nonsensenyc: 10.16 to 10.20

From: "Jeff Stark" <>
Subject: nonsensenyc: 10.16 to 10.20
Date: October 16th 2009

Friday, October 16
* Rubulad presents Home Is Where the Art Is, Brooklyn * Water Prom on Fire, Brooklyn
* A Trip to Coney Island With Uncle Zero Boy, Brooklyn * ASS Don't Tell: Shameless Booty Music, Brooklyn * The Brooklyn Brassacre Pub Crawl, Brooklyn * No Ordinary Monkey, Manhattan
* NYCRavers Art Loft Party, Brooklyn
* Nerd Nite, Brooklyn

Saturday, October 17
* Obscureterrain, Brooklyn
* Necropolis: City of the Dead, Queens
* Planet Rump, Williamsburg
* Dances of Vice: The Importance of Being Wilde, Brooklyn * Resurrection of Chief Bodega's Nasty Jam of 2008, Brooklyn * Walk Don't Destroy 5, Brooklyn

Sunday, October 18
* Sukkes Mob, Manhattan
* Hey, I'm Walkin' Here! Brooklyn
* Cavalcade of Youth, Brooklyn

Monday, October 19
* Pretty, Vacant: A Slideshow of Abandoned New York, Williamsburg

Tuesday, October 20
* Fifth Annual Casserole Party, Brooklyn * Imagine Science Film Festival Presents a Night of Quirky Short Films, Brooklyn

* Yes

* Bus needed

Spectre Priority
* Or Are You Happy to See Me

* Chickens

* Dia De Los Muertos

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Man in a suit bent over backward.

NOTE: Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate 10 years of Nonsense last weekend. The acts, the posters, the dancers, the installations, the music -- it was incredibly inspiring. All of it. We had such a great time, and even got swept on to the dance floor for a hour. Whew. Special thanks to Third Ward, Bluestockings bookstore, Will Etundi, Taylor Kuffner, and Kim Couchot.

Tod Seelie's excellent photos of the event are here:


Rubulad presents Home Is Where the Art Is

Bands: The Drunkard�s Wife, .357 Lover, Environmental Encroachment (wondrous Chicago marching band), plus more secret out of town marching band goodness. DJs Repoman, Pork Chop, Dirty Finger, and Reaganomics. In the cabaret room Mary-Go-Round, Joe McGinty�s Keyboard Karaoke, and Surrender the Booty. In the Starlight Lounge: G-Scopitronic�s Non-Stop Film Fest, Garden by the Green Scene, and yummy treats.

Plus: fun with Survivaballs (courtesy of the Yes Men), yummy chow by Vicious Delicious, and Norm Francoeur�s Light Circus Extraordinaire Dress: homecoming kings and queens; as your favorite masterpiece; blazing berets.

You can help us continue to have a Rubulad in this space by being quiet coming and going, staying inside the space during the event and not pissing all over the sidewalk as soon as you get around the corner � which, incidentally, does attract the police and they will write you a summons. The less our neighbors have to complain about, the more fun we can have.

Rubulad Home Base
338 Flushing Avenue, between Classon and Tafee, Williamsburg, Brooklyn G train to Classon station or B61 bus to Flushing 10p doors, 11p show; $10
21 and over

***** Also on FRIDAY *****

Water Prom on Fire

Loft party and fundraiser for political action against natural gas drilling in New York State. Check out the list of amazing acts: Stumblebum Brass Band, Chappo, Preachermann, Paragraph, Cosmic's Out of This World Hula Hoop stylings, Alley Kittens All-Female Bicycle Dance Troupe, and much more.

Cuddle up and share a Toxic Punch in a tent on the roof under the stars. Hop on the swing over the dance floor. Munch on some popcorn, steal a kiss and watch a romantic flick with your prom date at the Drive-in Movie theater. Smile for the camera in our Water Prom photo booth. Dance like crazy and save the world.

37 Grand Avenue, Brooklyn
8p-late; $15, or RSVP for $5 off

***** Also on FRIDAY *****

A Trip to Coney Island With Uncle Zero Boy

Step right up folks. Join vocal acrobat, comedian and East Village superhero Zero Boy as he takes his nephew on the ride of his life. Tour Coney Island�s past, present and future. While you the audience, are the nephew.

An audio-visual adventure exploring America�s original playground. Visit Dreamland, Luna and Steeplechase Park�s! Ride the Colossus! Soar on the Parachute Jump! Explore the wonders of Coney Island�s previous centuries. Hot dog eating contests, amusement rides and games of chance. Ride the roller coasters and swim in the clean and pristine aural waters of Zero Boys latest vocally animated cartoon.

Sideshows By The Seashore
Corner of Surf Ave. and West 12th Street, Brooklyn 9p; $15

***** Also on FRIDAY *****

ASS Don't Tell: Shameless Booty Music

Fundraiser Dance Party. Have you ever been suffocated by big round beautiful ass? We're bringing our floatation devices to a new level. Come bump and float and badonkadonk our way to Varanasi. This is a fundraiser for the Swimming Cities project.

DJs: Dirtyfinger, Stache, Milks, Tinseltown, Laurendarling Live Silkscreening by Zachmaster, get yer graphics on Go-Go Mania by Bloody Belle Midnight Ass Pageant hosted by the Ass Inspector General

House of Yes
342 Maujer Street, Brooklyn
L train to Grand station
10p-4a; $10, or $8 sweet caboose discount at the door for bubble butts

***** Also on FRIDAY *****

The Brooklyn Brassacre Pub Crawl

A raucous, ecstatic jaunt between two Greenpoint Avenue venues, with performances by seven brass bands�and a silent parade led by the HMB dancers and friends. Brought to you by Hungry March Band.

Lulu�s: Stumblebum Brass Band, Yellow Hat Band, Environmental Encroachment. Hosted by Sarah Blust and Sully Ross of Rude Mechanical Orchestra.

Coco66: Performances by Raya Brass Band, Pink Puffers, Hungry March Band, Circus Amok Band. Hosted by Samantha La Cymbalina of Hungry March Band.

Lulu�s Bar and Coco66
Greenpoint Avenue between Franklin and West Streets, Brooklyn 8-11p Lulus, 10p-2a Coco66; $5-10 suggested donation Brass band events continue through SUNDAY

***** Also on FRIDAY *****

No Ordinary Monkey

Dance party.

88 Palace
88 East Broadway, Manhattan
10p; $5 members and their guests, $10 otherwise

***** Also on FRIDAY *****

NYCRavers Art Loft Party

Join NYCRavers and the Greenpoint Gallery for our second loft party. This time we have DJ legends Jen Mas and Pleasurehead gracing the decks for your musical enjoyment with support DJs DreamMaster, Serious Black, Atom C, and Hocus Pocus. We are also bringing in our own killer soundsystem this time around as well as giving out free fruit at the end of the night (distributed by our model team NYCRavers eyecandy). This time we are also having an NYCRavers artist showcase featuring Kendalle Fiasco, Patricia Ehlers, and Ari Anthrax in addition to resident GPG artists Shawn James and Ted Stanke.

The GPG loft
390 McGuiness Boulevard, Brooklyn
G train to Greenpoint Avenue station
10p, $10 before 11, $15 after
18 and over

***** Also on FRIDAY *****

Nerd Nite

This edition features New York luminary Gideon Levy discussing the history of Jewish gangsters, finally another presentation about real-life zombies, and our seemingly regular sexuality-based presentation (I don�t know why there are so many of these) that takes a serious look at the history and cultural impact of swingers. So bring a friend.

With Biologically Deconstructing The Modern Zombie: Questioning the Synthesis of a Potential Bioweapon, by Ginn Choe; Jewish Gangsters of New York City, by Gideon Levy; and Swingers: A Socio-bio-evolu-theo-histor-ical-logical Look at Today's Partner Swappers, by Lynsey Griswold.

Galapagos Art Space
16 Main Street, Brooklyn
7p; $10



Ride the F or G trains over the Gowanus Canal and find yourself in the midst of a multi-rooftop spectacle. In any direction you will see dance, performance art, video, sculpture, yoga, colors, sparkles, and other indescribable events. Obscureterrain is the collective endeavor of 30 artists and collectives to produce magic within the urban landscape. Watch from the train (you can ride the train in a loop between the Carroll Street stop and the 9th Street/ 4th Ave stop for free), get off the train at the Smith/9th Street stop and watch from the platform, or join in.

Rooftops visible from the F and G trains between Carroll Street and 4th Avenue stations, Brooklyn 2-7p; $free

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

The Alternative Arts Association presents:

Necropolis: City of the Dead

We welcome you to join us for a multimedia arts production of epic proportion. Astoria's legendary Hell Gate Social will be hosting the third and final phase of our most successful show to date: Necropolis: City of the Dead. This presentation will be an all out Necro-style pre-halloween bash with musical performances by: Bambi, Drew Henkels of Drew and the Medicinal Pen and Hip Like [Blank]. The evening will also feature the tantalizing and terrifying stylings of the ladies of Brown Girl's Burlesque, who will be breaking hearts and feasting on flesh throughout the night. If that isn't enough, we will also be featuring a number of other performances by AAA's own world-class artists, including the choreography of Whitney Jacobs, Pearl Marasigan and Remi Harris, the words of Andrew Keil, and Jordan Levy, the wit of Patrick Roeder, and the films of Brian MacMillan, and Molly Rydzel. The walls of Hell Gate will be decked out with the works of our many gifted visual artists. There will be prizes and giveaways all night long, plus a costume contest to end the evening. Finally, our resident anarcho-porn clown Giggles the Nihilist will be stirring up tricks and treats all night long. And don�t forget that the Two Bloody Tampons will be spinning awesome tunes all night long. So, bring your friends and a lust for life and join us on Sat. October 17 at 8. As Always, it will by a night that will not soon to be forgotten.

Hell Gate Social
1221 Astoria Boulevard, Queens
7p door, 8p performances; $free

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Planet Rump

Booty Crisis is a monthly dance party hosted by musician/DJ/promoter collective Planet Rump. This month they present Nite Club, bridging the gap between electro, indie, dance, and hip hop, with Cobra Krames and Enban. Planet Rump will perform their infectious brand of live electro funk and get the party started on the ones and twos. It's a futuristic party from the past.

Public Assembly (front room)
70 North 6th Street, between Kent and Wythe, Williamsburg, Brooklyn 10p; $free before 11, $7 after
718 384 4586

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Dances of Vice: The Importance of Being Wilde

If beauty is your religion, you are hereby summoned to join your fellow dandies, fops, narcissists and coquettes at Dances of Vice: The Importance of Being Wilde to celebrate the birthday of DOV patron saint and godfather of glam Oscar Wilde, featuring the sensual sophisticates of Company XIV, glam rock phenomenon Michael T and the Vanities, exotic serpent-dancer Nikki le Villain, Victorian sketch comedies and puppetry presented by the Royal Baritarian Players, and special guest, the infamous Mister Burton. Dress code: Victorian, peacock punks, dandy highwaymen, diamond dogs, Wilde boys, young sophisticates, extraordinary gentlemen, ruffled ruffians, and Teddy-Boys.

303 Bond Street Theater
303 Bond Street, Brooklyn
9p door; $20

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Resurrection of Chief Bodega's Nasty Jam of 2008

The dirtiest dance parties in Brooklyn. Video Installations, and tunes provided by: DJ Rev Mcfly, DJ Roofeo, DJ Johnny Siera, Murdertonics live set, DJ Dirtyfinger and Blood Drums play live, DJ Morsy, DJ MAXWELL57, and DJ Unemployed Lloyd.

Glass Door
98 Moore Street, Brooklyn
L train to Montrose station
10p-5a; $5, open bar 10-11p
21 and over

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

Walk Don't Destroy 5

The big walk and community party to raise funds for the legal full court press against Atlantic Yards. Victory is in sight against the Atlantic Yards project. The next five months are absolutely crucial to bring all of our forces together for the big push of opposition against Ratner's floundering mega-development plan.

For this year's Walkathon, which depends upon your active participation and sponsor solicitation, we will be taking a grand tour touching on some of the neighborhoods that would be impacted by the project if it is built. And we'll start from Brooklyn Borough Hall, the people's Hall.

If you have not registered for the Walkathon on Saturday, October 17, you can do so by visiting the web site. You can also form a team to compete against others to see who can raise the most contributions to the legal fight. The walk will feature hundreds of walkers and start at Borough Hall and finish with a community party in Fort Greene's Habana Outpost. The walk route extends about 2.3 miles (our longest Walkathon yet, but still quite manageable).

Borough Hall
Start at Court and Remsen, Brooklyn
1-2p sign in, 2-4p walk; $free/donation


Sukkes Mob

Awesome Is Over, directed by Jenny Romaine, with Kenny Wolleson and Wollesonic Labs, and the inimitable Jessica Lurie.

Experience blow-your- mind-beauty and pageantry as Jenny Romaine, the Sukkes Mob, Wollesonic Laboratories and an army of chandeliers lead an ethnographically surreal tour of the senses featuring Jessica Lurie and Great Small Works. Expand your dynamic possibilities for the New Year.

Featuring the Mob: Aleza Summit, Ariel Federow, Katy Rubin, Gaby Cryan, Abigail Levine, JR Hankins, Avi Fox Rosen, Tina Richerson, Daniel Lang Levitsky, Jason Trashville, Richard Marriot, Mike Irwin, Abigail Miller, and Great Small Works.

The Sukkes Mob is a company of spectacle artists, singers, musicians, and movers who investigate the ancient harvest and pilgrimage holiday called Sukkes (or Sukkot) through noisy and lyrical public spectacle. Mob members (who range in age from 13-65) come from the New Yiddish Culture movement and other radical creative NYC scenes. Wearing handsome matching costumes (not unlike those of their Yeshiva brethren, but with a Los Vegas twist) they sing Sukkes music from the Hasidic and Yiddish traditions, and songs for the season from Persian, Argentinean, and Moroccan pop / religious repertoires not to mention some new classics by John Zorn.

Awesome Is Over proudly features an exclusive Wollesonic ( fully guaranteed) Sonic Massage; a mystical and hilarious restorative treatment delivered on ingenious musical mechanical devices designed purely for pleasure. Truly, Kaleidophonic.

Workmen�s Circle Building
45 East 33rd Street, between Park and Madison, Manhattan 3p sharp and 4:30p; $5 suggested donation

***** Also on SUNDAY *****

Hey, I'm Walkin' Here

A series of exploratory perambulations through the five boroughs. Or, less pretentiously: Get off your butt and come walk around the city with us.

Southeastern Queens: You haven't been there, so come check it out. We'll be walking 20 miles through Broadway Junction, City Line, Ozone Park, South Jamaica, St. Albans, and Hollis.

Meeting point: Northwest corner of Van Sinderen Avenue and Fulton Street, Brooklyn 10a; $free

***** Also on SUNDAY *****

Coney Island USA, Bindlestiff Family Variety Arts, Inc., and Playful Productions present:

Cavalcade of Youth

Performers of tomorrow steal the stage today. A special showcase for young variety performers, ranging from amateurs to world-class professionals. Juvenile jugglers, diminutive dancers, adolescent acrobats and a host of other moppets and mummers present a full show of vernal vaudeville. Acts range from debuting amateurs to world-class champion performers -- all under the age of 21.

In its sixth year, the Cavalcade continues to feature an amazing array of young talent. These are the future stars of Cirque du Soleil, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, Coney Island Sideshow, and television. You may see juvenile unicyclists, tap dancers, magicians, clowns, and contortionists sharing the stage with Broadway-bound singers and classically trained musicians.

Although this show features all children performers, it is not your average school recital. Appropriate for all audiences, this show is definitely not just for kids.

Sideshows by the Seashore
1208 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn
5p; $10 youth, $15 adults walk-up only

NOTE: We listed this incorrectly last week. Sorry.


Pretty, Vacant: A Slideshow of Abandoned New York

Free lecture/slideshow with Nathan Kensinger. New York is the most occupied city on Earth. Yet, abandoned buildings abound. Join photographer Nathan Kensinger for a picture show of some of the city�s feral properties, from the abandoned mansions of Admiral�s Row at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to beached ships littering Dead Horse Bay to the sweet interiors of the Domino�s Sugar Factory. Finding an astonishing amount of beauty in the decay Mr. Kensinger�s pictures are an indelible record of a vanishing city.

Nathan Kensinger is a filmmaker, photographer, film festival programmer and location scout. His most recent documentary was Covered Tracks, and experimental documentary about the Freedom Tunnel on Manhattan�s Upper West Side. His most recent photo exhibit was Abandoned Brooklyn, at Union Docs in Williamsburg. . Additional photos can be seen on flickr and films at myspace.

Open City Dialogue (OCD) is a bi-monthly lecture series curated by Greenpoit resident James Hook, and unraveling on alternating Mondays in the backroom of Pete�s. Short (35-40 minute) lectures are woven together from the common thread of people�s obsessions, with guests coming from all over Greater New York. Whether academic or crackpot; celebrated or unsung, our lecturers all have something to tell you�..

Pete�s Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street, Brooklyn
7:30p; $free


Fifth Annual Casserole Party

It's cold. I'm broke. And you're hungry. It's time for a casserole. Or 30. The Casserole Party is an annual casserole competition, organized and hosted by Casserole Crazy author Emily Farris. A platform for Midwesterners (or anyone) to show off a hearty and comforting dish from childhood, it's also it's an excuse to over-indulge in baked deliciousness.

The Judges -- Tom Mylan Executive butcher, the Meat Hook butcher shop; Nichelle Stephens Founding co-editor, Cupcakes Take the Cake; Rachel Wharton Deputy Editor, Edible Manhattan & Edible Brooklyn - will rate the entries based on taste, texture, originality and Casserole Party criteria requiring each entree consist to of two or more solid ingredients (one is generally a starch of some kind) baked in a casserole dish.

Brooklyn Label
180 Franklin Street, Greenpoint, Brooklyn 7:30p; register for entry

***** Also on TUESDAY *****

Imagine Science Film Festival Presents a Night of Quirky Short Films

Above the miasma of the Gowanus Canal. Inside a converted warehouse crammed with brainiacs and cinemaniacs.

Techno noir. Animation. Documentary. Music Video. Join us for a selection of short films from the Imagine Science Film Festival. The brainchild of SSC resident scientist/filmmaker, Alexis Gambis, the Imagine Science Film Festival attracted over 300 international entries this year. We'll be showing some of the quirkiest and best-est entries at the Bell House, featuring subjects like madness and molecules, time travel and trans-species friendships, and the dwarf planet Pluto. Check out the following films from the USA, UK, Israel, France, Canada, and the Kuiper Belt: Naming Pluto, Animated Minds, The Moth and the Firefly, PCR Rap, Lab Waste, The Exquisite Corpse of Science, A Micrometer from Here, Natural Selection, and more!

Alexis Gambis, the festival's founder and artistic director, will be on-hand to answer your brainiest questions and oversee the mixing of the cocktails. Before and after: Groove to tunes from our mixology lab, participate in our Sketchy Science drawing contest.

The Bell House
149 7th Street between 2nd and 3rd avenues, Brooklyn 8p; $free
718 643 6510


  • Halloween Freakfest, October 25
  • Gemini and Scorpio Masquerade Macabre, October 31


  • Better Rock Shows. Nonsense does not straight list rock shows in New York unless they occur in tandem with puppet shows or jump rope tournaments or in subway tunnels or in graveyards. For listings of good shows, especially shows that feature independent bands at quality venues like Death by Audio and those booked by hard-working promoters like Todd P or Sleep When Dead, consult resources like,,, or the lively New York Happenings listserve on Yahoo groups For the most exhaustive list of underground shows at unusual venues, track down a copy of the extremely useful -- and handsome -- Showpaper.

***** ONGOING: FRIDAYS *****

  • Manhattan Critical Mass. Union Square, 17th Street and Broadway, Manhattan. Last FRIDAY of the month. 7p; $free.
  • Brooklyn Critical Mass. Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park, Brooklyn. Second FRIDAY of the month. 7p; $free.


  • Floating Cabaret. Trapeze, burlesque, song, dance. Hosted by Olga and Bjorn. Galapagos Art Space, 16 Main Street, Brooklyn. 10p doors, $10. 718 222 8500.
  • Night Kayaking Tours, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Explore: Coney Island submarine, creepy Governors Island, gross Gowanus Canal, and money-making Manhattan. Website:
  • Rock and Roll 101. Watch music documentaries projected on the wall. St. Jerome's, 155 Rivington, between Clinton and Suffolk, Manhattan. 4-9p; $free.
  • Barefoot Boogie: No shooze no booze. The Boogie is a not-for-profit alcohol-free event that happens every second and fourth SATURDAY of the month. Insight Meditation Center, 28 West 27th Street, 10th floor, buzzer No. 27. 8:30p-12:30a.

***** ONGOING: SUNDAYS *****

  • CrazyTown / Locoville. Odd open mike hosted by Steph Sabelli. Weirdoes welcome and encouraged. Under St. Marks Theater, 94 St. Marks, at First Avenue, Manhattan. 9p sign up-1a; $free.
  • Grub. A cheap, simple dinner for strangers and co-conspirators. Rubulad home base, 338 Flushing, at Classon, Brooklyn. G train to Flushing or Classon stations, J,M,Z to Marcy, B61 bus to Flushing. First and third SUNDAYS, 6:30p doors, 7p dinner; $pay what you want, and bring your own booze.
  • Church of Craft, group crafting. Etsy Labs, 325 Gold Street, third floor, Brooklyn. 2-6p; $free.
  • NYC Bike Polo. No experience needed. We'll show you how to play. We have mallets and balls; bring your bicycle. 1:30-5p-ish (or later if it's really nice out); $free. Sara D. Roosevelt Park, Broome between Chrystie and Forsyth, Manhattan.

***** ONGOING: MONDAYS *****

  • Demonstration of the Great Organ, there are five organs in the beautiful St. John the Divine church up on Amsterdam Avenue, but the most impressive is the Great Organ. The head organist is giving a demonstration on how the organ functions. 1p; $free. Cathedral of St. John the Divine, 1047 Amsterdam Avenue, Manhattan.
  • Church of Craft. Weekly crafting. 6-9p; $free. Spacecraft, 355 Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn.,
  • Glasslands Gallery Variety and Game Night. All ages, free sangria 8-8:30p, live music, video, and bingo. The Glasslands Gallery, 289 Kent Avenue, between South 1st and 2nd streets, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 8p; $free. and
  • Free movie screenings. Double feature, with free popcorn. The Lovin Cup, 93 N. 6th Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. 9p; $free.
  • Aerial Open Work Out. Come play in 29 feet of vertical fun. Use our silks, lyras, and trapezes, or rig your own. 8-10p; $15, Sky Box, 342 Maujer Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, L train to Grand Street. 585 507 1770. RSVP to
  • Williamsburg Spelling Bee, compete for bar tab at a real adult spelling bee, every other MONDAY, 7:30p; free, Pete's Candy Store, 709 Lorimer St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
  • The Big Quiz Thing. NYC's live trivia spectacular. Crash Mansion, 199 Bowery, at Spring, Manhattan. Two Mondays a month. 7p doors; $7, $200 grand prize.
  • Show and Tell. Each performer gets seven minutes. Writing contest and Beer Walk for free beer. Hosted by the O'Debra Twins. Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery, Manhattan.


  • Jugglers Anonymous: The Pratt Chapter. All ages and abilities welcome to practice juggling and related arts. Student Union, Pratt Institute (200 Willoughby Ave, Brooklyn) 7:30-11p $free


  • Drink N Draw. Art. Nudity. Beer. We provide the beer and the model, you bring your drawing tools of choice. 3rd Ward, 195 Morgan, Brooklyn. Second and fourth WEDNESDAYS 8-10.30p; $15, or $20 for two. afenton[at],


  • Carmine Street Jugglers. All levels welcome to practice juggling and related arts. 7:30-9:30p. Tony Dapolito Recreation Center, corner Varick and Clarkson, Manhattan. Club is free, but building requires NYC Parks and Recreation membership ($free-$75 per year).
  • The Lower East Side Community Choir, a non-auditioned choir that believes that everyone can sing and that singing together in harmony with others is essential for personal and community health and vitality. Our repertoire is eclectic. If you love a cappella music and want to be able to join a drop-in gathering of like minded people, then this is for you. Lower East Side Girls Club, 56 East 1st Street, Manhattan. 7-9p; $donations.
  • Private Ear Audio Theatre: Radio Plays. 8:30p; $?. Brooklyn Lyceum.
  • $mall �hange and House of Yes present: No Parking on the Dancefloor. Next party: July 30. A party bringing it back to dancing. Basically we do not have any kind of dogma or judgment. Do what feels comfortable to you and be respectful to those around ya, that's basically all we ask. Different DJs every time. House of Yes, 342 Maujer, near Morgan, Brooklyn. Every third THURSDAY, 9ish-midnightish (starts/ends early); $5-10 suggested donation. NOTE: This event is every third Thursday, not every Thursday. Also, sometimes they cancel the event for some reason or another. You should check first:
  • Carmine Street Jugglers. All levels welcome to practice juggling and related arts. 7:30-9:45p. Club is free, but building requires NYC Parks and Recreation membership ($0-$75 per year).
  • Rocky Sullivan's Pub Quiz, with Quizmaster Scott M.X. Turner. 8:30p; $free admission, potable prizes. Rocky Sulivan's, 34 Van Dyke Street, Brooklyn.


What have you been wishing for? Collaborators, grant monies, a new home? Please send brief listings to Alita at alita[at] We only list available apartments, lofts, studios, and one-off rentals -- not spaces wanted.

***** ARTY STUFF *****

  • Dancers and performers needed for this parade through Times Square that will launch the third edition of the New York performance festival Performa. World-renowned musician and artist Arto Lindsay will create this event, working with choreographer Lily Baldwin and architect/sound designer Peter Zuspan. We want professional minded, well-commanded, curious and committed performers. Please email a picture of yourself and a resume/synopsis of your experience to: Somewhereiread(at) by Friday October 16 or early Saturday October 17. We'll request your attendance at the audition with the location specifics. Audition: October 18. 6-9p. See:
  • One of the movements in my new opera is a bus ride from the Staten Island Ferry terminal to a historical site on the island. For a couple of hours on November 13, 14, 15, I'm looking for a transportation vehicle to get the audience to the site. So far I've only found some regular rental services with regular NYC prices. But I'm sure there must be some crazy guy with an old schoolbus or something (minimum capacity of 30 people hopefully) who likes to get involved in these kinds of projects for a much better rate. Contact wilmstar(at)
  • Come one and all: Artists, Muscians, Performers, Fantastic Cooks, Pack Rats, and Crafty Peeps, to Brooklyn's Bizarre Bazaar on Sunday, December 6, noon-9p. Sell all your goods in time for the holidays. Make a fortune. The fantastic space, Brooklyn Fireproof, is enormous. Tables and chairs are available. Loading dock directly into the space. Better than Etsy, sell in person! Sell your homemade creations, tutus, knitted project, paintings, make it a garage sale, pies, sandwiches, anything. Are you a performer, have a band, a crazy cook? Contact me for more info and how to perform at the Bazaar. To book table space, contact Theresa, BrooklynLoveIn(at)

***** SPACES *****

  • Sunny cozy home in Williamsburg needs a third roommate November 1. Rent $800 plus utilities. Three-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg between L to Bedford and J,M,Z to Marcy station. Your room is 13 feet by 8 feet with two big sunny windows with trees outside, and a closet. Apartment has a comfy colorful shared living room with spacious kitchen attached, and separate toilet and shower rooms. Lots of plants, windows, hardwood floors, and wifi. Gritty glamorous roof with unbeatable views of Manhattan at sunset. We are two women in our early 30s who've made this a home for several years. One of us is a sociology professor, political activist, photographer from Germany. One is a civil rights lawyer, sexuality educator, Burning Man girl. We are both quite busy, but at home we enjoy herbal tea and peaceful quiet sometimes, raucous dinner parties and large barbecues other times. We often have out-of-town friends sleeping on the couch, or friends over making our apartment feel like a welcoming home, but check in with each other about respecting space. We are both polyamorous, interested in collective living, and easy to get along with. Some things we like in a roommate: open-minded, friendly, respectful of tidying common space, an open non-violent communicator, creating art or music, living sustainably, eating healthy food like our Community Supported Agriculture veggies share from a local organic farm, sex-positive, queer-friendly, comfortable with nudity at home, dancing, hula hooping, laughing, yoga, teaching us something new. Bonus points if you can do a new graffiti mural on the roof, fix broken electronics, teaching sewing machine skills, or help us not kill plants. Minimum two-month commitment requested, month to month rental as we get to know each other preferred over a lease. Come check the place out and meet us at one of two Open Houses: Tuesday October 20 7-11p or Wednesday October 28 7-11p. RSVP at dianysia(at) to tell us more about yourself and why you think you'd be a good fit, and we'll send the exact address.


Before we had a name, the Spectre Event Horizon Group used to meet at a bar to commiserate about the news and trade what our business friends call best practices. The group has expanded since then, but it remains premised on smartening the crowd mind. There are no subject limits; our favorite is our sci-fi present, and we like anything that goes toward a better understanding of human behavior and ecology. Our basic idea is to connect minds with mind-blowing information and create a space for the informal trade of specialized investigative research, presented for the non-specialist.

The Spectre email list, which is a separate group from this column, is a moderated open forum. People are encouraged to join and to post. This section is compiled for Nonsense by J. Sinopoli. Contact us at or Some of what came in this week:

***** Or Are You Happy to See Me *****

Researchers Create Portable Black Hole Mini-hole made of metamaterials ensnares microwave light "Physicists have created a black hole for light that can fit in your coat pocket. Their device, which measures just 22 centimetres across, can suck up microwave light and convert it into heat. The hole is the latest clever device to use 'metamaterials', specially engineered materials that can bend light in unusual ways. The new meta-black hole also bends light, but in a very different way. Rather than relying on gravity, the black hole uses a series of metallic 'resonators' arranged in 60 concentric circles. The resonators affect the electric and magnetic fields of a passing light wave, causing it to bend towards the centre of the hole. It spirals closer and closer to the black hole's 'core' until it reaches the 20 innermost layers. Those layers are made of another set of resonators that convert light into heat. The result: what goes in cannot come out. "The light into the core is totally absorbed," Cui says."


Artificial Event Horizons Device mimics black hole event horizon
"Now it seems these horizons can be mimicked using a table-top device that harnesses lasers to create an artificial black hole, according to a study by Prof Ulf Leonhardt of the University of St Andrews that could help win a Nobel prize for the world's best known physicist, Prof Stephen Hawking. At St Andrews, Prof Leonhardt works on what are called quantum catastrophes, where so-called "singularities" can be created where the laws of wave physics are in danger of breaking down. Black holes are also singularities, where the pull of gravity is so intense that even light is sucked in. The professor's team accomplished the feat of simulating key features of a black hole by firing lasers down an optical fibre, exploiting how different wavelengths of light move at different speeds within the fibre. Prof Hawking's chance of winning the Nobel prize has improved markedly because this device makes it possible to test his theories, which make specific predictions about the event horizo n - the rim of a black hole. "We show by theoretical calculations that such a system is capable of probing the quantum effects of horizons, in particular Hawking radiation."

Blackest Body Yet Scientists Make Blackest Material Ever
"Scientists have fashioned what may be the blackest material in the universe: a sheet of carbon nanotubes that captures nearly every last photon of every wavelength of light. The substance absorbs between 97 percent and 99 percent of wavelengths that can be directly measured or extrapolated. It's the closest that scientists have yet come to a black body, a theorized state of perfect absorption whose closest analogue is believed to be the opening of a deep hole. The material is made from a flat array of vertically-aligned, single-walled carbon nanotubes. Photons that aren't immediately absorbed by a single nanotube deflect off and are absorbed by its neighbors. "This interaction," write the researchers, "repeats until the attenuated light is completely absorbed by the forest." To the naked eye, the substance appears perfectly flat; in effect, it's a sheet of deep holes. By comparison, the blackest paints and coatings absorb between 84 and 95 percent of all light. Researchers s ay the material would be useful in solar panels or to collect heat in the frigid vacuum of space."

Information Loss Black holes: The ultimate quantum computers?

Previously on Spectre: Space-Time Foam What Miniature Black Holes Don't Kill You Make You Stronger


We look for the sort of classes you circled in college course catalogs but never managed to fit into your schedule. And we also look for the kind of things that no college could teach. Cheap and eclectic is the rule, though all rules get broken occasionally, and we especially love workshops, round-tables, and teachers who won't take your work out of your hands and show you how to do it right. One-time listings are categorized, with general recurring classes at the end. We thrive on your suggestions, so make sure to tell us about upcoming classes that you think are nifty-keen.

Learning is compiled and edited weekly by Libby Sentz. Send listings, announcements, and corrections to her at libbysentz(at)


Chickenomics: The Art of Raising Chickens

Fresh eggs and high-quality fertilizer are just two of the many benefits of having your own chickens. This workshop explains the basic requirements for raising urban chickens: how to build henhouses and coops, heating needs, types of food, keeping pests away, nurturing chicks and hens, and collecting those first eggs. There will be handouts for resources in the metropolitan area as well as online sites.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
1000 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn
noon-2p, $25 (members), $30 (nonmembers) 718-623-7220

***** LEARNING: Also on SATURDAY *****

Comics Workshops

Learn the basics of making comics�from storytelling and character design, to page layout�at Studio XOXO. By limiting each workshop to five students, the two instructors are able to customize class to students' needs. Over 10 sessions, students will complete an eight-page comic that can be sold at comic stores across New York City. Tuesday and Friday sessions are also available; see website for details.

Studio XOXO
112 Second Avenue, Brooklyn
10a-2p; $375 for 10 sessions
Saturdays through December 19

***** LEARNING: Also on SATURDAY *****

Collage Marathon

Culture Push invites artists of all ages and levels create collages using printed matter, paper, scissors, and glue. Bring magazines, newspapers, books and anything else you want to cut up. Come and leave when you like. Tea and cookies will be available for $1 each.

The Abrons Arts Center at Henry Street Settlement 466 Grand Street, Manhattan
12-6p; $10 suggested donation

***** LEARNING: Also on SATURDAY *****

Kototama: The Ancient Science of Pure Sound

World-renowned sound healer Fabien Maman and Faery/Shaman Terres Unsoeld lead a sound and color workshop. Maman, the founding father of vibrational sound therapy (Websters� Dictionary), will introduce Kototama, the ancient Japanese science of pure sound. Traced back to Celtic and Druidic tradition, this esoteric sound teaching has been transmitted secretly and orally within the Japanese culture for the last 2000 years. Unsoeld will conduct an elemental concert to harmonize the chakras and aura with musical instruments, elemental sound, and color around the body.

East West
78 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan
6-9p; $30 advance ($40 door)
Registration: 800-615-3675

***** LEARNING: SUNDAY *****

Burlesque Classes With Chicago's Michelle L'Amour

Michelle L'Amour, Miss Exotic World 2005, performs all over the world and teaches burlesque dance in Chicago. She has also appeared multiple times on "America's Got Talent," This Sunday she brings three classes to the School of Burlesque: Tease N Tone at 4p, Fan Dance at 5:45p, and Leg Work and Floorshow at 7:30p.

School of Burlesque
440 Lafayette Avenue, Manhattan
4-9p; $20 per class, $50 for all three

***** LEARNING: Also on SUNDAY *****

Learning to Fly

Circus for the rest of us! A beginner's introduction to silks, trapeze, corde lisse, and cloud swing.

The Trapeze Loft
91 North 1st Street, Williamsburg
4-6p; $25 suggested donation

***** LEARNING: MONDAY *****

American Sign Language

Spoke the Hub presents an eight-week sign language session, led by Diane Castelucci. For adults and children ages 7 and up.

Spoke the Hub
748 Union Street, Brooklyn
5-6p; $100 for an eight-class session


Book Mending

Master Fixer James Walsh leads a book mending class at the Fixers' Collective demonstrating how to make broken books structurally sound in a way that is also aesthetically pleasing. After an overview of basic solutions for common problems, Walsh will work one on one to solve problems related to your particular book.

Proteus Gowanus
543 Union Street, Brooklyn
$10; 6:30-8:30p
RSVP: info(at)

***** LEARNING: Also on TUESDAY *****

Math Crochet: The Fibonacci Sequence

Students will learn the definition of a Fibonacci sequence and its importance in mathematics and nature. Also covered: how the sequence relates to the golden ratio and the golden rectangle, both of which have been used by artists and architects for hundreds of years to create aesthetically pleasing forms. Led by Jane Broaddus, who has over 30 years' experience in quilting, embroidery, and fiber arts, and Deborah Jane Slavitt, a photographer, travel writer, teacher, art therapist, and fiber artist.

Materials for the Arts
33-00 Northern Boulevard, 3rd Floor, Long Island City $10; 4:30-6:30p


Rainwater Harvesting

By collecting rainwater for use in your garden, you can reduce your dependence on NYC water and minimize storm water flows into our sewers. Roofs and garden sheds are great places to harvest rainwater, using simple pickle barrels to large tanks. In this class, Lenny Librizzi will teach students how to build your own rainwater harvesting system. Registration required.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
1000 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn
6-8p; $free

***** LEARNING: Also on THURSDAY *****

Free Dialogue Writing

Kuros Charney leads a free dialogue writing class, courtesy of Gotham Writers Workshop.

Barnes & Noble, Greenwich Village
396 Avenue of the Americas, Manhattan
7:30-8:30p; $free


Children's Book Illustration, a four-session class on developing, illustrating, and laying out a children�s book, at 3rd Ward, 573 Metropolitan Avenue. Sundays, October 25 to November 22; Mention Nonsense NYC when you register (deadline October 21) for a 10% discount.



  • The Art of the Samurai Sword with Raab Rashi at The Workman�s Circle/NYR Studios, 45 East 33rd Street, Sixth Floor, Manhattan. Thursdays 6-7p, $free intro lesson, $15 beyond.
  • African dance with Sandella at the Booker T. Washington Middle School gym, 103 West 108th Street. Manhattan. Fridays 6:30-8p; $free. 212-942-3566. (The class airs on Time Warner channel 56 Wednesdays at 2p.)
  • Self-defense at St. Mark's Church. Manhattan. Wednesdays 7:30-8:30p; $free.
  • Kayaking on the Hudson River. Slots are 20 minutes, but kayakers may go more than once. Manhattan. Weather permitting, Saturdays and Sundays (through October 11) 10a-5p; $free.
  • Canoeing and kayaking in Hallets Cove. Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City. Weather permitting, Sundays (through October 25) 1p; $free.
  • Free Cuban salsa and Afro-Cuban dance at Nola Studios. Manhattan. First Tuesday of each month 7-9p, $free. salsonera(at)
  • Power vinyasa with Hosh Yoga at Otom GYM. Greenpoint. Daily; $donation.
  • Afro-Haitian dance with Mikerline Pierre at Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 Eighth Avenue, 16th floor. Manhattan. Saturdays 4-5:30p; $12. NOTE: Mikerline is also searching among students to add new dancers to her folkloric troupe. libbysentz(at)
  • Congolese dance with Funmilayo at Resurgent Fitness, Brooklyn, Wednesdays 6-7:30p; at Black River Dance, Harlem, Thursdays 7:30-9p; Alvin Ailey Extension, Manhattan, Sundays 3-4:30p. $varies. fushadance(at)
  • Balkan folk dance at the Hungarian House. Manhattan. Wednesdays 6:30-8p; $12.
  • Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu at Triskelion Arts. Brooklyn. Training is centered on jissen gata combat fighting. Membership is selective, but you may attend the first class without paying dues. Saturdays 5-7p, Sundays 2�4p.
  • Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art and dance, with Capoeira Angola Quintal. Manhattan. Various days; $15.
  • Parkour workshops. Manhattan. Sundays 4p; $15+.
  • Aerial yoga. Manhattan and Williamsburg. Various days; $20.
  • Group tightwire walking and foot juggling workshop at Trapeze Loft. Williamsburg. Sundays 5-6p; $25.
  • Trampoline at Streb Lab for Action Mechanics. Brooklyn. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays 7-8:30p; $25.
  • Co-ed nonsexual naked yoga. Manhattan. Various days; $?.


  • Open craft/hack nights at NYC Resistor. Brooklyn. Thursdays 6-9p; $free.
  • Math studies at the School of Mathematics, which cultivates a natural, stress-free environment where everyone can explore, study, and discover mathematics. Prior knowledge is not assumed. Brooklyn. Various days; $free.
  • Writing with constraints at the Writhings Society. Practice writing with arbitrary, sometimes mathematical, rules invented by the French group Oulipo and others; no experience necessary. Brooklyn. Wednesdays 6:30-8:30p; $5+.


  • Knitting for beginners by Gotta Knit! in Bryant Park, Upper Terrace. Manhattan. Tuesdays 1:30-3p. $free. Pre-register: 212-989-3030.
  • Craft-On (fun with yarn, thread, and more) with Church of Craft. Brooklyn. Various days; $free.
  • Freegan Bike Workshop: Learn how to turn found bike parts into working bicycles and build your own bike. Brooklyn. Wednesdays and Saturdays; $free.
  • Project Film School's film-theory freeschool with a weekly screening series and online resources. Brooklyn. Sunday nights; $free.
  • Bicycle repair classes at Time's Up! Manhattan and Brooklyn. Various days. $free.
  • Home-improvement classes, from tiling to drywall repair, at Home Depot stores. Saturdays and Sundays; $free.
  • The Fixers Collective is a social experiment in improvisational fixing and mending. Participants bring their broken objects and put them on a large, common fixing table and share ideas and techniques for repairing, mending, enhancing, or repurposing the objects. Brooklyn. Thursdays 6-9p; $5.
  • Beading classes at Brooklyn Bead Box. Various days; $varies.
  • Classes in the needle arts at Brooklyn General Store. Various days; $varies.
  • Knitting and spinning classes at the Yarn Tree. Various days; $varies.
  • Screenprinting at 123 Printshop. Brooklyn. Fridays 5-8p and Saturdays 3-5p; $3+.
  • Figure drawing at Brooklyn Artists Gym. Mondays 6:30-9p and Saturdays 12-3p; $8+.
  • Mosaic workshops. Manhattan. Wednesdays 1-4p and 6-9p; $100 for four-class workshop.
  • Wheel and handbuilding classes at La Mano Pottery. Manhattan. Various days; $300 for eight-week class.
  • Fire the Lazzzor!, learn to rapid prototype using the 35 Watt Epilog Laser. Brooklyn. Second Sunday of each month 2-5p; $75.


  • Aerial classes (silks, trapeze, lyra, pole dance, ballet) at the Sky Box at House of Yes. Brooklyn. Monday through Saturday; $15.
  • 3rd Ward offers multi- and interdisciplinary courses in visual art, technology, and fabrication. Various days; $varies.
  • Didgeridoo classes in Prospect Park for music, meditation, and healing. Saturdays; $10.
  • Gearilla!, a street theater workshop (on bikes). Various locations. Tuesdays 2p; $10+.
  • Creative arts classes at Spoke the Hub. Brooklyn. Various days; $varies.
  • First aid for cats and dogs. Manhattan. Saturdays 10-2p; $65 (if purchased online).


It is a wonderful thing, to help. Helping strengthens communities and allows you to meet new friends. With that in mind, we look for one-day volunteer opportunities with no long-term commitment required. We want to be open to fresh ideas and think of help in a broad way. These listings could include anything from a large-scale day-long service project to a local theatre company that needs volunteers for load-in; from an artist looking for film extras to a community garden that needs a few extra hands. Our goal is simply to help groups or individuals that serve the greater good in small but significant ways. Know of any existing opportunities? Looking for ways to help out? Need volunteers to get your own community project off the ground? Send your requests to Rob Voigt at robpastyvoigt(at)

***** HELP: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17 *****

New York Cares Day

Paint a brighter future for New York City public school students on New York Cares Day. You and 8,000 volunteers will paint murals and classrooms, organize libraries, and brighten up playgrounds at more than 100 public schools. The work you'll put in is worth well over $1 million in service to the New York City public school system.

New York Cares Day is also an important fundraiser for New York Cares. Like a walk-a-thon, you'll ask family, friends, and coworkers to pledge donations in honor of your service. The money you raise for New York Cares Day will create more than 10,000 volunteer projects this year.

Register at

***** HELP: Also on SATURDAY *****

CFY Workshop Volunteer

Our goal at Computers for Youth (CFY) is to help low-income middle school students do better in school by improving their learning environment at home. In order to do this, CFY targets middle schools in high poverty areas and offers all sixth graders and their parents a free computer-based home learning center filled with engaging educational software. We need volunteers to help assist us at our Saturday Take IT Home workshops where we teach families to use their home learning center.

Help us set up classrooms for our Take IT Home workshops, keep parents and their children on track during the workshop, and answer questions and troubleshoot software/hardware problems. Breakfast is provided for volunteers, and we�ll give you a free CFY t-shirt!

J.H.S. 291 Roland Hayes Junior High School, 231 Palmetto Street, Brooklyn 8a-12:45p

***** HELP: SUNDAY, OCTOBER 18 *****

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

The American Cancer Society is looking for volunteers for our 2009 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk in Central Park on Sunday. This is an opportunity to honor breast cancer survivors, remember people we have lost, and raise funds and awareness to help end this disease. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is not a race; it is a celebration of survivorship, and a time to share in the camaraderie of thousands of other people in a shared goal to end a disease that threatens the lives of so many people we love. Make a difference. Make history. Make Strides.

Volunteer Opportunities include registration, the walk squad, greeters and cheerers, product sales, route marshals, refreshments, water stations, survivor tent, volunteer check-in, and set-up/clean-up.

72nd Street Bandshell, Central Park, Manhattan 7:30a-1:30p
Contact Mary Sallas, 212.237.3877, Mary.Sallas(at) or Ricardo Anthony, 212.237.3846, Ricardo.Anthony(at)

***** HELP: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 20 *****

Mock Interview Day in NYC

Streetwise Partners is a pioneering social enterprise that operates at the intersection of corporate citizenship, poverty alleviation, and economic development. We are seeking volunteer business professionals to review resumes and hold mock interviews for motivated low-income individuals. Volunteers will be asked to play various roles - CEO, Line Manager, HR Manager. No experience necessary in these roles. Volunteers with a few years of experience from all fields are welcome.

1166 Avenue of Americas, Manhattan

***** HELP: TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 20-21 *****

Crafting for Dia de los Muertos

El Museo Del Barrio is looking for volunteers to assist artist educators with the construction of three arches, signs, and the main door arch with paper flowers for the upcoming October 31st Dia de Los Muertos celebration. The project will run for 8 hours each day, but volunteers may opt to do four hour shifts if needed.

3rd Floor, 1230 Fifth Avenue, Manhattan 10-6p


John Duncan Performance

Here is a great opportunity to participate in a vocal performance created by John Duncan, a leading artist in the field of experimental sound and contemporary music. John Duncan is looking for 20 people who are open-minded and are not professionally trained in voice or theater but feel comfortable using their voice. The only time commitment besides the performance is a 15 minute audition with John Duncan on November 20th, the day before the performance. Performers also get to be audience members for an exciting night of experimental music for free:

A Fantastic World Superimposed on Reality: (a select history of experimental music). Curated by Mike Kelley. Organized and co-curated with Mark Beasley. Produced and presented by Performa, live presentations and works by: Bruce Nauman, Tony Conrad, Max Neuhaus, Joan le Barbara, Shelley Hirsch and Christian Marclay, Johanna Went, John Duncan, Airway, Destroy All Monsters, plus other works and guests.

Gramercy Theater, 127 East 23rd Street, Manhattan Saturday, November 21st
Sign up with Brel Froebe, brel(at)

***** HELP: UPCOMING *****

  • October 23: Culture Project (a Tony Award-winning non-profit theater company) is producing a special UN Day Concert: A Tribute to Peacekeeping. The concert takes place in the world-renowned General Assembly Hall at the United Nations at 7:30pm and features a number of legendary world musicians including John McLaughlin performing with Zakir Hussain and Remember Shakti, Emmanuel Jal and DJ Silvastone Beats, Samir Chatterjee and Salman Ahmad, Angelique Kidjo, Sister Fa, Aterciopelados and Lang Lang. Also participating are Harry Belafonte and Roberta Flack. The event will also feature the world premiere of Fisher Steven's UN documentary "The War Against War: The Peacekeepers" and be hosted by CNN's Isha Sesay. Nile Rodgers is the Musical Director. We are looking for a number of volunteers to work throughout the day as talent escorts, general production assistants, and check-in personnel (the least amount of time necessary - this would be a 5 - 9pm call). It's going to be a lon g day, but it is a spectacular institution and the access we're given is pretty amazing.
  • October 24: Make a Difference Day! Many potential events, here�s one from SoaringWords: Soaringwords� mission is to empower communities to support and inspire chronically ill children and their families to �Never give up!� On this year�s Make a Difference Day, bring your friends and family for a fun and meaningful community service project. Together, we will decorate SoaringQuilts and SoaringPillows with inspirational messages and artwork to donate to hospitalized children. Then enjoy an exhilarating Nia Dance Jam outside in Times Square. Children and adults are welcome to participate.
  • October 25: Please join the Street Project at Fort Tyron Park in Washington Heights on Sunday, October 25, for a bit of community gardening! All we will be needing is a group of focused people, and we will provide all necessary tools including gloves. First time gardeners welcome! For more information and to sign up, visit
  • November 12. Set up help for the NephCure Foundation. Help is needed for the NephCure Foundation's 2009 New York Countdown to a Cure. Ten volunteers are needed to help with set-up for this charity event. Volunteers should arrive at 1p to begin set-up and will be fed. Countdown to a Cure will be held at the Citi Field Caesars Club in Flushing, Queens. Over 800 guests are expected. The reception-style dinner will begin at 6:30p. All proceeds benefit the NephCure Foundation, the only organization committed to finding a cause and cure for two devastating kidney diseases, Nephrotic Syndrome and Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS). Minimum age 15. Please contact Miriam Long at mlong(at) for more information.

***** HELP: ONGOING *****


  • Street Project: Serve at the University Soup Kitchen, Saturdays from 11:45a - 3:30p.
  • St. John's Bread and Life: Help with the Soup Kitchen, Mobile Soup Kitchen, or Food Pantry.
  • GiveGoodGet Project: Recognize people doing good for their community.
  • GALLOP: Therapeutic riding program for individuals with diabilities.
  • RightRides and SafeWalk: Late night rides - help to increase safety in our communities.
  • The Fortune Society: Volunteer to teach reading, writing and math to former prisoners and young people facing prison time. 212 691 7554 x250 or
  • Samitarians: Volunteer for a suicide-prevention hotline.
  • The Rock Dove Project: Connects health care practitioners who offer cheap/free services with seekers of those services.
  • New York Cares: Attend an orientation to learn about volunteer opportunities.
  • Books Through Bars: Sends books to prisoners all over the country. Mondays and Thursdays 7:30-9:30p and Sundays 5-8p.
  • Food not Bombs: Serves vegan food in Tompkins Sq Park. Sundays 1p on.
  • City Harvest: Help feed the homeless by volunteering at a special event. *Housing Works: Provides housing for individuals affected by HIV and AIDS. Volunteers of all types needed.
  • New York Road Runners: Work with kids, help out at a race, and more.
  • Computers for Youth: Help this organization increase the educational resources available to low-income youth.


  • NY Street Opera: Non-profit musical theatre. Light administrative duties. cheron.g.cowan(at) or
  • NY Artists Unlimited: Brings theatre and art to under-served audiences.
  • Stoked Mentoring: Mentor kids through skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding.
  • 826NYC: Volunteer as a writing tutor for.
  • Lit Drift: Storytelling blog. Creative people needed to blog, market, organize events. julia(at) or


  • Transportation Alternatives: Biking, walking, and public transit advocacy. Office volunteers needed. elena(at) or
  • lowercased democrats: Design a citywide public meeting house, support a petition drive.
  • Reverend Billy Talen, Green Party candidate for Mayor of NYC, seeks campaign volunteers.


  • Project Safe Flight: Rescue disoriented and injured birds and help migratory birds.
  • Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition: Help with dog walking and cat petting.
  • Time's Up!: Direct-action environmental advocacy.
  • The New Jersey Tree Foundation: Help plant trees in Newark, events most Saturdays.

***** HELP: JOBS? *****

We're (still) considering adding on a small jobs section to list job opportunities that are creative, interesting, weird, arts-related, and so on. This is just to send out some feelers, hit back Rob with your thoughts, goodidea/badidea, or opportunities you might know of, and we'll see how it goes. robpastyvoigt(at)


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