic tantric meditation, breathwork and movement which gives you radical self love, authentic intimacy and deep healing. Women only. Bring water and clothing to move around in.

449 Keap Street, Brooklyn
8:30-9:30p; $33


To Be or Not To Be a 501c3

This workshop will help you determine if establishing a formal nonprofit is the right decision for your all-volunteer community group. We'll walk through the major factors in the decision and the process for applying.

Citizens Committee for New York City
77 Water Street, Manhattan
March 4, noon-3p; $free
RSVP: kgrassle]at]


School of Making Thinking

The School of Making Thinking Spring 2017 Courses are commencing February 15th. All of our classes seek to bring rigorous thinking into conversation with experimental pedagogies.

Abrons Arts Center
466 Grand Street, Manhattan
Times and dates vary; $200, 8-week sessions


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nonsense nyc is a discriminating resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in new york city.

please remember you are welcome to pass nonsense along to anyone who needs to see it, but you do not have permission to use any of the listings for your commercial endeavor. if you are receiving this list as a forward you can sign up for yourself at

we accept donations to cover the costs of producing this list, and suggest $10 a year, or $25 a year if we list your events. this is not a traditional subscription, but a donation because you believe independent artists should support other independent artists. you can make donations here: thanks.




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nonsense nyc is a discriminating resource for independent art, weird events, strange happenings, unique parties, and senseless culture in new york city.

we like rock bands and experimental musicians and arty films and galleries and museums and big street festivals, but we can find information about all of those things in other places. we generally will not list these kind of things on their own. that leaves that other stuff, the stuff that has no name or a name that you feel really self-conscious saying out loud, like "underground."

we publish more or less once a week on fridays in easy digest format. if you sign up, the important thing to remember is that the nonsense nyc happens because of you. that means we rely on you to let us know what events you are organizing and what events you are attending. please keep us up to date and don't assume that we'll find out about something from someone else. our job is to gather, edit, organize, and filter; your's is to make interesting thing happen and let us know about them. (and we love you, and the other people on this list love you, for that effort.)

also, feel free to send us editorial comments. we certainly don't endorse every event on this list, nor do we attend all of them. that means it's nice to hear what you have to say. for instance, let us know if you had the best time of your life last weekend, or, conversely, if you felt like you were cheated out of $5 by some group that sounded good but turned out to be hippie drummers.

anyway, please enjoy this list and remember to do your part to make new york a better place to live.

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