nonsensenyc: 12.16 to 12.21

From: "Jeff Stark" <>
Subject: nonsensenyc: 12.16 to 12.21
Date: December 16th 2016


Friday, December 16

* Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind: Best of 2016, Manhattan
* The Secret Death of Puppets (or) How Do Puppets Die? Manhattan
* Playing Favorites, Brooklyn
* A Place Both Wonderful and Strange's All-Star Salute to Krampus, Brooklyn
* Rhythmic Fall, Brooklyn
* Wonder Island: The Trash Covered Concho, Williamsburg
* Disco Duke Out: Rematch, Manhattan
Saturday, December 17
* The Secular Solstice, Manhattan
* Roaches EP Release Party and Official Lactic Fashion Show Afterparty, Brooklyn
* Bushwick Book Club: Bye-Bye 2016; Singing Songs About Books, Hoboken
* 23 Windows, Brooklyn
* Winter Wonderland, Brooklyn
* Ronnie Stone and the Lonely Riders: The Nasty, Brooklyn
* Procession, Manhattan
* Mister Saturday Night, Brooklyn
* Ill:Legal: A NY Dancesafe Fundraiser, Brooklyn
Sunday, December 18
* Unsilent Night, Manhattan
* The Secret City, Manhattan
* The Museum of Interesting Things Secret Speakeasy, Manhattan
* Holiday Food Swap, Manhattan
* Alien Asylum / Diverse Universe, Brooklyn
* Mending and Solstice-Adjacent Party, Brooklyn
* Manhattan Holiday Food Swap, Manhattan
* Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spae Fourth Anniversary, Manhattan
Monday, December 19
* House of Yes Christmas Spectacular: Home for the Holidays; Xmas in Outerspace, Monday
* Epicenter 20: Island of Misfit Toys 2
* The Love Show, Corn Mo, .357 Lover, Chris Rozzi, the Stilette Hoes, Mel Frye, Manhattan
Tuesday, December 20
* 2016: A Regret-rospective, Brooklyn
* Art Songs for a Winter's Night, Brooklyn
Wednesday, December 21
* 42nd Annual Winter Solstice Celebration, Brooklyn
* The Badass Boardgame Battle, Manhattan
* Leave a Message After the Tone
* FBI vs CIA (cont.)
* Zombies
* Anthropocentric Villain
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Fear and uncertainty
Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind: Best of 2016
Written and performed by the NY Neo-Futurists, the show is a weekly, ever-changing attempt to perform 30 plays in 60 minutes. This weekend, come see the best plays from 2016, all audience favorites. Based on the original concept by Greg Allen and the Neo-Futurists (founded 1988, still the longest running show in Chicago). The single unifying element of these plays is that they are performed from a perspective of absolute honesty. The NY Neo-Futurists appear as themselves on stage, speaking directly from personal experiences. Each short play is written by a performer, honed by the ensemble, and randomly collaged with twenty-nine other plays through high-energy audience participation. Each week, these plays shift as ensemble members add new plays to the existing body of work. Each night of performance, the NY Neos aim to create an unreproducable living newspaper of the comic and tragic, the political and personal, the visceral and experimental. Running for 12 years, part comedy, part storytelling, part absurd, wholly original. The annual 'Best Of' show is a Neo-Futurist fan-favorite, and regularly sells out: highly recommended to pickup tickets ahead.
The Kraine Theater
85 East 4th Street, Manhattan
10:30p; $19 pre-sale, $13 plus the roll of a die at the door
Continues SATURDAY
NOTE: Farewell to Too Much Light in New York. It's been an inspiring 12-year run.
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Beggars' Shadows present Sibyl Kempson's:
The Secret Death of Puppets (or) How Do Puppets Die?
The Secret Death of Puppets (2005) is a unique set of three playlets that examines intimate moments of power, expectation, and human interaction in times of travel and unease. In this fall 2016 production, Kempson’s puppets are replaced by human surrogates in the first two playlets, mixed languages are amplified, modern technology meets 400-year-old churches, and the details of intimate imperialism are firmly in the foreground.
Relevant to today’s distrust of outsiders and leveraging of power, these theatre artists create an experiential work of art that addresses human travel and reception through time and space, radical theatre, and communication between strangers.
Jefferson Market Library
425 6th Avenue, Manhattan
9-10p; $free
Continues SATURDAY at Standard Toycraft
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Playing Favorites
For Playing Favorites, we invited poet and curator A.W. Strouse to explore Wayfarers members’ studios and select works that he thought might serve as points of departure for his writing. He describes the poems he has written in response as "little odes in the style of Horace. A characteristic feature of the Horatian ode is that the odes are each addressed to specific people or things... a kind of dialogue, with a particular addressee receiving the poem. [The poems in Playing Favorites] are addressed sometimes to the object, sometimes to the artist, sometimes to the viewer."
The writings have then been illustrated with drawings of the selected works by our beloved board member, Patty Barth, and printed as a limited edition gift for visitors that also serves as the exhibition guide.  Please join us for the opening reception of Playing Favorites. Also: There will be cake. Writing by A.W. Strauss. Drawings by Patty Barth. Featuring works by: Maggie Hazen, David (Scout) McQueen, Hiroki Otsuka, Pate, Mike Taylor, Charlotte Evans, Sam Ritter, Christy Gast, Dave Shaughnessy, Janel Schultz, and Evelyn Donnelly and Maureen O’Leary.
1109 Dekalb Avenue, between Broadway and Malcolm X, Brooklyn
7-10p; $free
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
A Place Both Wonderful and Strange's All-Star Salute to Krampus
Featuring Ghost Cop, Knifesex, Edith Pop, and Silent Drape Runners.
Catland's Krampusfest
987 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn
9p; $15
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Rhythmic Fall
A free dance party in Bushwick. Music by Sta7ck, Brian Lee McCloud, and New York Knick. With hip hop, R&B, African house, Afropop, and tropical heat.
Bizarre Bushwick
12 Jefferson Street, Brooklyn
J,M,Z trains to Myrtle station
10p-4a; $free
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Wonder Island: The Trash Covered Concho
Wonder Island is monthly comedic short play, produced and written by Jon Schoss and Ari Zeneli. It is a send up to shows like the Might Boosh and the Muppet Show. This installment of Wonder Island is directed by Carmen Christopher.
Cloud City
85 North 1st Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
7:30p; $5
914 312 3727
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Disco Duke Out: Rematch
This Friday, come and release some post-election steam with an action packed night of hard-hitting exhibition fights, knockout ring girl burlesque, Studio 54 debauchery, and deliciously strong drinks. While our live dancers Essence Revealed, Lady Courtney and Dashing Daddy Cool turn up the ring between fights, party-goers can battle it out on the dance floor with their own fancy footwork to a funky disco beat provided by DJ Ronnie Magri.
Church Street Boxing Gym
25 Park Place, Manhattan
9p; $15 advance, $20 door
The Secular Solstice
The Secular Solstice is a holiday event for people who like singing and don't mind updating their lyrics in light of scientific progress. It tells the story of the first hunter-gatherers who looked up at the sky and wondered when sun would return. It's a new holiday, for the 21st century, featuring old familiar favorites together like Here Comes the Sun and Monty Python's Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, and new solstice songs written just for the occasion like Here and Now, and Brighter Than Today. Along the way, we'll journey through the darkness, confronting the difficult challenges that lie ahead of our species, looking to a future we can build together. This year, we'll be telling the story of smallpox - how humanity took on one of the deadliest diseases, and eradicated it from the earth. Children are welcome. The first half of the program is roughly rated PG and the second half is PG-13. During the second half of the ceremony (which is a bit more serious and adult-focused), there'll be activities for them in the reception area.
New York Society for Ethical Culture
2 West 64th Street, Manhattan
5p doors, 6p singing; $25 adults, $12 children
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Materia presents:
Roaches EP Release Party and Official Lactic Fashion Show Afterparty
With the latest EP Release from Rozay Labeija and Celestial Trax, Materia Records is celebrating with a label showcase of its future-club artists. Expect a culmination of fresh sounds, performances, and atmosphere, as we partner up with Lactic Inc. for its official Fashion Show afterparty. Live performances by Rozay Labeija, Taphari, Keijaun Thomas, as well as DJ sets from Byrell the Great, Gooddroid, Bassbear and Images.
140 Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn
L train to Dekalb station, M to Knickerbocker station
11:55p-4a; $5 with RSVP, $8 otherwise
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Bushwick Book Club: Bye-Bye 2016; Singing Songs About Books
We’re letting go by playing it again and hearing something new. We’re taking the spark of creations from this year and seeing how we can further it now, how they want to take shape now and what else of ourselves comes through the songs now.  We’re building now out of nothing and out of everything we got.  Come celebrate with us at the marvelous Issyra Gallery. You’ll be immersed in an environment built from the hands, spirit and vision of artist, Issa Sow, plus the literature-inspired revelry of yours truly, Bushwick Book Club. Plus, Charlie is making beef bourguignon.
Hear your favorite songs from our contributing songwriters inspired by Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof by Tennesse Williams, Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch, Geek Love by Katherine Dunn, biography of Nikola Tesla by Sean Patrick, the Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethem, and Monsters of Literature. With performances by Leslie Graves, Timothy Dark, Jessie Kilguss, Charlie Nieland, Susan Hwang, Lusterlit, Storm Garner, Mark Lesseraux, Ellia Bisker (Sweet Soubrette, Charming Disaster), and Jim Flynn.
Issyra Gallery
300 Observer Highway, Hoboken, NJ
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
23 Windows
An evening of live music, live sculpture, poetry, DJ, and visual treats, warm tea as we begin to celebrate the winter solstice. Bring your own remedies and poisons to share and check out our music distro table - vinyl, CD, and digital file goodies. Wear a sweater if it's chilly. All of the best in the coming new year to all of you. Performers alphabetically: Bradford Reed and Friends, Hisayasu Takashio with Kelvin Daly and Andrew StoryTime, Jason Blackkat, Nurbstream, Patrick Todd, Plan23, Project Kandata, and Your Grace Adrianna Natalie.
23 Windows
41 Belvidere Street, Brooklyn
9p-late; $free
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Winter Wonderland
3D Laser Shows, Holiday Vendors Toy Trains, and Santa Claus.
Sideshows By the Seashore and Freak Bar
1208 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn
noon-7p; $free-$12 ConeyIslandLaserShows
coneyislandlasershows. com coneylasers
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Ronnie Stone and the Lonely Riders: The Nasty
On Saturday, flaunt your chains, cuffs, and clamps as Ronnie whips the Brooklyn Bazaar into a hazy meat locker of BDSM boogie. Featuring live performances by Ronnie Stone and the Lonely Riders and Infinity Shred. Drag show and master of ceremonies by Qhrist with a Q. DJ sets by DJ Purevile. Revel in our safe space, a place without pain, because in here, pain is pleasure, and freaks, fiends and androgynous queens.
Brooklyn Bazaar
150 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn
8p-2a; $12
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Procession, the monthly lascivious danse macabre, celebrates its one-year anniversary with a special holiday bazaar, featuring local dark artisans and their wares, vending amongst the musical melancholy and fog.
Procession combines Home Sweet Home’s macabre accouterments, eg: taxidermy, candles and antiques; along with copious fog, carefully chosen tracks, and ambiguously sado-masochistic projections. The music offerings are a captivating mix of both classics and the new -- but always staying within the realms of danceable melancholia. It’s not uncommon to hear selections ranging from Skinny Puppy to A Place to Bury Strangers and from Cold Cave to Grimes, all peppered with the likes of say, Cabaret Voltaire, Psychic TV, Bauhaus, and Siouxsie -- on a given night. Discriminating audio and visual curations are the work of DJs and promoters Cage and Hart.
Home Sweet Home
131 Chrystie Street, Manhattan
10p-4a; $free
21 and over
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Mister Saturday Night
With Beautiful Swimmers and Eamon Harkin.
Silent Barn
603 Bushwick Avenue, Brooklyn
10a-4a; $20
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Ill:Legal: A NY Dancesafe Fundraiser
NY DanceSafe is pleased to announce our first fundraising event showcasing a variety of music and visual talent from within the music communities that we serve. NY DanceSafe promotes safety and awareness in nightlife and this fundraiser will help the NY chapter to expand its health & harm reduction resources and services.  NY Dancesafe was initiated in 2013 with chapters now covering Northern Jersey, Western New York and New England.
The Gateway
1272 Broadway, Brooklyn
9p-5a; $10-20
21 and over
Unsilent Night
Unsilent Night is an original composition by Phil Kline, written specifically to be heard outdoor in the month of December. It takes the form of a street promenade in which the audience becomes the performer. Each participant gets one of four tracks of music in the form of a cassette, CD, or Mp3. Together all four tracks comprise Unsilent Night. The fact that the participants play different "parts" simultaneously helps create the special sound of the piece. Participants carry boomboxes, or anything that amplifies music, and simultaneously start playing the music. They then walk a carefully chosen route through their city’s streets, creating a unique mobile sound sculpture, which is different from every listener's perspective.
Washington Square Park
5th Avenue and 8th Street, Manhattan
6p; $free
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
The Secret City
It's our second annual Winter Solstice celebration in New York City at the historic Judson Memorial Church on Washington Square. Join us for this once-a-year evening gathering of music, food, art, community, and storytelling -- with a whole lotta silver. The theme is space.
Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South, Manhattan
6:30-8p; $20
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
The Museum of Interesting Things Secret Speakeasy
The theme is Sideshow in Soho: The Windup Circus. With vintage board games, antique windup toys, and classic Coney circus thingies and more. With 16mm short circus vaudeville films and more. Vinyl music DJed. Drinks and food, cool toy, and circus antiques demo'ed. With a Snake Charmer from Coney too.
The Loft at Prince Street
177 Prince Street, Manhattan
6-10p; $10 to help the museum
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Holiday Food Swap
Come bring a homemade, homegrown, or foraged food or two to swap with others at the first Manhattan Holiday Food Swap. You can bring either one type or multiple types of foods. The more you bring, the more you have to barter. A screening of the Nightmare Before Christmas to follow.
Final Frame
150 West 22nd Street, third floor, Manhattan
3-7p; $donation
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Alien Asylum / Diverse Universe
Welcome all aliens, undesirables, strangers, and deplorables. The misfits and the damned all have a place at Alien Asylum. Diverse Universe, Wild Embeddings, and Pulsar have come together to open a portal of action, sound and vision. Upwards of 20 artists from way out there and round the way, will be conducting the happening on two levels and in the streets. Non Grata will light the fire in the dark moist corners of the mind and Wild Torus Cult will plant its mushroom spores in their fertile soils. Also performing will be Drums Like Machine Guns from Philadelphia, Eames Armstrong and Cory O’Brien from Washington D.C., Id M Theft Able from Maine, Bathassaults from Philadelphia, Euu from New Jersey, Thickly Painted Ceiling from New Jersey, Kim Fatale from NYC, Ian Deleón and Jin Hee from NYC, Hee Ran from NYC, Sewer Rats BK from NYC, DJ Semita Serpens from NYC, Esther Baker-Tarpaga from Philadelphia, Spreaders and Videopunks from New York, Bonnie Lane from NYC, Ronit Levin Delgado and Polina Riabova from NYC, and Felix Morelo from NYC. The Gateway is a Bushwick  music and arts venue with a full bar. This event is part 2 of another Wild Embeddings/Pulsar weekend--Part 1 is Saturday night at the Pfizer Building.
The Gateway
1272 Broadway, Brooklyn
8p-3a; $12 online presale, $15 door
J and Z trains to Gates station
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Mending and Solstice-Adjacent Party
Please join us for a workshop of Mending and a solstice-adjacent party. You are invited to crawl out of your winter rugs, to put a spangle on your hat and to hie yourself over to the Uncanny Valley to see some music and theater and then stick around to chat with people you know and people you don't know.
A new workshop of Mending by Normandy Sherwood, performed by Ean Sheehy, Zoë Geltman, and Lisa Clair, with music from Craig Flanagin, Hajnal Pivnik, Kevin Shea, and Normandy Sherwood -- a.k.a. the Solstice Band, last seen at Trans-Pecos on the Summer Solstice.
Why do we need all this stuff? I’m sorry it’s such a vague question, but, you see, some Satanists confiscated my notebook, the notebook that had all the details in it. By stuff I mean things: pencils, erasers, phone cords, wall clocks, pinecones, driveway, threshing machine, silo, catfish, telephone pole, sunset….  Pinecones... Catfish... We are enacting a ritual to mend and recover, to heal our bad relationship with things. We’re reconstructing it from memory. We want to learn how to respect a spoon. Party continues afterward with drinks and things.
Uncanny Valley
147 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn
L train to Montrose station, G train to Broadway station
7:30p show; $5 suggested donation
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Manhattan Holiday Food Swap
Bring a homemade, homegrown, or foraged foods and get ready to socialize and swap foods with others. Stick around for a screening of the Nightmare Before Christmas in one of two private theatres in this post production office.
Final Frame
150 West 22nd Street, third floor, Manhattan
3-7p; $?
***** Also on SUNDAY *****
Museum of Reclaimed Urban Spae Fourth Anniversary
MORUS is turning 4 years old. Come celebrate with us. Stories, slide shows, music, history, free pizza, and shenanigans. Performing and presenting: Seth Tobocman, Maggie Wrigley, Peter Spagnuolo, and Barbara Lee. Hosted by Fly.
This year has brought new successes. With your help, we contributed to reopening a new community garden in Alphabet City. Since last month, Carmen’s Garden is finally open to the public. We continue to celebrate and to promote community gardens by organizing events that serve you and your community. Our 4th Film Festival, this year on the topic “People for the Planet”, attracted hundred of visitors that came to learn about various local initiatives to protect the environment. MoRUS also keeps expanding its programming and partnerships. Together with the Loisaida Center, Time’s Up and La Plaza Community Garden, the Museum organized a Recycled Fashion Show, composting workshops, and garden green ups.
The Museum’s exhibition and tours continue to attract local and international visitors. Since the beginning of 2016, MoRUS has had more than 3,000 visitors from 15 countries on 4 continents. The Museum is now recommended in numerous international travel guides in France, Germany, Sweden, of course in the USA.
We are now in our fourth year and you can see our influence everywhere. People are now proud of their activist history and the incredible sustainable changes that came from it. The community gardens, the squats and the activism that rose out of the East Village has positively affected New York City and beyond, and now everybody knows it. But we still have a lot of work cut out for us. With uncertain times ahead, your support is even more necessary.
Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MORUS)
155 Avenue C, Manhattan
7-10p; $donation
House of Yes Christmas Spectacular: Home for the Holidays; Xmas in Outerspace
A holiday-flavored entertainment extravaganza of festive intergalactic fantasies, live and in 3D. This year we bring you home for the holidays on a quest discover the true meaning of Xmas. Bigger, Brighter and more festive than anything ever put into the atmosphere. Produced and Directed by Kae Burke and Anya Sapozhnikova.
Featuring an unbelievably large cast of your favorite christmas characters from far far away, including Misfit Drag Queens, Reindeer and Pain-deer, Venus Fly Traps, Santercize Instructors, North Pole Dancers, an alien Father Christmas, Santa Klaus Nomi, Baby Jesus herself and plenty more unearthly surprises.
House of Yes
2 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn
7p doors, 8p show; $35
21 and over
***** Also on MONDAY *****
Epicenter 20: Island of Misfit Toys 2
Seems absolutely impossible to top last year's #Epicenter09 extravaganza but rest assured we are curating quite the holiday showcase to properly celebrate with talent first rate. Tis high time and tide for that Bumble Bouncing ride. We have two sets of double Santa's joining us for this festival inside.
With N-Type and Razor Rekta from across the pond, Eelko and Jah Man Surf returning from the regional tip. Joining Tsunami Bass Experience on the full force of the almighty Tsunami Bass Sound System source.  Also, t'is the spirit! As per our rewarding experience in community giving last year, we will also be continuing the tradition of the super successful toy drive to collect gifts of joy for some very deserving local girls and boys spending the holidays in area shelters. So start saving up for a new, still in the package, toy to donate to a very deserving girl and/or boy.
RSVP for address
***** Also on MONDAY *****
The Love Show, Corn Mo, .357 Lover, Chris Rozzi, the Stilette Hoes, Mel Frye
Corn Mo plays piano with special guests for this holiday spectacular. Mel Frye sings a new song from his upcoming movie. The Stilette-Hoes perform their future Christmas classic. Chris Rozzi brings a host of characters including Fluff. Corn Mo's band .357 Lover performs their Christmas song "Werewolf Candy Cane," and featuring dancers from the Love Show.
67 Orchard Street, between Rivington and Stanton streets, Manhattan
8p; $10
The Fuck You Revue presents:
2016: A Regret-rospective.
The Fuck You Revue is a radically inclusive monthly spectacle at Bizarre Bushwick. Luminaries of the NYC burlesque, drag, and performance art scenes converge to spit on the grave of this senseless dumpster fire of a year. Bring 2016 to a close with a bevy of brilliant striptease artists -- and let old acquaintance be forgot. After all, baby New Year is naked, and so are we.
With co-producers Fancy Feast and Zoe Ziegfeld, featuring performances by Tigger!, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Peekaboo Pointe, Sasha Velour, Fem Appeal, Iris Explosion, Abby Fantastic, Black Magic, and Lee Valone.
Bizarre Bushwick
12 Jefferson Street, Brooklyn
J,M,Z trains to Myrtle Avenue station
9p doors, 9:30p show; $10 suggested
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
Art Songs for a Winter's Night
Composers Lacy Rose and John Albert Harris join together for an eclectic evening of vocal performances ranging across the popular and classical genres. Join us for this night of new music at ensemble mise-en's intimate venue in the heart of Bushwick.
679 Hart Street, apt. 1B, Brooklyn
8p; $10 suggested
42nd Annual Winter Solstice Celebration
Join Mama Donna Henes, New York's own Urban Shaman, for her 42nd Annual Winter Solstice Celebration happening at Grand Army Plaza in Brooklyn, at dawn. Celebrants will gather at Bailey Fountain at 7a and the celebration will begin at the 7:11a sunrise. Let us drum up the sun and celebrate the dawning of light in the Northern hemisphere. Let us reignite the fire in our hearts and shine our spirit on the whole world. This is a family friendly event. Kids and dogs are welcome. Please bring drums, percussion instruments, and lots and lots of spirit.
Sunrise Solstice Ceremony
Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
7a start, 7:11a sunrise; $free
***** Also on WEDNESDAY *****
The Badass Boardgame Battle
Think you are a master of Board Games? Here is your chance to prove it in the ultimate smackdown of Board Game dominance. Up to 20 teams (two players each) will compete in quick versions of Taboo, Scattegories, and Pictionary. The top teams will then compete in a sudden death version of Jenga. Winning team takes all.
Tempest Bar
407 8th Avenue, Manhattan
7-9:30p; $15 per person
Rock 'n' Roll Bingo
Rock 'n' Roll Bingo is coming to town with tons of prizes to stuff your stockings and free booze to cure your holiday blues.
Sweet Jane's
64-02 68th Avenue, at 64th Street, Ridgewood, Queens
8-11p; $free
* Secret City Annual Winter Solstice, December 18
* Rubulad Proudly Presents Y2K Flashback, December 31
* Junxion Reset, December 31
* Mister Sunday: New Year's Day, January 1
* Golden Festival, January 13 and 14
What have you been wishing for? Collaborators, grant monies, a new home? Please send brief listings to jstark]at] We only list available apartments, lofts, studios, and one-off rentals -- not spaces wanted.
***** ARTY STUFF *****
* A couple months ago, my friend Melanie and I started Leave a Message After the Tone, a short-form podcast about voicemails and the everyday moods they capture. The premise is simple: listeners call in and leave voicemails about a set topic. So far, we've released four episodes, covering topics such as memorable moments on public transportation to the messiness of friendship break-ups. The AV Club called it "bite-sized and soothing," and depending on the topic, the immersive podcast can range from funny to whimsical to critical. Passing it along because I think it might be right up nonsensenyc's alley and I'd love if it could be featured in the upcoming newsletter. This month, we're asking listeners to call in at 203 890 0974 and share their stories -- big or small, gradual or sudden --  about when their understanding of a family member changed. Maybe it was something said during their grandparents' divorce, or a conversation they had with their uncle at 7-Eleven. But whatever the case, it changed how they saw them -- for the good, the bad, or just different.
* Wanted: guitar/keyboard/accordion player for a sing along on New Year's Eve in Bushwick. There is a little money involved, plus free drinks, comps to a party, and being treated like a king/queen/nongenderbinary royalty. Amateurs welcome. Please forward to anyone you know who might be interested and feel free to ask me for more details. Email veronicadougherty]at]
***** SPACES *****
* Rubulad has one art studio and one soundproof shipping container music studio available now at our new place in Bushwick, right in between the Jefferson and Morgan stops. Studios come with a rad garden huge shared outdoor space. Asking $650,$700 per month with a one-month deposit chris]at]
***** MONEY *****
* Support ABC No Rio:
Before we had a name the Spectre Event Horizon Group used to meet at a bar to commiserate and trade what our business friends like to call "best practices." Now online, our area of interest remains the ever-fascinating sci-fi present. Our simple intent is an informal trade of specialized investigative research, presented as gossip for the non-specialist. It's true we once were an active email list but at this point everything is searchable and commented upon here: The updates are compiled for Nonsense by J. Sinopoli. Contact]at]
***** FBI vs CIA (cont.) *****
"Neither leak came from the Russians,"  Ambassador Murray said. "The source had legal access to the information. The documents came from inside leaks, not hacks." He said the leakers were motivated by "disgust at the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and the tilting of the primary election playing field against Bernie Sanders." Such an insider could be anyone with government or agency access to NSA databases, or perhaps someone within the DNC. Murray said he retrieved the package from an intermediary during a clandestine meeting in a wooded area near American University, in northwest D.C.
"It’s difficult to investigate anything about the CIA or the Vatican and not encounter narratives that resemble thriller novels. But we shouldn’t ignore the topic. The CIA is the best known of the 17 agencies that comprise the American intelligence community. It has earned itself nicknames like “Catholic Intelligence Agency” and “Catholics In Action”. It’s worth exploring why. To make sense of Catholics in the CIA, you have to go back to the 1940s, before the agency even existed. Until that decade, the United States did not have a unified intelligence system. Separate branches of the military collected and analysed their own intelligence.
Near the middle of the 20th century, establishment Protestants still treated Catholics with suspicion. Catholics were more likely to be trusted and accepted within Wild Bill Donovan’s OSS than in other government agencies. Today many admire the OSS for its derring-do, but many government figures had only contempt for the agency when it existed. Not only did they spurn its operatives as amateurs; they also resented them for encroaching on others’ territory. Critics of the OSS included J Edgar Hoover, the head of the FBI, and an enemy of Donovan’s."
Overheard is from Irene Pedruelo's Mi Niu York, a weekly newsletter for curious characters, treasure hunters, and eccentrics. You can sign up for her favorite stories, projects, artworks, and quotations at
People say amazing things when they think no one is listening. Overheard is about capturing these moments. We share one quotation each week that stuck with us. It's always unsolicited and unedited.
What did you overhear this week? Submit a quotation and a brief description of the scenario to Irene at irenecroga]at]
Mom to kid in stroller with a monotone voice. Overheard in New York. December 2016:
-- "I. Am. Your. Zombie. Mommy. You. Put. A. Spell. On. Me."
We look for the sort of classes you circled in college course catalogs but never managed to fit into your schedule. And we also look for the kind of things that no college could teach. Cheap and eclectic is the rule, though all rules get broken occasionally, and we especially love workshops, round-tables, and teachers who won't take your work out of your hands and show you how to do it right. One-time listings are categorized weekly, with general recurring classes listed at the end on the first Friday of each month. We thrive on your suggestions, so make sure to tell us about upcoming classes.
Learning is compiled and edited weekly by Juliana Driever. Please send listing suggestions to learning]at]
Consider the Dementor: Harry Potter and the Construction of the Anthropocentric Villain
In his 2004 essay “Consider the Lobster,” David Foster Wallace investigated the ethics of boiling alive an aesthetically unappealing, yet sentient and perceiving, creature to augment the pleasure of a human consumer. In the Potterverse, dementors are described by our human heroes as “terrible things” with “rotting” bodies, “unseen” mouths, and characterized as “among the foulest creatures that walk this earth.” Their occupation as guards of Azkaban Prison does little to improve their reputation among wizard-kind. However, how much of the dementors’ evil is ontological? Is it possible that these beings have been actively constructed as villains by wizarding institutions in order to provide a non-human bogeyman for disciplinary purposes? This talk proposes to employ posthuman and transhuman discourse to attempt a recuperation of the dementor.
Lurking beneath and at the edges of the books’ representation of dementors are clues about their chosen habitats and habits that suggest wizards have manipulated their existence in order to weaponize them. Dementors prefer “decay and despair,” and the “darkest, filthiest places.” Though unpleasant, this classification suggests that left to their own devices, dementors would self-segregate from most public spaces, and join the ranks of other largely avoided chaotic-evil beings in the wizarding world like redcaps and hinkypunks. However, dementors are enlisted as prison guards and assigned the task of punishing wizard lawbreakers. Therefore, their food supply and mating capacity is strictly regulated by wizards, and there are textual suggestions that they are being starved in order to increase their drive to hunt and feed off of wizards.
By close reading the reviled dementor, this talk hopes to open up a wider discussion of wizarding disciplinary techniques, and explore how other hierarchies in the Potterverse are established and maintained.
Chinatown Soup
16B Orchard Street, Manhattan
7:30; $14
Radical Politics: Then and Now and Then Again
While politics has its roots in the Ancient World, radical politics, Left and Right, are a product of the pre-modern and modern eras. This discussion will cover both the movements and individuals that created the present political landscape. The modern political era began with the French Revolution and is currently facing a resurgence of retrograde conservative movements and their dislike of the contemporary world, some of which, was generally considered social and political progress. Join us for a conversation on radical politics, their beginnings, and what they mean to us today.
Molasses Books
770 Hart Street, Brooklyn
7p; $free
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