nonsensenyc: 6.10 to 6.16

From: "Jeff Stark" <>
Subject: nonsensenyc: 6.10 to 6.16
Date: June 10th 2016
Friday, June 10
* The Fifth Annual New York Boylesque Festival, Brooklyn
* InFinite Futures and the Past Will Be Present, Manhattan
* The Sensitive Ear, Manhattan
* NatashaWearsClothes, Brooklyn
Saturday, June 11
* Beats in Space, Brooklyn
* Company Policy 2 at the Frat Haus, Brooklyn
* We Are Brooklyn Pride, Brooklyn
* The Typewriter Project, Williamsburg
* Popsickle All-Day Reading, Brooklyn
* Field Guide: North Brooklyn, Brooklyn
* Cartoon Carnival No. 45: Ladies Night, Williamsburg
* StoryTour: The Brooklyn Electric, Brooklyn
* Life Is But a Dream
Sunday, June 12
* Street Retreat in Manhattan With a Buddhist Monk, Manhattan
Monday, June 13
* Little Theater, Manhattan
* Mouse, Williamsburg
* City Stitchers, Wiliamsburg
Tuesday, June 14
* Stand-Ups Improvise TED Talks, Manhattan
* Rock N Roll Bingo, Manhattan
* Secret Societies of History, Williamsburg
Wednesday, June 15
* A Drinking Game, Brooklyn
* The Other NBA: Writers vs. Publishers, Brooklyn
Thursday, June 16
* Swordraiser X: Curiosity Kilt the Cats
* Same
* Blockchain Justice [NYC Rules]
* Kids
* Woodsmen
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Etch on fogged glass
The Fifth Annual New York Boylesque Festival
Teaser party. Hosted by the World Famous Bob. Starring: Sudbury Boylesque Nickelheads, Matt Knife, Beau Creep, Poison Eve, Bobby Barnaby, Broody Valentino, Emcee Unicorn, Gogo Gadget, Hard Cory, Jackie Nova, James and the Giant Pasty, JD Hickcock, Johnny Nuriel, Munroe Lily, Lucky Charming,  the GlaMonster, and Viktor Devonne.
House of Yes
2 Wycoff Street, Brooklyn
6:30-10p; $15
21 and over
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
InFinite Futures and the Past Will Be Present
Final shows at ABC No Rio before the building comes down. Two shows. InFinite futures: Kevin Caplicki with Alexander Drywall, Peter Cramer and Jack Waters, Barrie Cline with Paul Vance, Jody Culkin and Christy Rupp, Mike Estabrook, Fly, Brian George and Kelly Savage, Julie Hair with Douglas Landau, Takashi Horisaki, Becky Howland, Vandana Jain, Mac McGill, Max Schumann, Noah Scalin, Amy Westpfahl, and Zero Boy. The Past Will Be Present: Margarida Correia, Jade Doskow, Vikki Law, and Chris Villafuerte.
ABC No Rio
156 Rivington Street, Manhattan
7p; $free
Continues through June 24
212 254 3697
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Houseworld presents:
The Sensitive Ear
Forty-two trailblazing artists have forged their way through the front lines of live entertainment and, this summer, Ars Nova will put them on the map in ANT Fest. Meet a new, dynamic indie-theater maker every night during four non-stop, throw-down weeks of next wave talent. Let them lead you to uncharted territories and discover places you didn’t yet know you desperately wanted to go.
Ars Nova
511 West 54th Street, Manhattan
7p; $10
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Natasha Wears Clothes: a comedy show for people who like fashion. NatashaWearsClothes continues its tradition of bringing the most fashion forward comedians to perform in their best outfits. Come out for an amalgamation of fashion, comedy, and trivia games. We've got storytellers, stand ups, character performers who will be telling jokes and stories all while wearing their boldest patterns. And in between we'll be playing trivia and games with the audience all about fashion. The bartender will be serving delicious drinks and the whole thing takes place at one of the trendiest fashion boutiques in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. It's fashion, it's comedy and it all takes place in between the racks of a clothing store. Hosted by Natasha Vaynblat.
Jill Lindsey Clothing Store
370 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn
8p; $free
Starvue presents:
Beats in Space
With Tim Sweeney and Anthony Naples. Beats in Space returns to Starvue this Saturday. A private audio gallery, loft space, safe haven in Bushwick featuring a vintage system, and amazing wood floors for your feet to dance the night away. A place for likeminded individuals looking to get away from the daily rigors of everyday life through movement. Nothing is for sale inside; guests should bring anything they might need for the evening.
RSVP for address, Brooklyn
10p-5a; $15
***** Also on FRIDAY *****
Company Policy 2 at the Frat Haus
The Company Soundsystem is excited to team up with the Frat Haus to present the Company Policy 2 at the Frat Haus. Company Policy 2 at the Frat Haus will be an exploration of the intersections of hip hop, house, and live electronic music. The night will feature live performances by the Company, Boy Chic, and Autobono followed by late night DJ sets by Tazar Yoot, DJ 9am, the Company Soundsystem DJs, and Cozy Craig. Live video art will be performed by Wendy Carlos Williams, VJ n8tronic, and H.A. Eugene.
As before and as always, Company Policy is a rejection of the binary split between glitzy club bangers and austere techno, between art and noise. We're uniting the hip hop club and the basement techno party. We're live. We're pre-recorded. We're analog. We're digital. We're a party for people who don't fit into Brooklyn's castes. This is a policy and a Haus without rules.
Bushwick Public House
1288 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn
8p bands, 11p DJs; $5
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
We Are Brooklyn Pride
All-inclusive LGBTQ dance party. We Are Brooklyn Pride is a mega, all-inclusive dance party for queer girls, our trans fam, and all LGBTQA friends. Featuring three boss DJs: Amber Valentine, Theresa, and Whitney Day. 3-D visuals by Mamiko and Lady Circus’ aerialists, artists, and dancers will be performing one-of-a-kind acts throughout the night at the House of Yes. This is a Rainbow Affair and everyone is encouraged to add their color to the night and feel the love as we dance and celebrate the night together.
House of Yes
2 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn
10p; $20
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
The Typewriter Project
The Typewriter Project is back for summer and this time we're putting out a call to all the typewriter loving humans of this great city to join us in McCarren Park for an afternoon of clicking, clacking, snacking, and getting some ink on paper.
The Poetry Society of New York is throwing a first-of-its-kind typewriter party. There will be tables tucked into a shady corner of the expansive park, which will be overtaken by typewriters of all shapes and sizes, brought by the writers who use them, for a kind of show and (write) and tell. In addition to a plethora of other typewriter enthusiasts, we've invited the Haiku Guys to make sure attendees leave with a custom poetic gift.
The centerpiece of the afternoon's festivities will be the Society's now famous writing confessional booth with its one of a kind Frankenstein typewriter, outfitted with hand-welded paper scroll holding arms and a USB Typewriter Kit, which beams every keystroke to the project's online repository.
In what promises to be the summer's most breezy and diverse writers' room, the Poetry Society of New York will create an event equal parts picnic, avant-garde poetry slam, and classic car show for scribes who wish to honor the machine used to create some our greatest literature for over more than 150 years.
McCarren Park
North 12th Street and Driggs Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3-8p; $free
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Popsickle All-Day Reading
The seventh annual Popsickle megareading, featuring 40-plus performers reading prose and poetry, as curated by Brooklyn-based reading series, magazines, and organizations. Always free and open to the public. Readers include Jami Attenberg, Naomi Jackson, Natalie Eilbert, Wo Chan, and Sasha Fletcher.
41-43 Wythe Avenue, second floor, Brooklyn
1-9p; $free
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Field Guide: North Brooklyn
An afternoon-long open house of design studios, fabrication shops, cultural facilities, and local landmarks in Williamsburg and Greenpoint that looks at how the neighborhood has changed, and considers the mix of spaces that create a dynamic urban environment.
Open House New York
1133 Broadway, Suite 802, Brooklyn
1-5p; $25 general admission, $15 OHNY members and students
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Cartoon Carnival No. 45: Ladies Night
We'll be sitting back and relaxing with some two hours’ worth of 16mm (no digital) animated cartoons from the 1920s to the 1940s, straight from the Stathes Archives to the silver screen at Standard ToyKraft. This time, we’re celebrating leading female characters, which were a rarity in the early days of cartoons. Betty Boop, Little Lulu, and some famous fairytale characters will obviously be a part of the program…but so will a host of other lesser-knowns and one-shots. Come on out with friends and pay homage to the ladies of early animation with us. Light refreshments will be available for purchase from Standard ToyKraft.
Standard Toykraft
722 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
7:30p; $10
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
StoryTour: The Brooklyn Electric
A fantastical love story featuring both Walt Whitman and the Jehovah’s Witnesses, this fictional walking tour follows in the steps of the ecstatic poet and the forces that shaped him. From boyhood revelry to the ravages of the Civil War, this imagined history honors the spirit of the man who urged us a century ago to search for him in the dust beneath our boot soles.
Part of StoryTour’s Fiction Section, the Brooklyn Electric was created by Lucas Loredo, a finalist for the Best American Short Stories 2015 whose previous StoryTour, the Secret Architecture of Loss, ran for more than a year on and around the High Line. StoryTour is an in-person magazine that creates live storytelling experiences on location around New York City.
Meet at the compass rose in front of the Robert Fulton School
37 Hicks Street, Brooklyn
3:30p; $20, $15 with discount code WALTNS
***** Also on SATURDAY *****
Life Is But a Dream
Life Is But a Dream takes place in a whimsical two-story house on Governor's Island that we have transformed into a childlike dream. There is a room sized blanket fort, a room where painting on the walls is encouraged, a star-filled room, and much more. In each room, you will encounter a memory, and be brought into a poignant moment from a childhood experience. Different performers will be in each room to tell the story or memory that corresponds with the environment they're in. It's fun for all ages. Performers: Meghan Bowes, Sophia Cannata-Bowman, Grace Chan, Andrea Lee Christensen, Olivia Dunn, Dani Hanks, Zena Hinds, Sarah Nichols, Jason Trager, and Amalea Vidas.
Governor's Island Nolan Park House #7A
1 and 3p; $free
Continues SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS through July 24
Street Retreat in Manhattan With a Buddhist Monk
You don't need to go to a meditation center to do a retreat -- the city is full of open spaces. Come join Bhante Suddhāso and the Buddhist Insights crew on a unique retreat experience: meditating in parks, plazas, and subway stations all over New York City. We'll begin in the morning at a designated starting point; after that, we'll roam the city together by public transit, stopping periodically for periods of group meditation. If you're joining late, check out ]at]buddhismnyc on twitter to find out where we are.
RSVP for address, Manhattan
9a-6p; $free
Little Theater
A more-or-less monthly presentation of new theatre, dance, performance, and media, more-or-less curated by Frank Boudreaux, Normandy Raven Sherwood, Katie Rose McLaughlin, and Jeffrey M. Jones. Featuring new work by Jim Fletcher and Katiana Rangel, Olana Z Flynn, Gavin Price, John Gasper, Natalie Mack, Emily Pacilio, and Emily Craver, and Second Sister Productions.
Dixon Place
161A Chrystie, between Delancey and Rivington, Manhattan
7:30p; $18 door, $15 advance
***** Also on MONDAY *****
Mouse is the story of an android whose life is ruined by a mouse entering their apartment. It's also a story about dystopia, hyper-capitalism, routine, and how we humans project our problems onto the technology we create in our image. How wrong would things have to go for your life to be over? A new play by genderqueer artist Taylor Edelhart.
The Brick
579 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Continues on June 18
***** Also on MONDAY *****
City Stitchers
Come one, come all and un-wind at the City Reliquary with some fiber friends. Whether you are a master fiber artist, or curious about picking up some needles for the first time, we'd love for you to join us at the City Reliquary for a friendly monthly knitting circle. Bring whatever is on your needles, or come with an open mind and we can show you the basics. We'll have some ideas/supplies for an NYC-themed project, but would love to see yours too. This isn't a formal class, but a meeting with good company to share our knowledge with each other.
The City Reliquary is a not-for-profit community museum and civic organization located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Through permanent display of New York City artifacts, rotating exhibits of community collections, and annual cultural events, the City Reliquary connects visitors to both the past and present of New York.
The City Reliquary
370 Metropolitan Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
6:30-9p; $free
Stand-Ups Improvise TED Talks
Join host and local Astoria comic, Ryan Stanisz, as he challenges NYC’s best stand-ups to improvise their way through a presentation they've never seen before, on a topic that they’ve never even heard of before that night.
It's Whose Line Is It Anyway meets that TED Talk on Leadership. Watch as comics explore such questions as: If McDonalds can serve breakfast all day, then shouldn’t I be able to own a gun in this city?; Do iPhones fool the elderly into thinking they’re living in the future? You owe it to yourself to see, and learn, from this show. Featuring: Tyler Richardson, Cathy Humes, Patrick Hastie, Dan Perlman, and Corinne Fisher.
27-16 23rd Avenue, Manhattan
9p; $5 advance, $7 door
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
Rock N Roll Bingo
If you like rock n roll and you're indifferent about bingo then you will absolutely fall in love with Rock N Roll Bingo, with tons of prizes and free booze galore. With musical selections by Major Jack Celliers. MC Christopher Hardwick.
242 East 10th Street, at 1st Avenue, Manhattan
8p; $free
917 902 6809
***** Also on TUESDAY *****
SASS presents:
Secret Societies of History
The Society for the Advancement of Social Studies is proud to present a series of free lectures designed to both entertain and enlighten. We meet at the second Tuesday of each month to discuss historical topics that you probably knew at one point but don’t remember anymore. Plus, there will be drink specials.
School’s out for the summer, but SASS is staying strong with all the summer history you want to know. Join us for some learning fun in the sun. Lectures include the History of the Bathing Suit, Historic Amusement Parks of Long Island, and Bizarre Moments in Horse Racing.
The Bedford
110 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg
7p doors, 7:30p lectures; $free
A Drinking Game
What is A Drinking Game? It's a live staged reading of one of your favorite movies turned into an interactive drinking game. It's a party. Join us... say your favorite lines with us... sing along with us... drink with us.
Talented actors perform cult classics for a live audience. One night only. A new show every month. Each movie comes with a list of buzz words and phrases -- when you hear one, a bell rings and everybody drinks. The actors are in on the fun, too. Plus, when someone says a name, the actor playing that character has to drink. So as the evening progresses, the show’s bound to get a little wacky. This month: Beetlejuice
622 Degraw Street, Brooklyn
8p; $8 advance, $10 door
21 and over
***** Also on WEDNESDAY *****
The Other NBA: Writers vs. Publishers
The most storied basketball game in literary history returns. The Other NBA, presented by Out of Print and Litsy, features winning writers and publishing powerhouses, including Téa Obreht, Mitchell S. Jackson, Reginald Dwayne Betts, Katie Freeman, and Rowan Ricardo Phillips.
St Francis College Gymnasium
180 Remsen Street, Brooklyn
6:30p; $20 proceeds support BookUp, the National Book Foundation's  reading program for underserved youth
Swordraiser X: Curiosity Kilt the Cats
Gowanus theater company Letter of Marque, team up with Vic Ruggiero (of the Slackers) for a performance party at the effervescent G and S Loft. Premiering their show Don’t Feed the Cats, a punk-rock Greek tragedy about hungry cats, war profiteering and the depths of humanity in the worst combat zones before taking it to EdFringe in Scotland. The dance floor opens up with live music by Vic Ruggiero and friends (Ara Babajian, Shane Vidaurri) playing a mix of ska, reggae, soul, garage rock, and jazz. A Game of Cups tournament will be running throughout the night to determine the 10th Sword winner, hosted by Zach the Ballmaster. Costumes encouraged and rewarded (Scottish /Feline themed). Bar, DJ, and dance floor open until late night.
Gemini and Scorpio Loft
RSVP for address, Gowanus, Brooklyn
7:30p-3a; $10 door, $5 presales, $free online with code: nonsensenyc
* June 18: Mermaid Parade
"My sincere thanks for the work that you do. I just sent in a donation as a small token of gratitude -- I hope it helps to keep nonsense nyc alive and flourishing. I also wanted to say thank you for featuring our show with Nonotak Studio this past weekend. The event was an attempt at combining experimental art and music in one place and it was a great success. All the best, Tim"
What have you been wishing for? Collaborators, grant monies, a new home? Please send brief listings to jstark]at] We only list available apartments, lofts, studios, and one-off rentals -- not spaces wanted.
***** ARTY STUFF *****
* I recently moved out here and on the hunt for skillful musicians (hands) for a collaborative project, I'm open to any and all instruments/genres (mainly folk, blues, jazz) I'm a singer/songwriter with diverse influences and voice ranges, traditionally trained in classical voice and music comp studies, I like bands where all members take part equally in the collaborative/writing process, aiming for a friendly/relaxed vibe where everyone is excited and on board. On my headphones: Sylvan Esso, Duane Allman, Scout Niblett, Cat Power, Dr. Dog, Shaky Hands, Heligoats, Sharon Van Etten, Felice Brothers, Hurray For The Riff Raff, Will Oldham, Black Keys. ljaks]at],,
Before we had a name the Spectre Event Horizon Group used to meet at a bar to commiserate and trade what our business friends like to call "best practices." Now online, our area of interest remains the ever-fascinating sci-fi present. Our simple intent is an informal trade of specialized investigative research, presented as gossip for the non-specialist. It's true we once were an active email list but at this point everything is searchable and commented upon here: The updates are compiled for Nonsense by J. Sinopoli. Contact]at]
***** Blockchain Justice [NYC Rules] *****
"Submitted by Andreas Antonopoulos, the proposal entails a decentralized arbitration and mediation network, or DAMN, built on top of the New York Convention legal enforcement structure. According to the proposal, DAMN will be an "opt-in justice system for commercial transactions," through a network of smart contracts built on the public Ethereum blockchain. Each DAMN would provide users with layers of choices regarding whether a dispute will be resolved by a person, an algorithm, pools of random jurors, pools of experts, through collaboration of the parties involved or even another DAO specially set up for mediation. Those who opt into the system will also be given a choice if the decision will be made public or not."
People say amazing things when they think no one is listening. Overheard is about capturing these moments. We share one quotation each week that stuck with us. It's sometimes funny, sometimes moving, sometimes profound, but it's always unsolicited and unedited.
Overheard is from Irene Pedruelo's Mi Niu York, a weekly newsletter for curious characters, treasure hunters, and eccentrics. You can sign up for her favorite stories, projects, artworks, and quotations here:
Overheard in Chicago. June 2016. A young father on parenting:
-- "Little kids are like farts -- if they are yours, you like them."
What did you overhear this week? Submit a quotation and a brief description of the scenario to Irene at irenecroga]at]
We look for the sort of classes you circled in college course catalogs but never managed to fit into your schedule. And we also look for the kind of things that no college could teach. Cheap and eclectic is the rule, though all rules get broken occasionally, and we especially love workshops, round-tables, and teachers who won't take your work out of your hands and show you how to do it right. One-time listings are categorized weekly, with general recurring classes listed at the end on the first Friday of each month. We thrive on your suggestions, so make sure to tell us about upcoming classes.
Learning is compiled and edited weekly by Juliana Driever. Please send listing suggestions to learning]at]
LES Decoded
How can we better grasp -- and question -- the complex building, city, and social codes that shape the neighborhoods around us? From the span of sidewalks and the lifetime of scaffolding to the rules of public restrooms and the limits of loitering, we’ll unravel the official and unofficial rules of public space. Meet at the Norfolk Street gate of the Clemente Center parking lot to get a guide to temporary design interventions in three nearby public and semi-public spaces in the Lower East Side.
Afterward, join us for a discussion in the second floor Abrazo Interno Gallery at the Clemente, where we’ll look deeper into how decoding the regulations of public space can allow for unexpected ''disruptions.''
107 Suffolk Street, Manhattan
3:30-6:30p; $free
****** LEARNING: TUESDAY *****
All Consuming: The History of Zombies and Anxiety in American Culture
Zombies are more popular than ever and like a post-apocalyptic hellscape, they're taking over the world. In this session, we will discuss the historical fears that brought this creature into the public mind and what it grew to represent in popular culture. The monster has changed dramatically over time, but what lies behind it has always been the same: the social anxieties eating us from inside, never sleeping, never stopping, just feeding.
56-06 Cooper Avenue, Ridgewood, Queens
7:30p; $10
Woodsman Demo
Project Woodchips and Gotham Archery are proud to welcome woodsman Brett McLeod to Brooklyn. See woodsman skills demonstrated first-hand: axe throwing, chopping, and splitting. Woodchips will fly.
Join us for a taste of lumberjack life, along with giveaways, questions and answers, and hearty snacks. Brett will be leading the Project Woodchips Woodsman Getaway this summer -- spaces are still available.
Gotham Archery
480 Baltic Street, Brooklyn
6:30-8p; $free
This Is Your Brain on Technology
As technology continues to develop at an unprecedented rate, we have more personal devices that can tell us about our health, habits, and bodies than ever before. This is an exciting time – these technologies hold the potential to allow us to personalize our approaches to health, fitness, and wellness. In this talk, Dr. David Putrino will describe some of the most exciting emerging technologies, and discuss how we can use them to transform public health. He will also explore the future of human performance research, and identify how attitudes and ideas need to change to integrate technology and quantifiable science into our everyday lives.
33 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn
7-9p; $free
Draw the Highline
Summer is upon us and it’s time to grab your art supplies and head outside. Ever since Monet and the Impressionists rediscovered the joy of capturing their surroundings ''en plein air,'' New York artists have been following their lead.
Three of the top New York ballpoint artists, Dina Brodsky, Guno Park and Nicolas V. Sanchez, will host a meetup of fellow artists and art lovers to take in the beauty of the High Line, one of New York’s greatest combinations of contemporary architecture and native greenery.
High Line, Urban Theater
17th Street and 10th Avenue, Manhattan
June 18, 10a-12:30p; $free
Images of Resistance and Liberation
This community conversation and hands-on workshop will explore a variety of topics affecting the lives of undocumented students, artists, and families, including Advanced Parole, which grants permission for certain immigrants without a valid visa to re-enter the United States after traveling abroad.  Participants will be introduced to UnLocal’s Know Your Rights Campaign and MPP’s involvement in the Know Your Rights poster production. We will also recap the collaborative workshop that Interference Archive, MPP, and NYSYLC led at IYECon 2016, Drawing From the Archives: Liberation and Collaborative Design, and we will print images created during the IYECon workshop based on the conference theme, ''Rooted in Liberation.''
Interference Archive
131 8th Street, no. 4, Brooklyn
June 18, 12-3p; $free
AfroCROWD Wikipedia Editing Workshop
Join AfroCROWD for a Wikipedia editing lab for existing and/or advanced users working on articles who want to troubleshoot specific issues. This is an opportunity for one-on-one coaching, and a great way to edit with others while getting help from a wiki coach.
Central Library
10 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn
June 19, 1-5p; $free
Agile Learning
Let’s talk about innovative education. About play and technology. About teaching self-teachers, running ''Genius Hour'' all-day every day, and supporting a community of unschoolers. Let’s change up our conversations about education, so they’re as intentional and agile as we are.
Do you want to facilitate? To support self-directed learners in both individualizing their educations and building a healthy community? Or are you interested in the intersection of Agile and alternative education? Or finding tools and practices to adapt for your own project?
Agile Learning Center
115 East 106th Street, Manhattan
Starts June 20, 9:30a-4p; $300-$700
We want to help you find help for short-term projects. Do you have a project, an event, or an action that needs an extra push, a few more people, or an extra set of hands? Please send your calls for help to: hands]at]
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